Protest This! Young Trump Supporter Beaten Outside Boston Bar

Pamela Geller | The Geller Report


Just received photos of a young man in Boston who was brutally beaten after some liberals overheard his conversation at a bar. He was talking to two girl friends about the election and a couple of eavesdropping Democrats overheard him and started butting in. The conversation got heated and the liberals got kicked out of the bar. They waited outside the bar for the Trump supporter to leave and then began “chirping him.” The Trump supporter walked across the street with a girl and one of the liberals came running from behind and sucker punched him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. Then 5 other kids ran over and started beating on him while he was on the ground. Finally, the kids’ friends were able to break it up but not before the liberals got a few hits in. So much for “tolerance,” “acceptance,” and “love.” The pictures speak for themselves:


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