As The Daily Sheeple previously reported, Former Editor in Chief of NY Magazine Ed Klein came out after the election with a report that the reason Hillary sent her man troll John Podesta out to give a short speech delaying her concession speech and sending all her supporters home is because insiders say she was up all night crying uncontrollably and blaming President Obama and James Comey for her loss.

Now, more reports are trickling out that it was actually a lot worse than that.

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Apparently according to a CNN reporter and a secret service agent who have leaked some info, Hillary was allegedly drunk, described as “Hitler in the bunker” and at one point became violent and flew into a psychotic rage against both John Podesta and Robby Mook.

According to the story, put out by radio personality Todd Kincannon from The Kincannon Show who has a CNN source who he claims has been censored, Hillary’s attacks apparently got so bad that she had to be restrained and her doctor had to give her sedatives.

The first three Tweets here from Kincannon have since been removed, but were archived:


While this has not been verified outside of Kincannon’s show, we all know CNN would never in a million years print any “Hillary in the bunker” stories anyway. The network is owned by Time Warner who has been one of Hillary’s largest financial contributors throughout her political career:


CNN has also spent the majority of the election reporting in a manner so overly biased for Hillary, it earned the nickname, “Clinton News Network.”

Another source Tweeting to Kincannon said a secret service source told him that by the time she told Podesta to address her followers, she was “drunk as a skunk” and “allegedly said ‘fuck them – you do it’”.

According to Gary Franchi of Next News Network, other reports say her campaign staff had been popping champagne much earlier on in the day, celebrating what many of them thought was a foregone conclusion.

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