Hillary Campaign Official Blames White Women’s ‘Internalized Misogyny’ for Loss


Hillary Clinton’s director of communications outreach, Jess McIntosh, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday white women’s “internalized misogyny” is to blame for their loss.

From The American Mirror:

When she was asked by Chris Hayes why Hillary didn’t do better with white women than Barack Obama did in 2012, McIntosh responded, “Internalized misogyny is a real thing and this is a thing we have to be talking about as we go through and see.”

McIntosh then echoed what she claimed was Obama’s assessment.

“We as a society react poorly to women seeking positions of power. We are uncomfortable about that and we seek to justify that uncomfortable feeling because it can’t possibly be because we don’t want to see a woman in that position of power,” McIntosh said.

“As we go through these numbers, as we figure out exactly what happened with turnout, it seems to be white college-educated women,” she continued.

“We have work to do talking to those women about what happened this year and why we would vote against our self-interest,” McIntosh said.

Don’t you white women realize it’s in your self-interest to be at war with white men and vote based off who will give you free birth control?

It’s rather remarkable the lying media thinks attacking white women and blaming them for Hillary’s loss is actually going to advance their agenda.

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Rather than shame white women into voting Democrat, this is just going to drive them further right into our protective arms.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  1. How many well educated white women are sitting in low paying jobs because of downsizing or have dropped out of the work force altogether. For the last 20 years America’s big corporations have been finding creative ways to screw the worker by sending jobs out of the country or creating 30 hour a week jobs that don’t allow for benefits, tenure or moving up the ladder. How many well educated women have found they can’t work in their selected professions at all? These are the angry women that turned their backs on Hillary who lied, cheated and used pay for play to get to the White House. She never held a job she was qualified for. She was the antithesis of what we need in a president. That’s why she lost.

  2. For years, White women permitted their emotions to render how they voted in a Federal Election, including the worthless dictatorship of this Black turd of a POS of a toke Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS. After experiencing the corrupt and purpose downfall under this Black turd’s tyranny, after not learning their lesson in this Black turd’s first 2 terms, our American women, Blacks and Hispanics have finally seen the light that an American President cannot be elected based upon emotions. Hillary Rotten Clinton lost because she is a despicable turd, and the fact that she attached herself to the coat-tails of this worthless Black half-baked Mulatto of a Kenyan of a Muslim POTUS. This witch from Hades, believed that because she is married to a former American President, that she would be protected by the worthless MSM. Hillary Rotten Clinton lost, because she cannot be trusted, as her scandal in her e-mail controversy has proven. Hillary Rotten Clinton lost, because she maintains a Resume of continuous failure, dating to when she was fired from her position in Watergate, and a number of other scandals, to include the Benghazi Affair, where she and this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS refused to rescue our 4 Americans, and therefore permitted them to perish, primiarily because these turds, were instrumental in illegal gun-running to Syrian rebels and the plot to kidnap our Ameri-
    can Ambassador to Libya and then, trade him for the blind-sheik being held in an
    American prison. In other words, both of these turds, viewed our 4 Americans as
    expendable so that they could carry on with their illegal maneuvers and to eliminate
    the possibility that the American people would not be exposed to their transactions
    which would adversely affect this Black turd’s election in 2012. Although there has
    been at least 9 investigations in the Benghazi Affair, the jury is still out, as far as a
    guilty verdict is concerned. Perhaps when POTUS Trump is finally elected, he will
    investigate this worthless blight on American History, further.

    In addition, is there anyone out there whom is privy to the law or regulation that
    stipulates that 538 Electors will decide the fate of retaining Donald Trump as our
    elected POTUS, or cede it to Hillary Rotten Clinton, or if the House of Representives
    becomes involved in determining whom will finally become POTUS? Here is my
    e-mail address:

    [email protected]

  3. Hey, Jess. How about you factor in the relentless insults of Trump’s base, Bernie’s base and her own everyday people by Queen Hildy, as well as her above the Law criminal attitude.

    Jess, how about you look at Hlllary, and her flight on Pedo Epsteins Lolita express and six trips to Orgy Island.

    Maybe white educated women are not partisan feminist plantation slaves.

    Maybe having a vagina is something Hillary has in common with Great White Sharks, Whales, chickens, and weasels, and therefore not a justification for her personally breaking that nonexistent glass ceiling.

  4. Feminism is just a Cultural Marxist organisation whose sole purpose is to divide the sexes, destroy families, kill our future population. They always make out these strong independent empowered smart women to be in a state of perpetual victimhood. Nothing else has been such a destructive force to make all females feel they are second class citizens and oppressed, while they enjoy the highest standard of living in the world.

  5. This degreed, white lady has no use of the Clinton’s. Enough of them and their lawlessness. Neither Hillary nor Bernie were good candidates, the best they offered was Jim Webb and he was ignored. The total Democrat party is too far away from realism, the wants and needs of the people, not a new cell phone plan but education, jobs and safety. They do not have a clue! It is not what is between the legs that matters!

  6. hahahaha…internalized misogynist…..hahahaha. Nothing about how Hillary was a corrupt pedophile-loving witch and if I voted for her I would lose my soul.

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  7. I have a college degree and I am a white woman. I voted Trump and my black women friends did also. Why can’t they accept the fact that people are sick of the Clintons and no one wants Hillary in the WH. She is a criminal whose only purpose is to stroke her ego and get richer off of her dirty deals.

  8. Trump will put the finishing touches on Progressives very soon. Undo what was done by the phone and pen, go after Safe Cities, build a wall, lower taxes, undo Obamacare and undo probably thousands of regulations choking business. We need to stay villigent and laughs at Progressives and their ideas openly at every chance. Trump will manage the press so that we get a fair break.

  9. I am a white woman who proudly voted Trump. It was all about TRUST, not gender. I believe Trump will do what he says he will as opposed to compulsive liar Hillary. I have a university degree and am a senior level IT manager in a Fortune 100 company.

  10. American women are wising up to the Democratic propaganda and the murder of their babies promoted by Hillary and the other Satinest.

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