WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — The Establishment elite are in panic mode after their rigged elections backfired in their faces when vast seas of patriotic Americans took to the polls in favor of Donald J. Trump, giving America’s new President-elect the electoral votes needed to win.

Last Thursday, during a meeting held at the White House, between Donald Trump and President Barack Obama, you could just see how irked Obama was knowing that he was sitting beside a truly patriotic soul; a man with a raging fire burning inside him; a man with the spirit to facilitate making America great again. Not to mention Trump was the man that brought Obama’s birth certificate issue to the forefront.

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In fact, during the meeting Obama was so threatened by Trump’s presence that his 8-year-long legacy likely flashed before his very eyes as the President of the United States realized that on day number one of Donald Trump’s presidency, a president Trump, at that point, could simply nullify any and all executive orders signed by the then would-be former president Barack Obama during his tenure as POTUS.

What will happen if Trump nullifies all of Obama’s executive orders once POTUS?

transgender bathroom
Ted Eytan/Flickr

Does this mean no more ‘transgender bathrooms?’

Absolutely. Imagine that; a normal world, how it always was for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Naval History & Heritage Command/Flickr
Naval History & Heritage Command/Flickr

Does that mean Americans can keep their guns?

Sure does. America would not be America if we did not have the right to bear arms and work to undo what anti-gunners have done in Washington D.C. over the past two decades and what Obama has done over the past 8-years against the U.S. Constitution.

obamacare rally
Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

Does that mean the repeal of Obamacare or major failed portions of it?

Yes it does.

Does that mean the preservation of our civil rights and liberties per the Constitution?

Sure does.

Does that mean implementing a sensible immigration policy; possibly building a wall?

Yes it does. After all, the Russians are now using advanced killer robots at their border, that can engage and kill humans from over 6 miles away.

Nancy <I'm gonna SNAP!/Flickr
Nancy <I’m gonna SNAP!/Flickr

Does that mean putting an end to dangerous geoengineering programs that our affecting all living things on the planet and our weather?

One can only hope.

But you can see where I am going with this. The Establishment elite simply do not want to lose their power and, in my opinion, will likely do anything to keep it. Remember, they have built a legacy and plan to protect it at all costs.

So in other words; will Donald Trump actually take office against all odds?

Please comment below and share your opinion on this highly important issue.

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