What’s that smell?

It’s the bitter smell of treachery seeping from every pore of Hillary Clinton, the woman who says she would be great for the country.

That’s akin to saying a pedophile will make a great children’s party entertainer because he loves kids.

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What Hillary Clinton wants to do, and she actually says it herself, is end the government of the United States in its current format. (I do too, but not like this.)

  • She wants to open our borders.
  • She wants a “Hemispheric Government”
  • She wants to prepare us for the One World Government so beloved of the political elite.(Or maybe two world government if you do it in hemispheres, who knows what goes on in her addled brain?)

Now, I would love to know how she proposes that this will work, especially when Russia occupies the same hemisphere and relations between the two countries are at their lowest level in decades.


Clinton wants to take globalism to the next level.

She is extreme in her views and will stop at nothing to get her way. And that includes selling the citizens of the United States down the river.

It’s no surprise that she is a fan of Angela Merkel.  Anyone can see the similarities between what Merkel has done in Germany and what Clinton wants to do here.

But it gets worse.

The Russians hate Clinton even more than they hate Obama and that’s saying something.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a Russian ultra-nationalist, an ally of Putin, and he often compares himself to Donald Trump. He has said publicly that the United States risks getting dragged into a nuclear war if Clinton becomes president. While I personally find both major candidates abhorrent, I can clearly see that a Clinton presidency will lead us directly into dangerous territory.

Americans should vote for Donald Trump as president next month or risk being dragged into a nuclear war, according to a Russian ultra-nationalist ally of President Vladimir Putin who likes to compare himself to the U.S. Republican candidate.

“Relations between Russia and the United States can’t get any worse. The only way they can get worse is if a war starts, Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realise that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it’s war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.” (source)

Although not endorsed by Putin at this point, this is the first time a Russian politician has actually mentioned the possibility of a nuclear conflict occurring, and that possibility is terrifying for the citizens of both nations.

Clinton has stated outright that she would impose a no-fly zone over Syria – but only for the Russians and Syrians. US and the coalition forces would still be in the air. How well do you really think that will go over?

Speaking of the ‘arrangements’ currently in place Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook, said recently: 

“We would continue to advise the Syrian regime to steer clear of those areas.”

“We are going to defend our people on the ground, and do what we need to defend them,” Cook told reporters.

He said, “it’s not a no-fly zone,” but added that “the Syrian regime would be wise to avoid areas where coalition forces have been operating.”

When pushed further about Russia, Cook made it clear that the US would make the same aggression against Russian jets who are operating legally with the Syrian government’s approval and coordination.

“If they threaten US forces, we always have the right to defend our forces,” Cook said. (source)

And they wonder why the Russians and making rather unfriendly noises.

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Putin et al know that if Clinton gets her feet under the desk in the White House, it will be like dealing with Obama on steroids. 

Tens of millions of Americans know that having another Clinton in the White House, especially one who is by her own admission out of touch with the people and who seems to have a hatred of many sectors of society, does not bode well for our country.

In speaking at a Goldman-Sachs event, she noted that in terms of middle America, “I’m kind of far removed because the life I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy, but I haven’t forgotten (my past).” (source)

Hillary Clinton has made her plans clear. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that people like her rarely spring things on us unannounced. Instead, they try to spin it in a way that most of the sheeple go along with it, thinking that it’s all for the greater good.

An HRC presidency will usher in two terrible things:

Are you ready for a world like this? Because I’m not.

Courtesy of Daisy Luther