Last week, a prominent 29-year-old anti-police state Ferguson activist named Darren Seals was found murdered.

He had been shot and left in a burning car in St. Louis in the middle of the night. Further details have not been released by police who cite their ongoing investigation.

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But what hasn’t been brought up in the mainstream media is just how much of a vocal opponent of the co-opted, George Soros funded Black Lives Matter movement and its “leaders” Seals was. In fact, he referred to them as “Black Lies Matter”.

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According to Hotep Nation, Seals coined the term “Actorvists” as a play on words for Black Lives “activists”. As in, actors. Paid for. In addition they report:

Let it be known that Darren actually slapped Deray, the perceived leader of Black Lives Matter. According to Darren, Deray and his cohorts, hijacked the REAL Ferguson movement and took credit for the work done by Ferguson citizens, which included Darren. Black Lives Matter was being backed by billionaire George Soros and Darren was rigorously using his social media to shed light on that.

Twitter is currently censoring Seals’ Tweets as “sensitive material”.

Seals was also a vocal critic of President Obama, noting that there have been no significant positive changes in the black community under eight years of Obama as president.

Hotep Nation asked, “Is there a motive for murder here?” and it’s a very good question that no one else is officially asking.

Could that be why the activist was found shot and set on fire? His influence in the black community and speaking out against the obviously bought-and-paid for, fake “Black Lies Matter” movement, its “actorvists” and real aims?

Some people out there are still under the false assumption that BLM, which works to divide the nation on race lines in a new civil war, is an organic movement that sprang up as a response to police shootings; however, these two headlines expose the truth:

Manufactured Race War: Ford Foundation Just Gave Black Lives Matter $100 Million (to Go with the $33 Million from George Soros)

Well Whaddaya Know: Black Lives Matter Leader Lives in Home Owned by Soros’ Open Society Board Member

And really, that’s all there is to it.

Why manufacture a race war? Glad you asked:

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It was all going according to plan… but some people just weren’t getting on board the BLM race war train. One of those people is Darren Seals.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.