Trump Asks America — Do You Really Want Your Next President to be the Wife of a SERIAL RAPIST?

I’m sitting here this morning somewhat regretful that I missed last night’s presidential debate.

I should probably explain that I am not nearly as pro-Trump as I am anti-Clinton.

Like many people in America, I find myself tuning out much of what is going on and being said, while dismissing it as “politics as usual.” I’ve learned not to get my hopes too high. After all, we’ve been here before.

I want to believe that Donald Trump is different. I really do. I voted for him in our state primary. But, even then, it was more of a vote against the alternatives.

With all that said, Donald Trump certainly just showed me something. And that something is why I cling to a dying hope that someday things might change in America.

This is a man who is not afraid to go where the other candidates have never gone.

My hope is somewhat renewed this morning.

Believe it, or not, Donald Trump just…. WENT THERE!!!

He went where others have dared not go. He called out the Clintons for who they are, albeit more subtly than he would have liked.

The Washington Post reports that Trump wanted to put Clinton accusers in his family box, but debate organizers said NO:

ST. LOUIS — Donald Trump’s campaign sought to intimidate Hillary Clinton and embarrass her husband by seating women who have accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual abuse in the Trump family’s box at the presidential debate here Sunday night, according to four people involved in the discussions.

The campaign’s plan, which was closely held and unknown to several of Trump’s top aides, was thwarted just minutes before it could be executed when officials with the Commission on Presidential Debates intervened. The commission officials warned that, if the Trump campaign tried to seat the accusers in the elevated family box, security officers would remove the women, according to the people involved, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the discussions were confidential.

Trump was not able to put the women in the seats he had planned for them. However, he did feature them in a pre-debate press conference which was posted to Facebook.

As of this writing, the video has been shared over 39,000 times, has 68,000 comments and been viewed 2.7 million times in just 9 hours.

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But that is not enough.

My hope is that this message continues to go viral.

As a “small potatoes blogger” I understand how quickly things can change with Facebook and the other social networks. Our site has barely survived over the past year, and I can tell you that this is not uncommon with the anti-establishment/alt-media/conservative/pro-freedom websites.

Much like the debate organizers, Facebook doesn’t like to see anything posted that could potentially hurt their beloved Hillary.

So I am asking you to share this far and wide before it gets shut down. Share it for Juanita, Paula, Kathleen, Kathy and numerous others. Share it for America!

Trump might very well disappoint us in the end. I hope I am simply paranoid, but I am prepared for that possibility. If he does not, he would be the first in my lifetime. So please excuse my skepticism. I want to believe. I do.

But, no matter who Trump might actually be, he certainly seems to be a better choice than a woman who hates her fellow women and comes to the aid of the predators who target them.

Pray for America. The Clintons must be stopped.

AND, Donald Trump may be the best hope we have of ever bringing justice upon them, as he promised in last night’s debate. Sorry I missed it.

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  1. It’s good to know that many Americans supported thrice married and adulterers: Trump. Gingrich and Giuliani.

    And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.”
    Matthew 19:9

    Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.
    Hebrews 13:4

  2. The thing we must really fear about Hillary is not her being the enabler of Bill, who, this year, grabbed the crotch of a Stewardess on camera, and who, this year, has shown he is still a cold stone sociopath.
    The problem is that Hillary has access to unlimited power to blackmail anyone in the government and the media, and even the Republican Party to do her will.

    Look at Bill at the debate. He is not afraid of the women he hurt. he is not afraid to be exposed. He fears her. He fears Hillary. So does Chelsea. They saw the madness in her face. i saw it too. Trump exposed her for the monster she is, and she will lash out. At Bill. At Hillary. At the Secret Service.


    SHE SAYS———-

    Blacks and Muslims are losers

    Democrats are stupid

    PA & OH-white trash & stupid morons

    Hispanics-bunch of tacos

    Bernie supporters-sleep in basements

    Trump supporters-deplorable, un redeemable & un American

    Cannot stand handicapped

  4. And the REALLY sad part about all of this?
    The sad part is the realization we are not only facing this NOW – we have to face the REALITY that “president” bush PARDONED this very same SERIAL RAPIST.

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