TV Ad Encourages German Women to Wear Hijabs

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Country gives up on integrating Muslim migrants, chooses to submit to Islam instead

Germany appears to have given up on integrating the millions of Muslim migrants pouring into the country and is instead encouraging German citizens to submit to Islam.

A television ad currently airing in Germany invites blonde-haired, blue-eyed women to embrace “tolerance” by wearing the Muslim hijab head dress.

The commercial begins with the text “Turkish women wear the hijab,” as a veiled woman is seen with her back to the camera.

However, when she turns around it immediately becomes clear that the woman is a white, blonde-haired German, before she states, “Me too! It’s beautiful!”

“Enjoy difference – start tolerance,” states the woman.

The campaign is funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as well as German taxpayers, who are forced to obtain a state television license or face prison time.

Instead of reversing its suicidal immigration policy, it appears as though Germany is now encouraging its female population to avoid the mass sex assaults committed by Muslim migrants in numerous major cities by submitting to Islam and covering themselves up.

Holding potential rapists at arms’ length, not wearing provocative clothing, or wearing sneakers so they can run away – all advice given to German women by authorities – appears to not be working.

With birth rates in the central European nation flatlining, as Germans become less interested in sex, the dream of Green Party leader Stefanie von Berg, who celebrated the fact that mass migration will bring an end to German majority populations in cities within a few decades, is drawing closer.

Despite the left’s recent efforts to re-brand the hijab as a form of female empowerment, it’s actually a symbol of oppression.

“Well-intentioned women are wearing headscarves in interfaith “solidarity.” But, to us, they stand on the wrong side of a lethal war of ideas that sexually objectifies women as vessels for honor and temptation, absolving men of personal responsibility,” writes Asra Q. Nomani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement.

The German television ad is extremely revealing. “Tolerance” means submission. “Diversity” means the willful extinction of German culture.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


  1. The President of Hungary, & George Soros’ native birth country, from the get-go, has
    forbidden Muslims to enter his country, for obvious reasons. Therefore, why hasn’t
    this worthless German Chancellor and this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token
    Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, mirrored the same sentiments? Is it because Merkel is
    still attempting to live-down the Holocaust and this Black turd is attempting to over-
    whelm the American population with his Muslim brethren to include them as future
    Democrat voters? Or is because Merkel has joined forces with this worthless Black turd
    of a Muslim POTUS, in overwhelming the German and American populace, with the
    filth of Islam. There is only one method available to get rid of Islam, and that is to
    forbid the publication of the Koran in Western countries, similarily it is against the law
    for anyone to possess a copy of the Bible, in Islamic countries. Without their worthless
    Koran, Islam would be dead, and perhaps, in the future, western countries will toy with
    idea to forbid the publication of the Koran, which will drive 99% of Muslims from the
    Western countries that they have invaded. What say thee, planet Earth?

  2. Succumbing to the desires of Islam, as has been stated in this article, is the same
    thing as I recall, when a Black professor at Berkley, stood before a Congressional
    committe, years ago, and championed the fact that a new language should be taught
    in our public schools, because that is what is spoken in most American Black commun-
    ities. She of course, was highly ridiculed. As I have imparted in the past, the Blacks
    and the ARABS (Muslims) are never satisfied to adhere to the MORES of the countries that they invade. They are the only two ethnic groups whom continually rock the boat,
    primarily because 99% of these turds are uneducated and therefore, they cannot
    locate valid employment, and have to resort to crime and the upheaval of American
    values to survive. As a former teacher in our public schools, Black students were my
    worst, both academically and behaviorally. It has been my intention that the Medical
    area come to their senses to maintain a study as to why Blacks and Muslims are so
    aggressive and fail to fully assimilate or to attempt to integration. If a medical study
    can convene, perhaps a cure can be discovered for their behavior, but first, “POLITICAL
    CORRECTNESS” must be eliminated on this planet, similar to how prejudice must also
    be eliminated, but as long as Blacks and Muslims remain uneducated, the Black
    turds such as Al, Jesse and Louis continue to stir the pot, because it is how they
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  3. Put out an ad for Muslims to wear and celebrate traditional heritage German clothing as we see in Oktoberfest. Let us see how many Muslims embrace that idea.???

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