NY Times says there’s “no evidence” she appeared in a sex tape, even though she appeared in a sex tape


Hillary Clinton claims Donald Trump’s assertion that former Miss Universe Alicia Machado appeared in a sex tape is a “conspiracy theory,” while the New York Times says there is no evidence for it, despite the fact that Machado did indeed appear in a sex tape.

Hillary responded to Trump’s continued questioning of her using Machado as a campaign surrogate by tweeting that his claims about her past were “conspiracy theories”.

In his original tweet, Trump said that Machado had appeared in a “sex tape”.

“Fact-checkers have found no evidence that Ms. Machado, who was featured in Playboy, appeared in a sex tape. Her critics may be referring to a risqué scene that she appeared in on a reality television show,”reported the New York Times, running defense for Hillary.

Except that’s patently not true.

Machado was seen having sex…..on tape. In what universe is that not a sex tape?

She romped on camera with Fernando Acaso on a Spanish reality TV show called The Farm while being engaged to someone else at the time.

The Times’ description of the incident as a “risqué scene” is a complete euphemism.

Listen to what Machado was recorded on tape saying during the encounter.

“Oh your d***, my love, what a tasty d***! Your d*** is divine.”

Does that sound “risqué” to you, or does it sound like what you’d hear on a sex tape?

The New York Times is flagrantly lying to its readers and Trump has been vindicated once again.

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Alicia Machado clearly appeared in a sex tape.

The establishment is now desperately trying to cope with the blowback of Hillary’s dreadful decision of picking Machado as her big feminist poster child, a woman who had an illegitimate child with a Mexican drug lord and allegedly drove the getaway car in a murder attempt and threatened to kill a judge.

The entire fake scandal is based around the notion that Trump “fat shamed” Machado, even though the only video of his exchange with her shows Trump being incredibly complimentary towards Machado and defending her against those who pressured her to quit over her weight.

The media is noticeably less interested in Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women, which includes calling them “bimbos” as well as intimidating Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

But Trump may or may not have called someone overweight 20 years ago, so apparently that’s a bigger scandal.

And Alicia Machado appearing in a sex tape is a ‘conspiracy theory’, despite the fact that she appeared in a sex tape.

And that’s why 94% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media.

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