Footage underscores Trump’s claim that media is helping to rig the election

Underscoring Donald Trump’s charge that the media is rigged, video footage shows Hillary Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill appearing to type a softball question for NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell, which she subsequently asks Clinton.

The incident occurred on HIllary’s campaign plane shortly after Wednesday night’s debate.

Merrill is clearly seen typing something into his phone before he presents it to Mitchell. Merrill then waits for Mitchell to acknowledge that she understood the message.

Moments later, Mitchell delivers a softball question, asking Hillary, “How did you feel when he [Trump] said, you know, ‘Nasty woman, nasty woman,’ and ‘You’re a puppet,’ and … the issue of Vladimir Putin?”

The question is clearly not well constructed and appears to have been clumsily put together on the spot by Mitchell based off the message Merrill showed her.

At 1:44 in the video below, Merrill is also seen signaling to another reporter in the crowd by air tapping his finger on his phone, suggesting that he just text messaged another planted question.

As soon as Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin asks Hillary about the James O’Keefe videos, the press conference comes to an abrupt end.

In a response to the Daily Caller, Mitchell subsequently denied that there had been any wrongdoing.

“I was on live and couldn’t see in the crush of the gaggle – but no way would anyone try to give me a question,” Mitchell said. “That would never happen.”

That still doesn’t explain what was in the text message that Merrill presented to her.

Mitchell has been a reliable “friendly” for Team Hillary at virtually every step of the campaign trail and can always be relied upon to bail out Hillary with a softball question.

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Mitchell also falsely claimed yesterday that the scandal surrounding Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile leaking town hall debate questions to Hillary in advance had been debunked when it clearly hasn’t.

This footage will do nothing to dampen charges made by Donald Trump that the media has abandoned any pretense of objectivity and – as we already knew from the Wikileaks emails – is totally in the can for Hillary.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison