Recalled ‘Madam President’ Newsweek Magazine Leaked Online


Someone leaked a full copy of Newsweek’s recalled “Madam President” magazine — it’s hilarious.

Newsweek licensee Topix Media, who created the magazine, said 125,000 copies with Hillary Clinton on the cover were printed and shipped, though only 17 were actually sold.

Here’s some shots from inside:

What a perfect example of “fake news.”

Every lying media narrative wrapped in a bow before the outcome had even been determined.

Check out the full magazine on imgur courtesy of moochie228 on r/The_Donald.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  1. Hilarious !!! … I wish I could have found one of those 17 copies because they will be worth a fortune on the collectors market.

    Fake news seems to be a strong specialty of liberal rags like the Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, and of course nutty Newsweek.

  2. it really isn’t that odd that a print magazine does something like this, especially when they were one of the ones trying to push the narrative that President-elect Trump couldn’t even get the nomination.
    I do have to laugh though at the money squandered. Hope the printing & shipping companies cash the checks quickly….
    Where’s Trumps magazine layout?

  3. I can summarize this election in one concise statement: The better man won.

    (And this is proof that Divine Providence continues to watch over and favor our Republic.)

  4. This is such an hoot. Her only recent ‘accomplishment’ is stinking up a bathroom in Chappaqua. One dangerous woman put out to pasture!

  5. If it means anything to anybody… before each Super Bowl, they print winning T-shirts and hats for both teams… the losing team’s stuff ends up in some 3rd world country, as a donation to the poor…
    That said, anybody with a copy of the Chicago Tribune from 1948 is rich… (Dewey Defeats Truman)

  6. Jeez man. This is so disturbing to see how much the left had it all in for Hillary to win. I’m glad and grateful that the rest of America had enough common sense to see just how evil this Clinton regime had become. Thank you America!

  7. The most comforting thing about her losing is her political career is done, no more crime bosses running or being in office.

  8. The most comforting thing about her loss is her political career id done, no more crime bosses running or being president.


  10. Newsweek Sold for $1 to Husband of Dem Congresswoman

    Posted on August 3, 2010
    Ebay prices for Nov 5 Clinton election win have tanked

  11. Permitting Hillary Rotten Clinton to be Hillary Rotten Clinton, was the second mistake
    of the American people. Permitting this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS to
    spread his Communist/Muslim poison in the United States and the entire planet is the
    first mistake of the American people. Hopefully, the American people have finally
    learned their lesson with the election of Donald Trump, an American patriot. Hillary
    Rotten Clinton and this miserable Black turd of a Communist/Muslim POTUS, are not
    American patriots, as they have pledged their fealty to another source, themselves.
    A few years ago, Ronald Reagan warned Russian President, Gorbachev, to tear down
    the Berlin Wall, and his words of wisdom did not take long to take effect. Today, under
    the wisdom of Donald Trump, he will construct a wall on our Southern borders to
    retain the riff-raff from over-running our country with their criminals and Muslim Jihadists.

  12. Complete Psyop: You fell for the bait — Newsweek Magazine Story of Hillary as “Madam President” has serious flaw. Barcode appears to belong to another issue with “VAPE NATION” on the cover. Modern publishing techniques use electronic editing to prepare articles until deadline for publication. It’s a hoax or CIA op to believe Newsweek would print boxes of advanced copies where the photos and quotes are weeks old abd obviously stale.

  13. LOL the ‘Debating Donald’ photo shows a perfect shot of the little electronic screen on her podium! Libtards gonna tard….

  14. Bwahahahahahaha…… The wicked witch is dead. Ding Dong Bell….. Pussy in the Well. Donald Trump just grabbed that pussy.

  15. These pictures were obviously posed for before the election was even over. She was so confident that voter fraud would get her over the top but We the People and the big guy up there took care of that.

    • Even rigging the voting machines and Obama telling illegal aliens to voted was not enough to put Killary in the WH.

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