15 questions white people have for BuzzFeed Social Justice Warriors

BuzzFeed seems really inquisitive when it comes to asking questions of white people.

So here are 15 questions white people have for BuzzFeed social justice warriors.

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Why is it racist to make generalizations about lifestyle, beliefs or behavior based on a person’s race….unlesss they’re white?

If making generalizations about people’s beliefs based on their race is racist, why do you automatically assume that black people are all social justice warriors?

Why is it racist to stereotype non-whites for positive traits – like Asians being intellectual or blacks being athletic – but it’s perfectly OK to stereotype whites for negative traits, like not being able to dance?

Why are white people racist for having zero black friends, but also racist for having one black friend, because we use that black friend to validate our opinions? But then we’re also racist if we have numerous black friends because we’re overcompensating?

Why is white people having dreadlocks cultural appropriation, but when Beyonce straightens her hair and dyes it blonde, that’s perfectly fine?

Why is it cultural appropriation to embrace black fashion, music and culture, but then having our own fashion, music and culture is backward, divisive or nerdy?

Why do you whine about the Oscars being racist in favor of white people, when the number of black Oscar winners is exactly in line with the overall black population?

Why is a racially motivated violent attack on a black person called a hate crime, but a racially motivated violent attack on a white person is called “the knockout game”?

If only black people can call each other the N-word, can only white people call each other “cracker”?

If white people don’t understand what it’s like to be poor, as Bernie Sanders claims, why are America’s poorest counties 95% white?

The Islamic Barbary slave trade, which oppressed whites, lasted far longer and was far more brutal than the African slave trade.

So if white people owe blacks reparations for slavery, can we claim reparations from Arabs?

If reverse racism doesn’t exist because white people are in power and therefore it’s impossible to be racist against them – at what point does this change?

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If the entire dominant culture, entertainment, and media complex now discriminates against white people by encouraging racism against white people, does that represent a form of power?

Why should it be acceptable that the last acceptable form of racism is racism against white people?


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.