United Nations Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns Or Shooting To Kill”

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We have previously noted that recent allegations of Russian hacking could mean the Department of Homeland Security will be charged with protecting the Presidential election in November. In fact, as Joe Joseph noted in his latest daily news update, the Department of Defense and U.S. military may be joining DHS to ensure a fair electoral process. Coupled with previous reports that “independent” United Nations observers will be overseeing this year’s vote suggests there may be some legitimacy to the shocking claims you are about to read.

Consider what might happen should a particular candidate be elected to the Presidency, only to have the Department of Homeland Security, DoD or United Nations overturn the vote. And when we say “particular candidate” we are, of course, referring to Donald Trump. With well over 50 million Americans supporting him for the Presidency, if he were to win a decisive victory and then have that victory overturned because of national security issues, one can only imagine the outcry, protests and riots to follow.

The narrative has already been created at the very highest levels of America’s political hierarchy and it is not so hard to envision a scenario such as this playing out. 

Should such an event come to pass, would the “transition” be peaceful?

According to a recent alert posted at SteveQuayle.com, the United Nations may already be preparing for such an outcome:

This does not come from a high level source. Just an everyday average Joe. But a guy that works in the same industry, that always gave a hard time about the tin hat-stuff, recently returned from a Great Divide Concert at which a gentleman just passing by, stopped to mingle with this group of
people. They had a couple of drinks, and this guy states, he likes America, he likes the people. He wished he could dance like, the Americans. Laugh.

He states he had been fighting beside US troops over past 6-7 years. And this is why I feel I need to tell someone over here in the states a lil something. He said he was from Norway. And he would be back in 3-4 months as a part of UN troops. He said there was nothing he could do. But felt compelled that he needed to say something, just to let such good people know what is coming. He said that they were going to be going door to door taking guns, or shooting to kill. They already had the lists of names, and addresses.

I have no reason to not believe the words from acquaintance. It actually pretty much freaked him out. He is rather overwhelmed from the conversation.

From his reaction, and as long as we’ve been acquainted, I have no reason not to believe what he was told. I just wanted to pass this on to someone with the means to possibly get the word out.

Source: Quayle Alerts

One of our observant readers from Texas submitted a similar comment recently.


I just heard some really disturbing shit about something going on in Texas down here. I am sorry but I cannot post it. All I can say is that Chinese soldiers have been inching their way closer to all the major cities including Houston, Woodlands, Conroe, and other major cities and our state government knows that we will be under attack between now and the next 3-4 months. A chi-com soldier just threatened someone that I know very well recently and he is not happy about the incident. When chi-coms are telling Americans in my state where they can go from where they can’t go, then we have a BIG PHUCKING PROBLEM. All the military equipment is here in Texas, pre positioned during JADE HELM 15-16 and the soldiers have already been placed in our state and all they have to do is just go out, jump into the UN vehicles and roll out to the major highways, and deploy to neighborhoods. All over 2017 is when the civilians will be getting the worst of it. I know something is up because this link is matching up with what I am hearing.

The UN and Chinese know already in advance that they will be rolling down Hwy 45, Hwy 290, 1960/Hwy 6 from 45 north to deploy to take out these area of subdivision, and one of the biggest major attacks by the UN, and chi-coms will take place between 1960-hwy6-south down to Sugar land. They plan to do the same thing on the Katy Mason rd area, hwy10 area. Good luck when you get to that area.

…We have a very, very serious fucking situation on the horizon.

Now, on its face such claims may sound as if they are coming from the very fringes of the internet. And perhaps they are.

But before you dismiss these claims outright, keep in mind that it has been confirmed United Nations soldiers are actively involved in military training in the United States of America. Moreover, U.N. tank vehicles have been spotted  moving across U.S. highways. The United Nations has even tried to hide the fact that their soldiers and equipment have been deployed to the U.S. as evidenced by the following images showing how they are covering up the logos on their vehicles:

While it’s impossible to know exactly what the United Nations is planning in conjunction with sympathetic U.S. political leaders, we know for a fact that U.N troops are actively operating on our soil and their equipment is already here, laying dormant for whatever orders were to come down the pipeline.

If it turns out that the U.S. Presidential election next month is taken over by the Department of Homeland Security amid claims of a cyber attack on the electoral grid, and is then overturned in favor of Hillary Clinton, then it could well come to pass that United Nations ‘peace keepers’ are activated to quell any disturbance or dissent.

Courtesy of SHTFplan.com


  1. IF these baby blue helmeted “soldiers” can find my guns, they can have ’em!!! But I’d be willing to bet they couldn’t find ’em.
    Besides that, those Baby blue UN helmets make excellent targets.

  2. They can TRY! I won’t be home; I’ll be harassing their troops with nice little surprises.

  3. Who is the retard that wrote this crap? I’ve never ‘heard’ such bs before in my life.

  4. This will NEVER HAPPEN. Necular armed nations don’t get invaded. We have a well armed, Well trained Military all of whom have sworn and oath to uphold and defend the Constituon from all enemies both foriegn and domestic. Some of those people are on Neuclear armed Subs parked not too far off the coast of China. Its mutually assured distruction. Obama may have tried to dismantle America’s neuclear defensnes, but he didn’t completely sucecced.

    • Took you a while to figure that out? Half the supposed patriots on here are Russkies earning Vodka Money.

  5. The vehicles are made by U.S. manufacturers and are in transit for delivery to the U.N. nothing unusual. U.S. manufacturers also make an armored vehicle for the U.N. These vhicles, like any other product, must get delivered. That is what you are seeing.

  6. They will come in the early morning hours when you are asleep so you will not be ready. As your sleeping you will hear thebang and in fright and disoriented they have the advantage of surprise and strength of numbers. And superior firepower. Get your soul right to meet our maker and die with honor! Be a slave or fight for your and your families freedom. If God be for us who can be against us!

  7. What war have we ever observed where we could say, Yes- the U.N. is really kicking ass? Not one, not ever. The citizens of the U.S. have made this country and we have been guarding our post since 1776…… The tactics and strategy that have settled the West, conquered the British Empire, resloved the Civil War and made America a powerful nation will never fail. We have kept the wolf away from the door for 200 years….. It is an amusing and entertaining tactic to think”door to door” would even be a concept……..

    • We took our eyes off of God and gave our country over to satan, well over 100 years ago. This has been a slow infiltrated death. One that you’re born into and don’t see until it’s too late. We willingly gave up our families (both parents working) since the first world wars, and our children for indoctrination, communism/fascism and, now, common core. It’s so much easier to give your kids away for a few hours a day so you can do what you want, earn money for things that don’t matter. We blindly allow our kids to be poisoned with vaccines accepting autism and cancer as just a way of life.

      We murdered over 70 million unborn children and counting, and allow the most foul sexual deviants to run rampant and wonder why our kids are so confused. We sit back and allow our neighbors to be unjustly imprisoned and so many to go homeless, keeping our blinders on thinking only of ourselves. We force ourselves on other nations in the name of the petro dollar stirring up conflicts and wars when they don’t concede. We do not question but blindly follow along. We are Rome just before it fell. The enemy is already here. We’ve opened the door. You may not think this could happen to the great US of A, but think again. When we remove God, He removes His hands and His hedge of protection. There are powers that be that hate our very existence and until we fall on our knees before God and beg forgiveness, we will receive the very fate we so justly deserve.

  8. well they made all those fema camps for a reason.. but it will look mighty suspicious if there are no americans left on the streets.. of course.. the states can just populate it with foreigners.. brace new world..

  9. if they take our guns we will for sure then big o will finish us off with the muslims .die now our die a alfull death i see hoe they kill you

  10. I agree with Mr. Underwood. And there is really no way that the entire brigade of Homeland Security will be called up to defend the President as they will all be to busy defending themselves, their headquarters and their own families as everyone of them that I know is also armed while not on the job.

    The likelihood of UN troops being stationed in mass in the US and commanded to go door to door to shoot or be shot is seriously not possible as most of our U.S. troops wouldn’t let it happen, nor would Law Enforcement and let’s not forget all of the millions of Redneck Deplorables who are armed to the teeth and ain’t gonna let it happen.

    Remember always that Obama, Barbara Boxcar and the Hilda-beast have done more for the American people than ever before as never before in the history of America have so many people been armed, trained and ready to defend their country against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!

  11. UN soldier doesn’t realize armed American hunters comprise largest standing army of trained soldier on earth. That doesn’t count the other millions of armed trained citizens who will not submit and the most professional well equipped and best trained military on earth that will defend the US Constitution and will not submit to globalist tyranny.
    IOW – He’s talking out his ass.

  12. Do we remember in “41” after Pearl was hit the reason admiral Yamamoto would not invade…”a gun behind every blade of grass”.

  13. I don’t see American soldiers going forward with this nonsense. That’s asking them to put their own family down. And as far as the American people, there’s no way in hell were going to lay down and comply . They can kiss my red blooded American white ass. If not to live on victorious, I will take as many with me as I can, so my death will be meaningful and honorable we haven’t fought as many wars as we have to turn back and put our heads down now kiss their asses goodbye this ain’t going to happen

  14. I SAID THIS LAST WINTER…..We need to step back and look at the worlds entire political movement as it quickly unfolds before our eyes from civil to national unrest; and that is the Key. I’ve been posting this comment for months under Soft War Attack and Red Dawn previous to that. The strategy is… not calling it for what it is, A SOFT WAR ATTACK . A planned strategic movement can be well into the interior of a country with out opposition. Civil unrest leading to civil war is the UN-NWO agenda for every nation on the planet. This worldwide Illegal immigrant movement is a strategy to force all nations to comply to the UN-NWO Peace troops when the grip gets tighter. UN white military vehicles are stockpiling in major countries. Google..Hidden White UN Vehicles. There are one thousand in Texas alone fitted with cages and shackles, and in Florida 4000 + hidden U.N. Vehicles In Jacksonville. I believe these elections, protests, riots and these present migrations present a national influence on hijacking countries. There are over one hundred and fifty Muslim brotherhood organizations in America alone. The riots from a possible stolen 16 election will be controlled by the UN- NWO peace troops that will be gathered and based in Cuba. This will make the second attempt to use Cuba as a base. The first was Kennedy blocking Russia and their cargo of missals into Cuba. This also raises questions about obama’s recent friendly visit to Cuba. An Ex CIA claims a six-hour window can bring in up to 250.000 UN Peace Troops on to American soil. Trumps Wall would pose a problem for the wall apposing Liberals; are you starting to get the picture? . This is a Real Red Dawn. The Bundy ranchers and the American Natives are the first to feel the brunt on their land. Recently President Barrack Obama signed the “Patriot Defence of Liberty Enabler Act” which is his latest in a series of Executive Orders to bring the U.S. in “compliance with the United Nations Agenda 21” The President says that this plan will allow the Federal Government to “assume control of all Federal territory in case of a National Emergency or //?? Civil Disobedience” ??//. Citizens who do not comply will fall under the Civil Disobedience Act. This act describes perfectly a nation in the recent past who were told to comply with the law and willingly climbed aboard the rail box cars to the camps.

  15. Hey don’t forget once Trump takes his oath he IS COMMANDER AND CHEIF AND HE WILL HAVE ALOT OF EX-GENERALS ACTIVE GENERALS WHOM WILL GIVE ALL THE GUIDANCE HE’LL NEED. HE WILL ACTAVATE OUR TROOPS TO DEFEND OUR NATION . Remember our solders are our brothers & sons & daughters they won’t fire on their families and friends . The United Nations will be a big fat target move them to Iran or Iraq or Syria . Sink their ship on the way out .

  16. Once the corrupt government forces an American to fire the first shot, He is deemed to be an outlaw. Outlaws have no remorse limiting the number they will eliminate, Shooting on sight the evil Bastards that have sold our Country out will become fun and entertainment, Similar to doing a public service like street cleaning.

  17. Americans have always been underestimated when it comes to a fight. That’s why we need a President who will take the gloves off toward enemies of the United States instead of sending them money to buy weapons to kill us with. Vote Trump!

  18. ?? I guess then the Martians would come and grab all our washing machines and close every fast food restaurant, then drink all the soda and burp up a giant gas ball that would engulf Washington D.C. Am I getting close to these idiot’s theories??

    • The Martians can take my washing machine. I’m due for an upgrade anyway. Mine’s getting pretty worn out.
      And if they close every fast food restaurant, the obesity level will go down from 65% to 0%.

  19. Dear UN Troops. If you think this will be a walk in the park, going from house to house and shooting us, then you do not know us well.

    Our teens entertain themselves with shooting and military games.
    We are the most armed race on earth.
    Obama is the most gay and fearful president we have had since Carter.
    The public will not help the UN in this attack, since they know they will be killed too.
    Our street gangs are better armed than your blue helmeted weenies.
    This will end in tears, and if I am lucky, in toasts from goblets made from your polished and shiney skulls.
    We will make great use of your cute blue vehicles as ATV.s and will use your arm bones as chair arm rests
    FYI, if you use tactical nukes, then imagine how much mercy your friends and family will see when you lose.
    How much mercy will your nations be shown when the UN fails.
    Take a clue.

  20. LOCK AND LOAD!! Known progressive liberals are fair game, Shoot on sight.

    This post is triggered by a dead mans switch. if this happens the Republic is dead until we can restore it. And it will be restored on the dead bodies of enemies both foreign and domestic.

        • That shows your stupidity. I am a 32 year Combat veteran of the US Army. I know how to prepare and win in battle.

          • And I was speaking to and of Lloyd Lisco. That’s shows your stupidity. You can’t plan if you can’t read.

          • I know you were speaking to him. I thought I would butt into the conversation just like you do. Let me guess. You are a 15 year old, ignorant, girl sitting in your mommies basement. You don’t have a life, no friends and your parents don’t really love so you sit and troll for messages that you can butt into and then making stupid comments.
            Actually, I am just going to block and report you.

        • Well Terry, looks to me that you are going to find out the hard way about the end game of this whole nightmare.
          If you’re right, I guess that makes us look like fools. But if we’re right that just makes you DEAD.

        • Hi Willie, Jade Helm was also used for cover of all military equipment being moved to high ground, Out of all low lying bases in anticipation of The Nibiru Systems arrival, Aircraft are the exception, As they can be flown out on short notice. Along with tremendous waves flooding all coastal areas and the deaths of millions. I did smoke Lucky Strike cigarettes for 45 years, Never used that other Sh t because of my secret Military employee, Also witnessed results to people who did use that other Sh t.

    • Closed Walmart stores have been converted to Military resupply depots and Classification of civilian prisoner facilities with underground connections to the Mag Lev secret subterranean rail road system.

    • This group is beyond dodo birds. Theyre mostly old white dudes with no real life of their own. A few are kookie enough to get flagged by the FBI but for the most part they’re just hanging around till the hearse arrives to haul them to the funeral home.

  21. Frankly, that’s bullshit. Our military and veterans will not put up with it. Some UN troops taking over our country? I think not. Let them attempt to try and rule our lives…there will be war. I am a vet and I will be there to put up a stand. I will shoot and kill every Fricken UN troop I see. I will be protecting my home, life, liberty, family, possessions.

    • You won’t kill a single soul. Sure as hell is easy to get very foolish people all cranked up. There are no UN troops invading anything. Besides you can get Donald Trump to keep y’all safe right? Isn’t that what he’s selling

      • Hey Terry. Don’t tell me what I will or won’t do. Who knows if anyone invades us. If they were to, I can assure you that I would shoot to kill everyone of the invaders that I could. I am also not the only one that would. You can allow yourself to become a slave and ruled by them but not me. I will die fighting. You on the other hand are a coward. Keep following your criminal leader Hillary like the lemming you are.
        You and people like you disgust me. Freedom is not free nut people like you rely on people like me and many others to keep your liberal ass free.
        Eat shit and die.

  22. There’s over 100 million armed Americans and even if each one had a six shooter and only 1% stepped up that would be 1 million armed people with 6 million bullets to get by.
    That’s not a small army even with a small gun. Bring it on !

    • The man with a plan, laughable at best but still a plan. How many tanks you got in your garage? Armed drones stacked up in your attic?

      • Terry, what are you? You going to spread the cheeks for Obama and his army of scum? I do not need to win, but just kill a few dozen before I go out. Ever hear of the war of the flea? Unless the Golfer plans to nuke us out, he and his sweet UN gayboys will not be occupying anything for long. They fight for power, and we fight to live, and avenge our dead.

        • You really believe this crap? Amazing.

          It’s no wonder you believe this nation is faltering. You live in insanity.

      • Hey Guy, Do you really think anyone is going to take you serious with a picture of a fucking poodle by your name? I know how to negotiate all those MRAPS they will be driving. A few rounds into that windshield and they cant see shit….Tires are also weak links. owe and they rollover @ 30-35Deg. Go hunch your dogs leg sweetheart.

        • Dear Shitbag, hate to interfere with your stupidity on all topics but you couldn’t find your butt if you were sitting on a carton of Charmin. That’s dog was bred to be an outstanding swimmer and one of the best retrievers in this part of the country. He, unlike you, is a proven winner. You just run your foul trailer park mouth. It’s evident you were bred for stupid.

          Thanks for proving you don’t know shit from shineola.

      • TERRY it sounds to me like you need to rethink the situation and try to stop yourself from making mistakes were you ever in the military ? im guessing not you dont seem to get the full idea here these guys have been in the thick of things before you ever brought up drones and all of this stuff but at the end of the day the vets no matter for what years 60s 70s 80s 90s and 2000s no matter what generation they were called to serve now days active or not ! the duty is still the same and for you to mock and disrespect that value is not looked to well for you the vets and active military know what they are doing and were doing thier jobs long before you ever got in to this subject they have a code they swore an oath and it worked then as it works now if you things are to far fetched then that is your thing ! however you are discounting the very people that would put down their own lives for you or any one else to make sure our way of life would continue as free yet you mock them and tell them they cannot defend against the un goverment are you really 100 percent sure about that ? at the same time what would you do ? you dont have to say just think for a min what if they are right ! ask your self that and what will you do if if what is being said is true will you fall into line and be a good boy for the un that never question’s the order’s that could be law or will you run or will you fight or go to one big panic if you think that nothing is going to happen in the USA and there will not be gun fire where you live then you really dont have enough exsperience in life you are truly delusional and in denial

        • Abusing your service to our nation by filling your head with conspiracy theories so far fetched as this article is a travesty that will be removed, one way or another.

          Oh and they’re not right, they have purchased a box of propaganda, a fools mission if there ever was one. Donald Trumps mouth is a worse threat to our nation. Now THATS real insanity.

          • well you seem to have all the answers everyone is wrong and you are always right i have seen your type before

          • Nope I don’t have all the answers, it’s just that I’m not stupid enough to believe such bovine excrement as this article. I don’t think you are either but certainly wonder why you would defend the indefensible

  23. I have viewed this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim
    POTUS, recently. He was aboard an aircraft in which he whipped out his tool to
    show to the entire crew and passengers. And now, he and his worthless wife/husband, has whipped-up another lie that Donald Trump, over the years, has molested women,
    without any proof. If I was Donald Trump, I would sue the POTUS and his ugly wife,
    until they are as poor as the citizens that they have stolen from in the United States.
    Why wasn’t this incident committed by this worthless Black freak, reported upon landing of this aircraft? The hypocrisy is defeaning. What is good for the goose, is good for the
    gander. If this worthless Black mutt of a freaky-Friday can get away with lude acts of
    sexual impropriety, then why can’t Trump be offered the same exclusion? Because he
    is not Black and Muslim. I will bet 99% of White Americans are thinking how peaceful
    planet Earth will be, without any Blacks or Muslim, because where Blacks and Muslim
    congregate, trouble is certain to follow.

  24. In accordance with the title of this article, I say to the U.N., bring it on. These U.N.
    turds need to reflect upon how the U.S. responded to WW2, and remember why the
    Japs did not attack the U.S. homeland, because they were quite aware that there was
    an American with a gun, behind every blade of grass.

    • I have lots and lots of 5.56, 7.62, and 308, 9mm, and 45 cal.
      Trust me I won’t run out soon. I also have plenty of other materials that will make a nice big boom.

      • Thanks for the advice but I’ve been trained to shoot center mass. The blue helmet only identifies the target. Focus on the front sight, the target should be blurry. Ignore the movement, it’s an optical illusion and your heart beating. Exhale and squeeze slowly. Pulling the trigger fast pulls off the aim. A good shooter is always surprised when the gun goes BANG!

  25. They will be attacking in areas where they feel will give the most resistance. And that will absolutely be in your southern states. I for one will die battling on my feet for my knees were only meant for kneeling before my lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will not die as a slave unto no one. God bless us all.

    • Yeah, Obama and his globalist mighty mo’s talk a great game, and trolls like Terry, but if they cannot pacify Chicago and the gangs after 7 years, I think they may be cruising for a bruising.

  26. You’ll have a lot more to deal with then just Zionist bankers brainwashed UN troops, remember the
    little green men and hybrid armies speech by US general Mark Milley?
    Haven’t heard it yet? look it up.

  27. To quote Yamamoto: There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    Bring it on; blue helmets make good targets.

      • They have to use the bathroom, eat, and rest at some point. Good luck with that, antichristers. Sleep lightly blue helmets.

      • too funny, it won’t matter the suit — if you pick up arms against the people you’re on the wrong side and will be shot. The real american soldier will be on the side of the 2nd and this home of the brave.

    • Good one. I like your preference of using the word “TURD.” I also use it to
      describe the worthless Black “TURD” of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS.
      I hope my humble description, catches fire in anything to describe this worthless
      Communist, Anarchist, Marxist, Socialist, Criminal and Muslim.

  28. On the day U.N. troops show up on American soil to deprive American citizens of our Constitutional rights there will be open season on U.N. troops .The U.N. building will have the bodies of their troops stacked high at their doors while the U.N. council trembles in fear at the mighty beast they have awakened .

      • Mollie, you assume that the citizens will just lay down and die. That is a bad assumption. Some will, but snap back is inevitable, which is why the Middle East is in shambles.

        • No, I’m not assuming anything. My comment refers to the fact that hundreds of thousands of UN troops and armored vehicles, in addition to hundreds of thousands of other foreign troops, have been in the US for several years. The middle east isn’t comparable to the US; only conventional weapons have been used, not unconventional warfare techniques, some of which are currently used against US citizens; HAARP, chemtrails, microwave and accoustic and ELF anti-personnel weapons, weapons I have some knowledge of as a former R&D engineer with a DARPA clearance.

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          • If you think our own Military (I don’t mean the generals I mean the rank and file soldiers) are just goingto stand by ignore their oaths and let the Constitution be tranpled, you are sadly mistaken. Furthermore Nuclear armed nations don’t get invaded. If the UN tries they areas stupid as hell. UN soldiers on US soild fastest way to start world war 3 with neuclear bombs flying in both directions. NO ONE is stupid!

          • I wish you were right. Check out HAARP mind control, lithium and aluminum oxide in chemtrails, and microchips surreptitiously implanted in US military staff. Lt. Colonel Roy Potter discovered his when his doctor asked “how’s that chip doing?”. His youtube video statement is still posted.
            Satanists are a hive mind and don’t allow free will.

          • Hey there Mollie, how about expounding on your ‘facts’ about “hundreds of thousands of UN troops and armored vehicles, in addition to hundreds of thousands of other foreign troops, have been in the US for several years.”

            I say you’re as full of shit as the proverbial ‘Christmas Goose’. The only people that are in this Country today are Moslem fanatics and a few in country wannabe moslems. Then there’s the idiot Antifa crowd and Black lives don’t matter bunch and a few others but as for your ‘hundreds of thousands’…..nah, I don’t think so.

            If there are going to be UN troops sent to the US, they will come from African countries in the hopes of getting some money and food. There aren’t going to be any troops from the civilized world….unless N Korea tries to step up I guess. I don’t even think China would try it.

            So, yeah, bring it on. There are enough vets of one type or another and other groups that will stand. There won’t be any massive fights; it’ll be guerrilla skirmishes…until we get to the main stream media….there’s our real enemies. Without the MSM, the left falls apart.

    • there will be 36,000 UN troops that will NEVER see their families again. If they think the Taliban and ISIS are bad, just wait until they meet a pissed off Southerner. Our redneck engineering alone would be more than enough the disable and destroy every UN vehicle on OUR soil.

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