Hillary’s Real Reaction After Losing? Up All Night Crying Uncontrollably and Blaming Obama and James Comey Like a Sore Loser


Psychopaths never take responsibility for their actions, and that especially includes their failures.

We all saw Hillary eek out of giving a concession speech the night of the election, sending her personal man weasel John Podesta out there to send all of her supporters (or bored people her campaign paid to be there through Craigslist) home once it became clear she wasn’t going to win.

The next day, after making everyone wait for over an hour, she finally came out and delivered the most trite concession speech ever, possibly shedding one whole tear and it was for herself (that’s debated, it might’ve just been an itch), to who? A crowd of supporters? No, the Clinton camp actually turned supporters away and only allowed campaign people and donors to attend her final 2016 election speech.

Anyone who knows how fake this woman’s veneer is realizes she was probably furious at losing. More than furious. Furious probably doesn’t even begin to describe it. So what really happened?

According to the report below, she was up all night, crying so uncontrollably she couldn’t speak intelligently, and blaming James Comey and Obama for her loss (apparently Obama just didn’t do enough).

Even at the end, she is still blaming others for her failure, still doesn’t get that even with all the cheating, manipulation, and fraud, and even with the entire mainstream media propaganda machine jacked up to 11 for her, and even with the president running around stumping for her like a faithful pet sidekick, even with all of that — the majority of America simply did not want her to the point that even the system couldn’t cheat it and force Hillary’s way in.

Listen to this:

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

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