Let’s talk about brainwashing.

Kidnapping victims and prisoners of war are often subjected to harsh mental abuse in order to change their mindset and induce Stockholm Syndrome. When you learn that a differing opinion has harsh consequences, you begin to reform your opinions in order to avoid those consequences. The recovery from this type of abuse is very difficult.

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So what happens when a child has a different opinion and he is subjected to the withdrawal of parental love, as well as the loss of his security?

This person who can hardly be called a mother kicked her young son out of the house because he voted for Donald Trump in a school mock election. Not only that, this beacon of maternal love videotaped the abuse so the whole world could see how she humiliated the child.

Everyone is worried about how Trump supporters will treat minorities, but it looks like the real threat is the people who are adamantly anti-Trump. This video makes me feel sick to my stomach.

This woman doesn’t deserve to have children. She is crushing her child’s ability to form an opinion for himself in the most humiliating and abusive way possible.

This is not okay.

Courtesy of Daisy Luther