CNN has once again shown themselves to be a fake news site.

Someone alert that feminist cat lady.

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From The Daily Caller:

CNN made a false claim Monday afternoon and various journalists ran wild with it.

It all started with a segment on CNN’s The Lead which quoted prominent white nationalist figure Richard Spencer as wondering if Jews were actually people. CNN host Jim Sciutto said, “of Jews Spencer said, ‘one wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem.’”

“That is an alt right leader Richard Spencer talking about Jews,” Sciutto added. CNN then had a panel with RealClearPolitics’ Rebecca Berg and The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser with the chyron “ALT-RIGHT FOUNDER QUESTIONS IF JEWS ARE PEOPLE.”

Except, Spencer did not make those remarks about Jews and was instead talking about political consultants on television.

Watch the clip for yourself, it’s about 40 seconds in:

Despite CNN’s Brian Stelter whining about fake news all week, he himself retweeted this BS story.

Alanna Vagianos of The Huffington Post:

Rosie Gray of Buzzfeed:

Adam Serwer of the Atlantic:

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times:

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The whole freak out over “fake news” is nothing more than an excuse for these fake news propagandists to censor their competition.

Courtesy of Information Liberation