SPLC Celebrates Twitter’s Free Speech Purge After ‘Alt-Right’ Accounts Banned

“Good riddance”


The Southern Poverty Law Center is celebrating Twitter’s new free speech purge after numerous accounts belonging to members of the ‘Alt-Right’ were banned.

After Trump’s election victory, Twitter initiated an “unprecedented” mass culling of ‘Alt-Right’ accounts, with even verified users being swiftly removed for holding unauthorized opinions.

The mass bans arrived in tandem with a new Twitter policy that prevents “hate against a race, religion, gender, or orientation”. In the world of permanently offended social justice warriors, “hate” is having a different opinion to them, while “harassment” is replying to their idiocy on Twitter.

The SPLC, which is currently embroiled in an effort to force Trump to ditch Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon as his White House strategist, celebrated the news, tweeting “good riddance” in response to a user who tweeted, “Alt-right Twitter says Twitter has mounted a coordinated effort to wipe it out.”

The SPLC responded to another Twitter user who complained about Twitter censoring ‘Alt-Right’ accounts by tweeting “tick tock”.


The SPLC’s claim of being an impartial operation that merely exists to monitor and counter “hate speech” has been debunked time and time again.

Last month, Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformist who opposes Islamic extremism and Islamophobia, was labeled an “anti-Muslim extremist” by the SPLC, a designation that Nawaz says put a “jihadi target” on his head.

“The non-Muslim led Southern Poverty Law Center placing a jihadi target on my head by listing me (a reforming liberal Muslim) as an ‘anti-Muslim extremist’ on their hit list published today,” wrote Nawaz.

The list of “anti-Muslim extremists” also included Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim feminist who escaped a forced marriage and whose colleague was assassinated on the streets of Amsterdam by an Islamic terrorist.

While the SPLC claims to be stopping “hate,” its own supporters are incredibly hateful. Back in 2009, we revealed how an SPLC supporter called for Alex Jones to be executed for his political beliefs.

For a discussion on the SPLC’s racist roots, watch the video below.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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  1. SPLC itself should be on the terrorist watchlist. They are flaming communists and have shown it over and over.

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  2. Time to FLUSH splc for polluting the internet and the airwaves!!

  3. The Southern Poverty Law Center has used fraud and deceit to con millions of dollars out of poor Ignorant mainly southern Blacks for at least 25 years, These people are Liars and con men of the worse kind.

    • There are a Zionist elite group that hates Christianity and its leader Morris Dees has and is involved in many questionable practices, especially fund-raising.
      They are the ultimate Hate Group !!

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