Russian Newspapers Warn “Full-Scale War With U.S. Possible” Now Over Syria

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And all of a sudden it’s almost as if we’ve time traveled back to the Cold War.

It is trickling out today that Russian newspapers are warning a direct conflict with the United States is now possible over America’s obsessive regime change mission in Syria, which is being compared to the Cuban Missile Crisis in Russia.

Via The Sun:

In one article headlined ‘The stakes are higher than Syria’, the paper Moskovsky Komsomolets warns of a potential new war.

It states: “Just imagine that the US does what it has wanted to do for a long time and strike against Assad, not by mistake but on purpose and openly.

“Should Russia defend its ally or consider striking against the Americans but this would definitely lead to a Third World War.

“Russia can win big in Syria but it can also lose big too. We must not forget that in Syria we are playing an astonishingly risky game.”

It was added that this could mean “a full-scale war”.

Meanwhile as reported Tuesday, Russia is currently running a civil defense drill involving 40 million of its civilian residents which will run through October 7th. Obviously Putin knows something is up. On the American side, US diplomats have reportedly accused Russia of drugging them with date rape drugs!

The propaganda and war rhetoric is getting out of control.

Most Americans, like Congresswoman Tulsi, wish the CIA and Pentagon would just stop this horrible, unconstitutional rampage in Syria… before it is too late.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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  1. This is all a geo-political war…..Obama and the west want to install an Islamic leader who will bend to the NWO. The USA has become a bully, using our military members as their tool to bend the world under the NWO umbrella! As an American, I say thank God for Putin who is standing up against the imperialists. Obama is playing a very dangerous game with the people of the world. The Elite could care less how many millions and billions are wiped out by nukes because depopulation is one of their goals. They have nothing to fear for while we are fighting to live after a nuclear holocaust, they’ll be safely tucked away in their underground bunkers.

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  2. Putin is the Chess Master who has Empathy for all of humanity. Remember what his predecessors always told the US ‘We can destroy you without firing a shot!” HMMM how would you think he could accomplish that? What about all of the Nato already jumping ship?Just look at Indonesia right now who is stopping all of the Drug Trade and The President of Indonesia is also Protecting The Gold which some one is so desperately wanting to STEAL?Here is two big hints It Is NOT Russia or China!!!! HMMMM? This same President cursed out Obama on 2 different occasions and ordered that Obama remove all standing armies out of his country!

  3. Stopping this before it is to late would be the right thing to do. Our Dear Leader, who really does remind me of one of our cocky banty roosters we had when I was growing up, is not going to do the right thing. He has wanted a war with Russia in the worst way for many months now. All because Assad, and Putin, have hurt is tender feelings and he is doing what his handlers ( think Soros) want. May the Lord have mercy. Personally I say bring it on bring it on. The sooner the Book of Revelations is fulfilled the sooner us born-again Christians get the Heaven.

    • Should the U.S. engage in war with Russia, North Korea would strike the U.S. with their EMP weapons and their ICBM’S Rendering America powerless to Manufacture or to retaliate.

      • North Korea does not need to use an EMP or ICBM’s. We can not defend our country. We have almost NO Manufacturing in this country any more, and our utilities will be the first casualty of this war. Our government is only worried about the wealthy. Where are OUR bomb shelters? OUR Civil Defense drills? The people here in this country are probably the most arrogant people in the world. Most all think we can defeat anyone who opposes us…Especially the young people. Be realistic people! When it comes to a real World War how are we to survive? It won’t be fought in some far off foreign land. It will be fought right here at home. And without the help of our government. Unless you think living in a fema camp is helping us. Sure, lots of people here have guns, but how many will give them up when the government starts trying to take them? And, how many can use those guns effectively? How many have the guts to use them? How many will use them to defend the citizenry of this country? Who will fight both the foreign and DOMESTIC ( Our own Government ) enemies of the people? And WHO will organize the people? Who will supply the people with the equipment we will need? like ammunition, food, water, clothing, and fuel? It will NOT be our government ! How would we communicate? It sure won’t be with your damn smart phones. When the grid goes, so does you phones, internet, fuel and food… Hell, in three days many will be using their weapons to steal food. Americans have been pampered (Stupid) for far to long…

        • I agree, We are in dire straights, Once the power grid goes down, It will be up to the people to repel an invasion.

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