Hillary Says Trump’s Claim Alicia Machado Appeared in a Sex Tape is a “Conspiracy Theory” (Hint: It’s Not)

NY Times says there’s “no evidence” she appeared in a sex tape, even though she appeared in a sex tape


Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump’s assertion that former Miss Universe Alicia Machado appeared in a sex tape is a “conspiracy theory,” while the New York Times says there is no evidence for it, despite the fact that Machado did indeed appear in a sex tape.

Hillary responded to Trump’s continued questioning of her using Machado as a campaign surrogate by tweeting that his claims about her past were “conspiracy theories”.

In his original tweet, Trump said that Machado had appeared in a “sex tape”.

“Fact-checkers have found no evidence that Ms. Machado, who was featured in Playboy, appeared in a sex tape. Her critics may be referring to a risqué scene that she appeared in on a reality television show,”reported the New York Times, running defense for Hillary.

Except that’s patently not true.

Machado was seen having sex…..on tape. In what universe is that not a sex tape?

She romped on camera with Fernando Acaso on a Spanish reality TV show called The Farm while being engaged to someone else at the time.

The Times’ description of the incident as a “risqué scene” is a complete euphemism.

Listen to what Machado was recorded on tape saying during the encounter.

“Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine.”

Does that sound “risqué” to you, or does it sound like what you’d hear on a sex tape?

The New York Times is flagrantly lying to its readers and Trump has been vindicated once again.

Alicia Machado clearly appeared in a sex tape.

The establishment is now desperately trying to cope with the blowback of Hillary’s dreadful decision of picking Machado as her big feminist poster child, a woman who had an illegitimate child with a Mexican drug lord and allegedly drove the getaway car in a murder attempt and threatened to kill a judge.

The entire fake scandal is based around the notion that Trump “fat shamed” Machado, even though the only video of his exchange with her shows Trump being incredibly complimentary towards Machado and defending her against those who pressured her to quit over her weight.

The media is noticeably less interested in Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women, which includes calling them “bimbos” as well as intimidating Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

But Trump may or may not have called someone overweight 20 years ago, so apparently that’s a bigger scandal.

And Alicia Machado appearing in a sex tape is a ‘conspiracy theory’, despite the fact that she appeared in a sex tape.

And that’s why 94% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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  1. That’s their story and they are sticking too it. Amazing! Of all the women out there they could have chosen they pick a woman who is suspected of driving the get-away car in a murder, who made death threats to a judge and who has a couple of sex tapes widely available on the internet. Who are the rocket scientists running her campaign?

  2. Actually she most assuredly IS on a porn tape. The tape, which is an anal sex scene I might add, has been copied and reproduced many times on free online porn sites. Just google her name under videos and you’ll soon find it or go direct to any site like Pornhub or Redtube.

    • Agree! It seems on the left that reality is optional. Just create a fictional narrative that matches the reality you desire and keep claiming it is true. They are able to get away with it because the liberal media has abdicated its role as the guardian’s of the truth.

  3. I hope he bans all the media who are unfair to him now from the WH and everyplace else in Washington they might want to go. Let them stand outside the fence.

    • Hm, banning the media! Sounds VERY American to me, and not at all authoritarian.

      You think maybe one of the reasons Trump is so unpopular is that everyone realizes his fans are a bunch of bootlicking authority worshippers?

      • Like I said in another post, you are a liberal idiot. What do you think the media is doing to him now? They are blacking out comments about Hillary that they don’t want the people to hear.

        • The thing is, you’re actually an idiot. You believe made up things, you’re easily duped by hucksters and snake oil salesmen, and you consistently get your predictions of outcomes wrong, because you’re informed by fear, not reason. It’s the reason you fail consistently.

          It is, however, refreshing to see someone’s paranoiac idiocy so baldly displayed in a public forum.

  4. Hillary is engaged in tribal warfare as a dog whistle to the hispanic community. So using Machado as a poster child and saying “We want more like her” is extremely disturbing. Hillary has blurred the line between reality and fiction. FYI, Mexican President Carlos Slim is a major stakeholder in the New York Times and sending a lot of people into the US brings in a lot of remittance – money he can tax without providing any services, because there’s a humongous transfer of wealth from illegal immigrants receiving US taxpayer benefits who liquidate those benefits and send money home.

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    • The left is able to blur the lines between fact and fiction because the media doesn’t call them on it. They are Hillary’s confederates.

  5. “If the hispanic community should come out in support of Macado, it will show the rest of us that they have an in-group preference so slid it can overlook the kinds of serious messes Machado has gotten into over time and if so, it’s important for the people, especially white people, to recognize this.

    • She took the “Backdoor” to the American Dream.
      Hillary gave Trump a “Parthian Shot”
      About a beauty contest chica quite hot
      Who then put on 60 pounds
      And made the narco lord rounds
      But bad research always gets Hillary caught!

      You see, Miss Chica’s a latina porn star
      Experienced at driving a getaway car
      When she’s not packin’ fudge
      She’ll be stalking a judge…
      “Bent Bill” Clinton thinks she’ll go far…
      And he even offered the girl a cigar!

      So you can now bet all America knows
      The depraved depths to which Hillary goes
      To try to inspire
      The Latina vote fire…
      Soon she’ll resort to campaign Donkey Shows!

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