Another reason the mainstream media has narrowed its focus on some decade-old Trump comments is a sad attempt to steer America clear of another damaging batch of 2016 Hillary campaign chair John Podesta’s emails courtesy of Wikileaks.

This time you can choose between an email showing that Hillary and her foundation took $25 million from Saudi Arabia even through the nation was knowingly funding ISIS:

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Or the fact that even Hillary’s own campaign knows their queen secretlyhates — that’s the word that was used, hates — average Americans:

This comes on the heels of more leaks, not just Hillary referring to Bernie’s supporters as basement dwellers, but she also called a large portion of the Americans, her own supporters, a “bucket of losers” in a Goldman Sachs speech she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for, likely involving some kind of acquisition or shady deal through her Clinton Foundation.

Those Bernie supporters and the rest of the millennial crowd actually showed up in droves to protest her recent appearance at OSU, with some chanting into a megaphone that Bill is a rapist.


Once #HillaryHatesAmericans was trending, Twitter tried to bury it, so it quickly evolved into #HillaryHatesAmerica.


Not quite the same thing, depending on which America you mean.

If you mean “the American people,” as in every day citizens, then yeah but that isn’t really new. Most of us already realized that a long time ago, well before these leaks.

If you mean the Establishment, as in the American Corporation Inc. running things, then she loves those guys. Again, the average American should hear how she talks to the boys up at Goldman Sachs. “Us and Them” is just the tip of the iceberg. The real owners she snuggles up to are the ones allowing Hillary to continue this “run” for president despite the fact that other candidates would have buckled under the sheer weight of lies and corruption swarming behind this woman everywhere she goes like an oily black cloud of festering doom. Benghazi, the classified emails and private server, the missing $6 billion under her tenure as Secretary of State, her shady foundation’s admitted dealings with foreign countries that fund the very terrorists our soldiers are dying fighting right now… and her own campaigns admissions that she hates us.

How this woman is even still in the running for president proves the entire election process in America is a joke. Simply recall that Howard Dean had his entire campaign quashed because he yelled funny.

Another admission from Wikileaks is that Hillary’s entire campaign is dependent on Trump as the GOP nominee, just by the by. Gee, why exactly do you think that is…?

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