The World Is Turning Ugly As 2016 Winds Down


I have to say that the negative reverberations in our current economic and political environment are becoming so strong that it is impossible for people to not feel at least some uneasiness in their gut. I imagine this is the same kind of sensation many felt from 1914 to 1918 during World War I and the terrible birth of communism, or perhaps in the early 1930s at the onset of the Great Depression and the rise of fascism. Some global changes are so disturbing that they send shockwaves through the collective unconscious before they ever hit the mainstream. People know that something is about to happen, even if they cannot yet clearly define it.

At the beginning of August in my article “2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency” I stated that:

“I believe a softer downturn will begin before the election (the U.S. presidential election) takes place, most likely starting in September. This will give a boost to the Trump campaign, or at least, that is what the polls will likely say. I would also watch for some banking officials and media pundits to blame this downturn on Trump’s rise in the polling data. The narrative will be that just the threat of a Trump presidency is “putting the markets on edge.”

Unfortunately, it would seem so far that this prediction was correct. Currently global markets have crossed into severe volatility with a vengeance after around three months of eerie calm. Why? Well, as I warned in the same article linked above as well as numerous others since the beginning of this year, the Federal Reserve is determined to continue raising interest rates into a recessionary environment as they almost always do, and equities markets addicted to cheap debt cannot tolerate even one additional rate hike from the central bank.

So far all evidence suggests that the Fed plans to raise rates again soon; I believe at the end of this month.  The only seemingly “anti-hike” voice at the Fed so far has been board member Lael Brainard, but even her statements promote a false narrative that a America is on track to “recovery”.

Many normally “dovish” members of the Fed have openly suggested that now is the time to hike.  Voting members at the Fed have been vocal about a shift in policy.  The latest example being head of the Bank of Cleveland, Loretta Mester. She argues that rates have remained “too low for too long,” and rejected notions that lower rates are necessary to maintain stability.

This is the same kind of language Fed members used right before the rate hike in December 2015, the first rate hike in around a decade.  And, to add to the fervor, even JP Morgan Chase head Jamie Dimon is calling for interest rates to rise.

Get ready folks, because all the naysayers that claimed another rate hike is “impossible” are probably about to be proven wrong yet again.

My warning on an accelerating Trump campaign being blamed for weak stock markets has also come true. Already, Bloomberg is launching the meme that the idea of Hillary Clinton losing the election to Trump “because of her health” is a “landmine for vulnerable markets.”

This is some incredible spin by the elitist controlled media, but again, very predictable. The globalists are setting the stage to blame the economic collapse they created on conservative movements. Clinton’s “health issues” are being set up as the scapegoat for a Trump win, which conjures additional social unrest as many on the Left will argue (in the event of a Trump win) that Trump prevailed on a technicality. That is to say, the extreme Left will argue that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate.

Another scenario is also possible but I think less likely — the potential for Clinton to bow out of the election due to her health, causing a rationale for a postponed election. I do not think a postponed election really serves the interests of the elites, but it would certainly trigger massive chaos if it occurred. Only in the strangest of any election year in American history could this even be thought of as a legitimate danger.

Another global indicator, oil, is tumbling yet again as all the jawboning from OPEC on a “production freeze” has failed to boost crude prices for more than a week at a time. Frankly, no one is buying the hype anymore. Those who bet on the WTI index shooting past $50 to $60 a barrel this year should have been paying more attention to alternative analysts. The only other factor that has kept oil from crashing down into the $30 range has been random inventory draws. These reports, though, are little more than a stop gap. Companies have been shifting crude to different facilities in order to create the illusion of inventory draws and higher demand. But usually within a week the reports catch up to the real supply and an inventory spike sends oil crashing down again.

Add to this the latest news that Congress has passed a bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi government for their part in the attack, and you have a recipe for a dumping of the dollar as the world’s petrocurrency. Even if Obama vetoes the bill, I believe a two-thirds majority of congress will override that veto. A catastrophe in oil markets is inevitable.

Whether in oil markets or other sectors of finance and social stability, make no mistake, catastrophe is exactly what national governments are preparing for.

This is most obvious today in the European Union. The German government in their first revision of their civil defense plan since the cold war has warned the public to prepare for an unspecified event by stockpiling at least 10 days worth of food and five days worth of water. Germany is also debating the idea of placing troops on the streets to “protect against ISIS.”

And Germany is not alone. French presidential candidate Nickolas Sarkozy has made some highly disturbing statements on security in a recent interview, outlining measures he believes will best protect the public from “militants.” From Reuters:

France needs to get tough on militants by creating special courts and detention facilities to boost security, the country’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a interview published in Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

Every Frenchman suspected of being linked to terrorism, because he regularly consults a jihadist website, or his behavior shows signs of radicalization or because is in close contact with radicalized people, must by preventively placed in a detention center,” Sarkozy said in the interview.

Sarkozy, who announced last month his candidacy for the April 2017 presidential election, has said there is no place for “legal niceties” in the fight against terrorism.

Even in the face of Islamic extremism and terrorism, the concept of “detention facilities” where people are held without charge and without trial on the mere suspicion of being a danger to society should horrify anyone with any sense. The fact of the matter is, these violations of personal freedom and of due process are NEVER used for only one group of people. Totalitarian governments ALWAYS use one group as an excuse for the police state, then over time they expand the police state outwards to oppress everyone.

This is the kind of rhetoric that liberty movement activists in the U.S. fought against in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA); but it is making a resurgence in Europe and in America as well. If you think Sarkozy is a marginal example, I recommend you re-watch this interview with Gen. Wesley Clark, who argues that “radicalized people” who are disloyal to the U.S. government should be placed in internment camps. He suggests that Britain, Germany and France need to take similar measures. It would appear that they are doing just that.

Never forget that “radicalism” is an arbitrary designation, and the label can be applied to just about anyone for any reason. A trend in police state language is growing in the mainstream in the name of fighting terrorism, but the abrupt urgency in Europe is rather odd. Only a few months ago, EU leaders were using some outrageous mental gymnastics in order to avoid confronting the notion of Islamic terrorism. Now, they are suddenly concerned? Why?

I believe Europe is about to witness a catalyst for financial crisis, and they are using terrorism as an excuse to preposition martial law resources before this event takes place. They don’t care about stopping ISIS, but they do care about locking down and controlling an angry citizenry in the wake of an economic downturn. If a few more terrorist attacks occur in the meantime, then hey, that only helps the elites in their efforts to pacify the public for the sake of “security.”

Official preparedness warnings from Germany, for example, are of little use to the public. A supply of a mere ten days of food and five days of water is useless during any sizable crisis. But, the German government can now say that they “tried to warn people.” Sarkozy’s statements are the most blatant call for a police state I have yet seen from an establishment puppet politician, and this should worry people. The fact that he is being so open and honest about the end game indicates to me that a dangerous shift is imminent.

It would appear, according to EU government behavior, that whatever is about to happen globally is going to hit hardest in Europe first and then spread to the U.S. and the rest of the world. I recommend readers watch the EU very carefully over the next few months. If you have any financial or survival preparations you have been putting off, I suggest you take care of them before the end of this year. From what I see so far, geopolitically and economically the global situation is only going to become more unstable in the near term.

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    • True, but we don’t really know how many fighters there ARE out there. It is a substantial amount. Forget the ‘give-up’ losers; they aren’t savable anyways. Gun sales have increased since obama has been in office, so at least some folks are thinking. Work with what we have!

    • I can assure you that we on the ‘other side of the water’ are suffering from the same maladies – that is perhaps why our ‘Givernments are now allowing women to fight wars in actual conflicts – I dare bet that eighty percent of the so-called immigrant ‘British’ would be off to use their dual-nationality passports if things got hot and they were called upon to defend their ‘adopted country’ – off they would go just like all of the young Muslim ‘men’ who have deserted their countries to drag their families, including vulnerable children and women, onto leaking rafts to seek out a free ride by polluting our countries for hand-outs. Cowards ALL! Of course most of us realise that Trump is far from ideal as the next POTUS – but the alternative? Hillary Clinton? WHAT A SICK JOKE! Representing America, Clinton? The world has indeed already descended into a universal madness to even CONSIDER the prospect. I am just an old ‘limey’ but my heart bleeds for my friends in the USA – PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS MADNESS CONTINUE.

  1. Trump temporarily changed the subject from O-Homos phony birth certificate until after the election on the advice of his election handlers.

    • I consider Trump’s gambit to be a stroke of genius, considering that he fooled those leftist-idiots in the media into covering him… without giving them the piece of red meat they were drooling for.

  2. Ther will soon be elections in the USA, Germany and France. We will find out just how dumb the west is in the results of those elections. MY warning, which I have promoted for a number of years is to ensure that NO MUSLIMS are allowed to become part of ANY Western Government or local political power. If ‘Joe Public’ is stupid enough to ignore this then we will get what we deserve, and THAT will be a gradual domination by Muslims worldwide. I AM QUITE SICK OF SAYING THIS BUT I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. I have been dealing with Muslims for sixty years or more (also as a kid living in Benghazi!) I certainly DO NOT HATE THEM OR ANY OTHER PEOPLE but their religion is a curse on the earth and MUST be subdued if not destroyed.

      • The crucial thrust of your reply is….’.Do you actually think…’. The answer of course in my case and most likely in yours, is that Yes! we DO think. that is the very reason for us making a contribution, however limited its broadcast, to this debate. Being, I assume, an American, you may not have followed closely the Referendum we recently held in the UK. The fact is that the outcome WAS legitimate; is about to change or history and indeed our relationship throughout the world ….but the most important factor of all was that the people who rarely ever voted or never voted, got off their butts and did the right thing …..they influenced the future of this country and started the dismantling of the shackles we had suffered under the EU. It is surely incumbent upon people such as yourself to inspire your fellow countrymen and women to do the very same that we have just done, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. I never consider the views of people who are too stupid or lazy to vote in the elections they have been given the privilege of taking part in – they have NO STANDING! Churchill’s principle was NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE IN! And that is the principle I follow and which won the Brexit Referendum for the people.! Please try and follow our fine example. Incidentally……… God Bless America!

        • I am ‘with’ you, Paulus. No matter how controlled our elections are, or anything else for that matter, we have to KEEP TRYING. If we get so cynical that we throw in the towel, so-to-speak, we are already lost. As things are (very bleak), we still haven’t lost yet.
          I am as positive as possible that a Trump victory will put us in a substantially better position as a society than if The Beast is cheated into office. Of course Trump could be a phony, but if that were true, it would be the most massive fraud EVER perpetuated on us; a gamble which I have no trouble rejecting, especially considering the alternative given to us.

      • Peter Osborne – What was your cryptic message about Islam and ‘I hope this helps you’ …..who needs help? Islam is the scourge of the world, the facts are staring us in the face. I for one do not need any other entity to explain to me the madness of Islam and the patent attempts they are invoking to destroy the Judeo/Christian West. Explain yourself please!!

        • Provide a source for the facts and figures on muslim terror, their 1400 year history of terror and so on . Had you used the link, you would not have written the response you did.

          • Yes, you are probably right – I know of the site/s you refer to. I was trying to illustrate my frustration at the lack of knowledge of most people of the problem we have, and have had, with Islam these past centuries. I am tired of speaking out about this universal problem the world faces – mostly I am considered a ‘racist’ because most people are simply ignorant. My response is still this – if Muslims are elected to ANY form of power in the West, locally or nationally, then ultimately the world will pay the price. They only have ONE agenda. To bring down any opposition to the religion of Islam, to install their own form of ‘governance’, Sharia law, – and they do not give a jot for any lives except those of Islamic persuasion. The best we can hope for is that the Sunni and Shia will wipe one another out and the many other Islamic sects, Wahabi etc, will destroy themselves. The problem of course is that in the meantime they will also destroy the rest of civilisation in the process of imposing their religion madness. They MUST be resisted at the grass-roots. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY MUSLIM FOR ANY POSITION OF POWER – EVER!

      • The way I figure it as far as the USA is concerned, and which was applicable to Rome and the British Empires – history is simply repeating itself – no big deal really. All ‘great Empires’ fall. Why? Quite simply due to personal excesses, moral weakness, loss of self-discipline and family values, sexual deviants assuming power and pure and simple greed and selfishness – rabid in pdiscriminate fornication denying responsibility for any offspring.Oh! I almost missed out one of the most relevant of all, the power of ‘RELIGIONS’ and the deviants and carpet-baggers who ‘run’ them. One RELIGION’, Islam, is currently destroying what little advances humanity has made in the last two thousand years (in spite of corrupt ‘RELIGIONS’). Whilst most religious ‘businesses’ have come to moderate their outrageous claims of some mysterious deity, Islam has gone backwards – as though they were not already backward – and the rest of the world, essentially run by a cowardly bunch and Obama as their ‘leader’, many of whom are already sexual and moral deviants, just do not have the guts or commitment to destroy them. My forecast? Brace yourself! Those who have the will and the power to stop these madmen in their tracks are the Chinese and I think inevitably they will have to – that will lead inevitably to the establishment of a new Chinese Empire – which of course in turn – destroy itself by way of the classical reasons already established by past Empires. So! Where do we go from here? If America and the West do wake up then they must simply meet force with force, terror with terror and invoke the simple proposition of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ THER WILL BE NO OTHER WAY. So, again I say, I do not need others to lecture me on the madness of Islam. What I want them to give me is their answers to the current monumental dangers we face. In any responses to this ‘comment’ I do not need cursing, swearing, insulting language, invocation of your own ‘Gods’ or any of the commonly used expletives rampant on the Internet. Just try to read my comment carefully, give it a couple of seconds of intelligent contemplation and send me a credible comment – Thanks!

        • thank you! I know how difficult it is to try to make people understand just how badly the American public has been manipulated on so many levels. I’m afraid even those of us who can conceive of what is coming will be unprepared for the reality of everything they have been led to believe vanishing in a millisecond. I am truly terrified that the so called elitists will adapt the attitude of if I can no longer be in charge I will take you down with me. Would they set of an EMP or something in the form of black ops we no nothing about? Despite my gloomy predictions I still feel that most people want to make our world a better place. America is special and our fundamental beliefs that all who are willing should be given the opportunity is what will bring us back from the brink. Again thank you for a realistic viewpoint.
          yours Cheryl Fisher
          Emmett Idaho

        • In my opinion, complete destruction of this so called religion. I have thought about it quite a lot since a friend was murdered by them on 9/11 and as I watched, om the tube, the towers fall. So I called up an annotated The Art of War by Sun Tzu and read it over once more. I came to the conclusion that General Tzu would kill every one, tear down every mosque, shred every qur’an and copy of every hadith, all sharia law and every document referring to Mohammad or allah. The so called liberals refuse, even after thousands of Americans murdered and hundreds of thousands murdered by this system of law and religion combined, world wide to react appropriately the hysteria would be just unbelievable. So I would instigate a 100 of them dead for every one American or American ally killed or wounded by them policy made a SAP secret. ISIS/IL al Qaeda, etal would soon fall, and Iran would follow as hitting inside their borders without any sort of notice would be approved. They, after all, have declared war with us, and we should behave as at war..

      • I have better info than you do, Mr. Osborne. I worked in Dearborn, Michigan for over 30 years, and I can state factually that the mooselimbs there have NEVER wanted to ‘assimilate’… or even be friendly, for that matter. The only time I witnessed them being friendly was for a short time after 9-11-01… which was for much-needed PR, I assume.
        I, along with most everyone else, let their attitudes go, and didn’t think it was worth worrying about, because they seemed harmless. Now that we know that they are NOT harmless, I want no part of them. They have NEVER wanted to be part of the USA, other than to make money. I want us OUT of the middle-east, and I want them OUT of the USA. The only chance of this happening is with a Trump victory, so our choice is obvious.

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