Several fatalities were reported following a shooting in Malmo, Sweden.

According to local reports, a man in Audi opened fire on a crowd before fleeing the area.–The incident happened around 7 p.m. local time.
Police spokesman Ewa-Gun Westford told Independent.ie: “We have an ongoing operation in the area and have a confirmed shootings with more than one injured.
More we do not know because we are in the midst of it.
Because it happened during a football derby between Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF in town, there are many policemen on duty in Malmo tonight.”
There was a large police presence in the area as a perimeter was established.
An explosion was later reported in the Heleneholm neighborhood of the city. The cause of the blast was unknown. (source)

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Sweden – said by travel guides to be laid back, friendly and with excellent food and hospitality – is undergoing a massive social upheaval, said by many of the citizens to be caused by the massive influx of migrants to the country.

What happens in Europe matters. It show us what will most likely happen in the United States when the people start shouting “Enough”!

With Obama planning to massively increase the amount of refugees allowed into the country, we need to watch carefully and take note of the impact huge numbers of migrants are having in Europe.

Malmo was once the darling of those traveling to the Sweden, but is now a violent and dangerous no go zone where rampaging youths torch cars, gang violence is a nightly occurrence, and organized crime is gaining a foothold.

Malmo isn’t alone: a total of 55 areas of this beautiful country are being laid waste and are taking up so much police time and resources that police have little time to deal with anything else.

Back in April, Breitbart reported on an interview with a Swedish police officer from Gothenburg. Beat officer Peter Larsson compared Sweden to a ‘pressure cooker’ and said officers were feeling a deep sense of frustration over the situation in many of their cities.

Speaking to Norway’s best selling daily newspaper the Aften Posten, Officer Larsson said the Moroccan youths — “street children” — had entered the European Union through Spain and had headed directly to Sweden, with most residing in Gothenburg and capital Stockholm. These youths fear no authority, he said, and the area he patrols is now suffering from young girls being harassed.

He said: “The group is immune to punishment and don’t give a damn if they are arrested. Sweden is extremely naive, giving youngsters [asylum] approval at the wrong age so they can’t be punished [if they commit crimes]”.

“When we arrest them, they escape punishment… it is almost laughable. Sweden is not supposed to be responsible for Morocco’s criminal youth. They’re only here to commit crime, not to seek asylum — they abhor contact with the authorities”.

The criminal migrants were engaged in such serious crime, he said, that the police didn’t have time to investigate anything else. With “24 unsolved gang murders, shootings, aggravated assaults” and others to solve, the officer remarked: “countering common crime suffers under the constant high pressure of serious crime in Gothenbuirg. Common crimes are hardly investigated.

“This includes burglaries, and theft of all kinds”.

Since then the situation has deteriorated and 55 areas of Sweden are now considered ‘no go zones’ by the police. Three officers a day are quitting and 80% are considering a career change. (source)

Last February Sweden issued a report from the National Criminal Investigation Service. The report, titled ‘A national overview of criminal networks with major impact in the local community,’ stated it was commonplace for police cars to be attacked, officers to be attacked, and that gang and drug violence are spiraling out of control in the ‘no go zones.’

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Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, has been badly affected with a massive surge in organized crime and regular torching of vehicles – 70 at the last count.


Sweden shares a land border with Norway and is just a ferry ride from Northern Germany, Denmark, Finland, and numerous other European countries.

According to the BBC, Sweden was at one point trying to cope with up to 10,000 migrants arriving every WEEK and this year has seen a rise in popularity of anti-immigration parties across the country. With few migrants wanting to go to the frozen north of the country, the southern cities have seen a huge rise in population and education and healthcare services are struggling to cope. Of course, most Swedes also live in these cities and the clashes are becoming more frequent as tensions rise.

In Denmark there are also problems, and a new political party -way to the right-of-center – has sprung up. The Civil Party is well on its way to having enough support to become an official political party. Yet another country that is normally easygoing and liberal is becoming more right wing as the migrant crisis progresses.

Germany saw Angela Merkel and the Christian Democratic Union lost a sizeable proportion of the vote to the AfD(far-right) in recent local elections and the UK made its feelings very clear last June when the people voted to leave the European Union.

Europe is imploding and the final result is going to be ugly. The people will only stand so much before they start to fight back – and that tipping point is rapidly approaching.

A civil war in one European country will easily spill over into more widespread strife as neighboring nations refuse to take up the slack. Schengen, the right to free passage between member states, is already being violated as fences are erected and border checks are re-introduced in most European nations. Those fences are regularly over-run. New routes into chosen countries are opening up all the time, frustrating authorities and compounding the determination of citizens that something has to be done. If the governments do nothing the people will – they have had enough. 508 million people live in the European Union and even 1% of those standing up and saying ‘no more’ could be enough to tip Europe into civil war triggering wider conflict as nation turns against nation.

Courtesy of Daisy Luther