After running with what appears to have been a fake news story about CNN airing trans-porn for “30 minutes straight” Thursday, the lying media is trying to use the story to highlight the threat of “fake news,” when all it actually shows is they have zero standards.

From USA Today:

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No, despite what you read, CNN did not run porn for 30 minutes last night, as was reported by Fox News, the New York Post,Variety and other news organizations, several of which later corrected their stories.

User @solikearose tweeted that Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown,” travel show had been replaced, instead, by 30 minutes of porn, via the RCN Boston cable network. That tweet, bolstered by a statement from CNN that seemed to confirm the mishap, was the basis of stories from the U.K Independent and other outlets.

“Despite media reports to the contrary, RCN assures us that there was no interruption of CNN’s programming in the Boston area last night,” said CNN in a statement.

RCN chimed in with a similar statement, “We have not had any reports of the programming issue you mentioned,” it said in a tweet to @solikarose.

Many of the news outlets have updated their original report with corrections or near total rewrites.

The Next Web still has the original headline about the 30 minutes of porn with an addendum (“probably not.”) The Independent switched the headline to “CNN denies airing 30 minutes of hardcore porn.” The Blaze suggests the same, but adds “or did the media fall for a hoax?”

The original NY Post story is still up: “CNN viewers feasted their eyes on more parts than they bargained for Thanksgiving night when they tuned in for “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.” Boston viewers hungry for the popular culinary travelogue instead got a hefty serving of hardcore porn for 30 minutes because of a mistake by cable provider RCN, which provides CNN’s broadcasting down the East Coast.”

CNN initially seemed to confirm the mistake, telling Variety that the “RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on CNN last night.”

Little is known about @solikearose, but the account is now private. “Sorry guys, weirdos sending me hate mail & dick pics in the wake of #bourdainporn,” she says on her Twitter page. “Good luck out there.”

But as The Verge points out, “this is exactly how fake news spreads.” A click-bait worthy tweet sounds like catnip to reporters, who take the info as fact, and run with it.

Indeed, liberal journalists who are supposed to have standards and “unbiased” editors regularly run with such fake stories. As I covered earlier, a journalist with the New York Times helped Castro rise to power by running a fake news story claiming Castro had a huge army which could easily overthrow the government. The NY Times also ran with a fake news story that Iraq had WMDs, which led to endless wars in the Middle East, over a million deaths, the rise of ISIS and the refugee crisis.

While there are plenty of fake news sites like WhatDoesItMean by “Sorcha Faal,” it’s clear from the list of fake news sites the lying media is running with they simply want to shut down their very real competition.

Courtesy of Information Liberation