According to Southern Poverty Law Center editor Ryan Lenz, “drain the swamp” is a racist slogan.

While speaking with CNN’s John Berman Tuesday, Lenz said: “Drain the swamp was a meme, a twitter hashtag that grew, exploded really, after Donald Trump came forward with allegations that it was a rigged election, and it was spread specifically, or among the people that were spreading the ‘drain the swamp’ hashtag were avowed racists—white supremacists who exist on Twitter to harass and demean various ethnic groups.”

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“So we have a little bit of a two-sided message here,” he said. “Yeah he’s saying stop it. But he’s also giving a ‘wink, wink, nod, nod’ to the very people he’s asking to step away from their violence.”

Berman responded by pointing out the term could also mean what everyone thinks it means: “We should know different phrases can mean different things to different people. I mean there are plenty of people who are in favor of draining the swamp, not having lobbyists involved and taking some of the money and donations out of politics, that I’m sure have no notion at all that is in any way connected or supported by groups like this. But I do appreciate the point there.”

Indeed, thank you so much Mr. Lenz for showing us how “drain the swamp” is actually a white supremacist rallying cry. Someone had better tell Nancy Pelosi and Ben Carson.

Courtesy of Information Liberation