This Tweet from Politico captured a very interesting facial expression from former president Bill Clinton at Sunday night’s debate, dubbed the ugliest one ever in American history, between his wife and Donald Trump:


Look at that face:

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Many have speculated this has to do with seating some of his many sexual assault victims in the front row and have tried to pair up the photos accordingly.


Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey were all there, in addition to the now-all-grown-up 12-year-old girl whose rapist Hillary Clinton laughed about getting off on a technicality.



I don’t think that’s it.

Look at this face again…


That is the face of pure fear.

Donald Trump did not hold back last night. Not only did he hold a surprise panel with Bill’s accusers just before the debate —

— but he went off on Hillary throughout the debate, including a threat that if he becomes president, she’s going to jail which she laughed off like she always does.

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Hillary, for all her phony smiles, could barely contain how pissed she was as the debate went on.

And Bill knows it. That look says it all. He knows what’s coming.

Everyone close to Hillary is afraid of her. Ex-Secret Service have written books about how not only was Bill afraid of her, but so were the entire White House staff when she was First Lady. They called her a “Jekyll and Hyde” who was prone to explosive, sometimes physical violence.

Bill’s face above? That’s the look of abused spouse about to get a beat down collateral damage-style because the abuser had a bad day. Bill looks like he knows what’s coming after they leave this debate and he’s terrified. Chelsea even looks as if she’s about to cry. They know.

They know the hellfire that dragon woman is about to rain down upon them for this.

Bill is probably going to show up in public wearing long sleeves and giant sunglasses to cover the bruises. You watch.

And if that’s how afraid of Hillary they really are, can you imagine what America is going to look like in four years if she’s put in the White House?


Voting for the lesser of two evils (or the evil of two lessers) never works. What’s truly terrifying is that these are the people vying to be the next puppet for the corporation so no matter what, we’re stuck with one of them. And scariest reality of all, no matter who has been chosen the victor of this hot garbage circus, America will end up with more war and a bigger police state.

That’s the biggest distraction here.

No matter who “wins,” America will lose. We always do.

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.