America Waits to see if President Trump Can Finally Put Hillary Clinton Behind Bars

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As the shocking election results began to unfold late last night it became apparent, with numerous social media posts, that many of us were all thinking the same thing:

OK President Trump it’s time to make good on your promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

America should begin to find out within a matter of months if Donald Trump is all talk or intends to follow through on a promise he has made multiple times — to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Back in February, Donald Trump announced his intentions on Sean Hannity’s broadcast from Nevada:

When Hannity asked Mr. Trump if, as President, he would have his Attorney General prosecute Hillary Clinton, Trump’s response brought immense joy to the crowd.

“You have no choice… In fairness, you have to look into that. Now maybe she can prove her innocence. But it just seems to me that the public knows everything that they’re going to know. Emails have come out. She seems to be guilty. But you know what, I wouldn’t even say that. But certainly, it has to be looked at. If a Republican wins, if I’m winning, certainly you will look at that as being fair to anyone else. So unfair to the people that have been prosecuted over the years for doing much less than she did. So she’s being protected, but if I win, certainly it’s something we’re going to look at..

She’s running a very important race for herself.”

Trump strengthened his stance and made the promise directly to Hillary Clinton in the October debates:

The Washington Post reported:

Donald Trump said during Sunday’s presidential debate that, if elected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

“I didn’t think I’d say this and I’m going to say it and I hate to say it. … If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception,” Trump said.

So will Trump follow through?

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And if he does will Hillary Clinton be able to continue her magical escape act as she has with Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy?

America waits.

Justice must be served.

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  1. Boy we are about to experience one of the most exciting times in the history of this country, Trumps remarks on short wave radio concerning import taxes on all imports, Has brought communication to Trump from Mexico and Canada that they are willing to re Negotiate NAFTA, Even before the man is sworn in.

    down to keep the economy good for Hillary and Obama. Now they will use
    their economic power to try to bring Trump down. Trump is another Andrew
    Jackson. He knows that the Fed is controlling the US Corporate
    government. George Soros is a very dangerous man. He has a messianic
    complex he says he has had since a child. He said he played out
    fantasies of being god in his youth. Now he has the money to finance
    those fantasies and bring them true. He is the global force behind
    Hillary Clinton. Soro’s Open Society Foundation is a cousin to the
    Clinton Foundation. This is how he controlled her as Secretary of State.
    He funneled millions of dollars directly to the Clintons in exchange to
    direct our foreign policies. He also controls Merkel in Germany and is
    the main power behind the Merkel Plan to bring millions of refugees into
    Germany. He will continue to try to bring down anti-globalist,
    President Trump. In his book about globalization, he makes clear his
    intentions. The Empire will strike back, so all the deplorables must
    continue the work of fighting against the Progressive Liberal
    Revolution. Soros must be exposed to everyone and watch carefully the
    Federal Reserve System. Andrew Jackson called the Second National Bank
    of the US, as a den of vipers. The head of that bank told Jackson that
    if he was to root the bank out of the government, that they will bring
    down the country. Trump will face that same treachery today.

    • Jimbeau, Even though the Federal reserve system issues the currency and charges us interest on it, It is printed at the U.S. Printing office, If the Fed were gone tomorrow the U.S. could continue printing the currency. A gold coin denominated at 20 Trillion Dollars could be made up at a U.S. mint and delivered to the Federal Reserve System, Paying off the national Debt in full. Trump is aware of the Fed rip off and may do something about it. Every Dollar paid to the IRS goes to the Federal Reserve Foreign Bankers as Interest payment on the national debt.

      • I agree Lloyd, but you don’t just give the finger to the banksters (in the form of the coin) and not expect repercussions… maybe even military ones, which is why we have to wait for him to be able to build ours up to top notch level again, while staying alive! Then, I could see him preparing for the event by quietly and quickly informing the other stock markets of the world that he is going to freeze ours closed on Monday, so the globalists can’t dump their stocks and collapse our market while making off with the big haul. I’m thinking that he could then start opening our market in levels… allowing investors who are below a certain dollar level first-access to decide how much they wish to sell off, if any, and work up the food chain in steps. This would help protect the little guys from bankruptcy, and maybe help lessen or prevent an economic catastrophe. The globalists would be insane with anger, and I don’t even know if he could pull anything like this off… Oh yes, he would have to stay alive to do anything like this; did I forget to mention that?… lol

  3. im prayin that the ‘special prosecutor’ was not a campaign promise soon to be forgotten in the transition

  4. Trump is more shrewd than most people know.
    Just don’t expect much noise from him for as many months as it takes to build a ‘cocoon’ of military protection for himself and his entire extended family. He will have to do it as quietly as possible. Their still ARE patriotic peeps in the wings who will be glad to be part of this, but he can’t have the possibility of AF1 or any other planes having ”accidents”.
    He can’t fix anything if he’s dead. Give him some time… he will need it.

  5. If he doesn’t do anything else he said he would do, he needs to do this. The whole Clinton crime syndicate needs to go down.

    Let’s see if America has the courage. I believe he will try if we get behind him.

  6. …Now It’s REAL JUSTICE Time:
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      • Have you ever considered why 99% of Blacks are born, one taco short
        of a full-platter, similar to the Muslims. That most of these turds refuse
        to obtain a worthwhile education, because they are not equipped to do
        so, therefore, the invention of “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION,” which caters
        exclusively to the minorities, especially the Blacks, and to note that this
        worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS,
        is a graduate of Affirmative Action, that his I.Q. is the sum of his hat and
        shoe size, and that the Blacks and the Muslims never assimilate into the
        Mores of the countries that they invade. Why? Because they are in-
        herently not equipped, and therefore, they turn to crime as a means for
        survival. That is why 99% of Blacks and Muslims are criminals and are
        the primary guests in our Federal Prisons. And to think that stupid
        Americans elected/selected this worthless Black Mutt of a Kenyan Witch
        Doctor, but it goes without admittance, that the reading and coprehen-
        sion ability of 99% of Americans, are only based upon the mentality of the 8th grade.

        • Dennis, I disagree, Very few of the Blacks obtain that 8th Grade education, By that time, They are car jacking, Pimping, Dealing, burglarizing, Shop lifting and producing illigitment future Dope smokers who would be O-Homo voters. We should divide the country, Segregation worked, That is why George Wallace was shot.

          • Hey Lloyd, you failed to read between the lines. I gave the

            Blacks the benefit of the doubt, along with the worthless turds

            that elected/selected this worthless effn Black turd of a POS of

            a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, to have at least obtained

            an 8th grade education. And, I undertand your contention

            concerning Blacks and Muslims. As far as I am concerned,

            99% of Blacks and Muslims are incourageable, as they were

            my worst students, both academically and behaviorally. The

            Blacks and Muslims, will never succeed, primarily because

            when they are born, they are born, one taco short of a full-

            platter, and I do not impart these words of wisdom to be rude,

            but it is a known fact that 99% of Blacks and Muslims, are

            inferior, and as proof of a smoking gun, why do you believe

            that “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” was invented? Because most of

            the minorities are born, ill-equipped; a situation that the

            medical profession refuses to address because of “POLITICAL

            CORRECTNESS.” Notice too, the Nigger in the White House

            is a graduate of Affirmative Action.

          • When I was teaching in school, the dumbshits believed that
            inclusion was a brilliant deduction, so they began to include
            students with disabilities and Blacks, into a classroom filled with
            Whites, and then, you can imagine how much time was spent
            disciplining, rather than teaching. Now, education is no longer
            an entity that with what we grew up with. Rather, it is an entity of
            Communistic Indoctrination.

  7. It’s better than 50-50 that Obama will issue Hillary a pardon before he leaves office. She’s got something on him for leverage.

  8. Many astounding things are going to take place over the next year or two, Be patient and praise God for granting us this break from the Evil that has had hold of America for so many years.

  9. O-Homo cannot pardon the Clintons, Because they have not been charged with anything. Once an investigation is started by the Trump presidency and charges filed it will be too late for O-Homo to pardon them. The actions of the FBI not charging the Clintons was a stroke of Genius so that O-Homo could not pardon them, Once the Trump administration charges them with their many crimes, There will be no pardon, Just prison. The Clintons are planning an escape from prosecution.

    • THANKS FOR THE INSIGHT Lloyd, i never thought of that…. But i Did think this…”GET THOSE NIGGERS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!! NOW!!!!”

    • Once the Clinton’s and the worthless Black mutt of a a current POTUS,
      escape to Qatar, it will be that countries obligation to either entertain them
      or remove their heads. I am curious, that once Hillary and Michael/Michelle are
      established in Qatar, how they are going to become accustomed to wearing
      that shit on their heads and adhering to Muslim restrictions for women? They
      will have to escape again to some other worthless country. It will be like the
      Puritans escaping from England to Holland, to the Colonies, and may their
      escape prove their downfall, as earned. I can only imagine how Valerie Jarrett
      is quaking in her boots, comprehending that her comments earlier in this worth-
      less Black turd’s term, that she would take revenge on her enemies, and reward
      her supporters. Now, she, similar to Soros, backed the wrong horse. Our
      Creator works wonders in his views of justice. Trump is our savior, similar to
      Netanyahu becoming the savior of Israel.

  10. Carry all the way through with Billy Goat Clinton,The Bush Cartel, Loretta lynch and Come! 911 perpetrators, Set term limits 8 year max. No more lobbiest! Restructure all the 3 letter agencies.RID of IRS and make it Law all taxation monies stay in the USA not to the fake windsor queen or the pediphillia vatican. Invoke the original constitution including the original 13th amendment! Tax the energy companies for taken the resources which they automatically think is theirs into a fund which reestablishes the Earths environment. Tax all companies who abandoned the US to foreign countries for slave labor tax 33.33- 55.55% Give tax incentives to move back including all manufacturing Equipment. NO MORE WAR! fire the defense contractors and create a new mission statement of building new infrastructure including Free Energy world wide in every country and fresh fluoride and poison free fresh drinking water world wide. Rid of corporations including big pharma,Monsatano and the like No GMO’s world wide,Make America GREAT AGAIN and RESPECTED world wide by Standing in INTEGRITY,LOVE and Empathy!

    • Thanks donaldbreaux, We must be Dam sure O-Homo is not able to prevent Trump taking office, The next 60 days are critical to Americas recovery.

  11. I know he will try. Now his real battle begins, many in BOTH political parties are going to fight him every inch of the way. Wall St. sees their corruption about to be exposed, the RINOs like Paul Ryan and those who fought so hard against him need to be dealt with.
    This truly was an American revolution, a shame our nation was damaged so badly for so long before this took place. It’s going to take years to undo the damage Obama and the Democrats have done. Even rebuilding what’s left of our military cannot be done quickly.

    • Remember that most all of the current govt employees are of the fanatic-left mindset. It will take time to move them out of the way; just inserting new bosses won’t shake much up until the saboteur employees are gone. Give the man time!

        • I understand what you are saying, but be aware that obama has totally corrupted all of our military. I read and hear that our Air Force and Navy are under the command of leftist females (lesbians?… Trannies?… I don’t know). If he goes in and does wholesale firings and dismissals, we could see the WH hit with an “errant” missile from our own or other forces… then it’s all over. He needs time. Meanwhile, enjoy the theater of a new SCOTUS pick, etc. We will have SO much to be happy about IF he stays alive.

  12. Open Letter, To all you Clinton Propaganda News Reporting Phonies, Your promotion, Lying, Vote Fraud and endorsement of Hillary Clinton has Failed. The American people have handed you your Asses With the Election of Trump as president of this faltering country. The American people expect the immediate departure of all you News phonies that stated you would leave the Country if Trump is Elected. Well, Trump has been elected and we expect your immediate Departure, No excuses. On your way out, Take that fat ass Michael Moore with you.

    • Hi Ann, Trump has said he is going to assign a special prosecutor to investigate the Clintons, The Clinton foundation and the contributions to the Clinton Foundation. In October Hillary transferred 1.8 Billion dollars from American Banks to Qatar National Bank. They are preparing for a get away.

      • Hi Lloyd, I am keeping him at his word… JAIL.. no other Option is acceptatble…I LOVE my country and i am SURE Trump LOVES it also…But Nothing less than PRISON for the CORRUPT will do! The negro nigger on down…. along with the WALL!

      • So is the worthless Black turd of a half-baked Mulatto of a POS of a
        token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, whom has also purchased a
        getaway in Qatar. Remember, 6 billion dollars are missing from the time when Hillary Rotten Clinton was Secretary of State, and as far as I am aware, she has never been held accountable, therefore, I believe that they both are in cahoots together and have split these funds. When Trump commences his investigations into the Clinton Foundation, he will discover that this worthless Black turd is negatively involved, along with the former and still, NAZI collaborator, George Soros. I can just imagine embarrassment on the face of George Soros and Hillary Clinton, when they realized that Soros had backed the wrong horse, similarly to his admittance of having backed the wrong horse when he supported this worthless Black turd of a Kenyan mutt, and now, he has backed a similar failure in the likes of HRC. It amazes me how Soros ever became so wealthy, when he continually backs the wrong horse? Anybody out there maintain any suggestions how this was possible?

    • .
      The most important job has been accomplished, thank you God in Heaven!
      This is definitely a DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!! moment. with the headline:

      Now we can think about prosecuting the bastards. So many questions. What is the legal ability of BO to shield all the criminals from prosecution
      & will he do it? Will he pardon the Clintons? Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Podesta, et al? Will he pardon himself? So much work to be done.
      Shredding all BO’s unconst’l ExecOrders, ripping up stupid Iran deal, NAFTA, Pacific trade deal.

      Finally we have a Chief Exec who’ll act like one, putting Russia, China, Iran, & N Korea on notice there’s a new sheriff
      in town, who’s never worn mom jeans while wearing a silly little biker’s helmet riding a girl’s bike with training wheels.

      A President who stands upright, unapologetic, & businesslike while looking right into the eyes of a World Leader when he greets them.

      The era of a ‘Mr Cool,’ metrosexual Obama, bending over in a subordinate manner to every 2-bit despot, is finished.
      Nor must we suffer the foolishness of HC, bursting out in fake laughter at the slightest levity offered up a foreign host.

      We now have a President that won’t resort to stupid, silly, gadgety ‘reset’ buttons, & who Russia’s Putin & Xi Jinping of China will
      consider a formidable adversary on the other side of the table, instead of a clownish amateur to laugh at when they leave the room.

      What a different world from 24hrs ago.

      How does the MSM ever redeem itself? Will anybody but the stupidest among us ever buy into their dishonest narratives again? What about poor Nate Silver?
      The Prognostication Guru has TWO black eyes, getting post season & World Series wrong & now, fumbling away massive cred on the Presidential Election.

      I don’t have the answers to any of these questions, but I do know they’re wonderful problems to have on this November 9, 2016.

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