Is This the Real Reason for Andrew Breitbart’s Untimely Death? #PIZZAGATE

If you didn’t realize that “ping pong” might have a double meaning, you might think the exchange in the video below of now deceased Andrew Breitbart and a Fox News host about his “blackmailing” of Anthony Weiner is just a little strange.

Instead, now that the Wikileaks Pizzagate revelations are out, it’s chilling to say the least.

Our first impression in watching the clip at the bottom of this post of an exchange between Breitbart and Fox anchor Greg Gutfield is that they must’ve discussed something beforehand backstage. The whole thing seems oddly scripted and yet otherwise out of place.

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who had this thought which was mirrored comments on the YouTube video.


Considering as Kamarampi of Era of Wisdom points out below that one of Breitbart’s last set of Tweets the year before he died had to do with accusations that John Podesta was involved in sex slave operations —


— and in 2010 Breitbart went on the record saying “F*ck. You. John. Podesta.” and asking “What’s in your closet, John Podesta?”

— watching the clip below makes one wonder if digging after #Pizzagate-related stuff isn’t what actually got Breitbart killed.

That is, unless you believe the official story that he just died of a simple, natural heart attack.

We are left wondering… what exactly did Breitbart know? What was he really set to reveal??

Via Cassius Kamarampi from Era of Wisdom:

Andrew Breitbart was exposing sex crimes in government in 2011, the lewd acts of Anthony Weiner, a politician who we now know was doing much worse things than accused of before.

He died of mysterious heart problems in 2012, shortly after tweeting that John Podesta was involved in sex slave operations: very, very heavy accusations. Further, on FOX news while he was exposing Anthony Weiner, a news anchor asked him a very strange question with “ping pong” as an apparent code word, using the word ping pong in place of “hardball” or something along those lines.

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He must have known about Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, or perhaps ping pong is a known code word for pedophilia.

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  1. Breitbart had stated that he had multiple videos that would bring down onama. He was murdered and released one video of obama hugging a lib harvard prof. I think that contributed as well.

  2. I was concerned about Andrew sometime before his death when he went public he was going a release a video or information about obama’s activities at Harvard. I wish I would of saved the article-but after his death, I think it was a patron or the bartender where Andrew went that night said Andrew was talking to someone that they mentioned was a Russian, I just can’t remember the details but I do think the Russian’s name was brought out and his occupation. I get so mad at myself.

    What happened to that Harvard info Ben Shapiro was supposed to expose it but never happened. And wonder why he would make a video of saying he was going to release it seems a bit suicidal?

    (Just sayin) Whatever we think of President Nixon, he made a strange statement after his impeachment about uncovering an escort service out of Congress).

  3. The LA Coroner on Breitbart’s case also was murdered with cyanide. Of course, Andrew Breitbart was murdered. Was this the reason? Sure sounds like it….Andrew said the links to something went all the way up to Obama.

    • It is being reported that Weiner’s Computer will implicate O-Homo in the Pizzagate ring along with the Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundations as an international money laundering ring.

      • Not just money-laundering, also child-trafficking. From info I’ve gathered, the Clinton Foundation is working with a woman who has an orphanage, or something similar, in Haiti and is supplying children to the Clinton/Podesta child sex-slave ring. There are many reasons the Haitians hate the Clintons and their foundation.

        • These kids have to be coming from more places then Haiti.
          Andrew should have released this crap fast, these are vile acts.

          • For sure, there are thousands of children going missing every year right here in America, it’s an epidemic no one mentions! Plus, the pedophile ring is worldwide, they’ve been outing it in Europe for quite a while now. The filth is so deep you could drown from it, the more I learn, the worse and more pervasive I find it is. Truly soul-sickening. Could the world get more evil than it is? God save the children and God save us.

          • This connects to the Franklin Scandal which moved to DC but never shut down. I do wish Andrew had been able to expose it as well, I would not have lost my son.

          • Read the linked story I attached. That is me. This really does happen, and if it could happen to me it could happen to anyone.

          • They did an expose` on Boys’ Town years ago concerning child-trafficking of boys from there! I thought it was a rare thing. Wrong, wrong, WRONG!

          • My son will be 8 next week. I don’t know if he is alive, in a different country, or in a mental institution. More than I can bear, but God gives me hope and strength. It could have been prevented for me because that is my area and that story is me.

          • Dear Lord in Heaven! I am SO sorry!! How long has he been missing? I’d be insane! God be with your son and God be with you. You’re in my prayers.

          • I haven’t seen my son six months. Last I heard he was put in a mental institution for at least a week. He was placed there and drugged because he wanted to be home with me. I can only pray and wait for the dominos to fall, which they are starting to. There’s lots of moms like me, some even less lucky, though I would rather know than not know if my son is still alive.

      • I hope so. The dominos are finally starting to fall, and hopefully through the trickle down effect of this Titanic, some families will finally see some relief and justice. This involves so much more, as agencies disguised to “help children and families” such as CPS and DFS are the ones ultimately trafficking children out so that these monsters can do this. I pray and ask God for help for the children caught up in this and will be lighting a candle this Sunday as it is more than I can bear, but I finally have hope.

    • A photo tech at the coroner’s office, too, and the video Breitbart said he had of Bill Ayers and Obama plottng a US revolution was replaced.
      I think Clinton’s role in the DOJ’s pedophilia and satanic sacrifice coverup is still under the radar. DOJ Human Trafficing Prosecution Unit attorney Andrew Kline,
      owner of Besta Pizza, three doors down from Comet Ping-Pong, and Uptown Pizza, is now a senior adviser in the executive office of the president. Besta Pizza changed its logo a few days ago, omitting the pedophilia symbol.
      Across the street, an Terasol Bistro and Artisan Gallery has a photo of Clinton on its website, along with a pedophile symbol.

      I saw a article about a supposed satanic pizza place that looked more like a Halloween joke a few days ago. I wonder if it was fake news planted as a distraction from Kline and a means of discrediting truth news on this subject.


  4. re your “Right-wing” misunderstanding: You’re conflating NeoCon with Right-wing. I’m very Right-wing (Conservative), but I’m very NOT NeoCon (pro-war-Progressive RINO). My “Right-wing” belief is: Don’t go looking for war, but maintain a strong defense and fight ONLY if we’re attacked. NO “nation building”, let other countries decide what type of government they want.

    The NeoCons, after just passing a bill during the dead of night to enforce a No-Fly Zone over Syria (a direct threat to Russia), are probably thrilled that Turkey, a NATO member, has declared war on Syria, threatening to drag us into what can only become a war with Russia, I say: NO TO THAT! Let Turkey fight alone and be smashed by Russia! Assad is protecting the Syrian Christians, who make up a large part of Syria’s military. the true Syrian people are on Assad’s side. The “Syrian Freedom Fighters” are composed of non-Syrians (Iraqis who are disenfranchised members of Saddam’s old elite forces, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Qataris, Saudis).

    Syria has been invaded by foreign forces and Assad and the Syrian people are fighting desperately to repel those forces. So far, US NeoCons are forcing a false narrative concerning Assad to goad the American people into doing Saudi-Qatari bidding by taking down Assad so they can run a natural gas pipeline through Syria to Europe. Why is Russia involved? Only Assad (who hates the Saudis) is protecting Russia’s interests. Russia is now the sole source of natural gas to Europe, and Putin plans to keep it that way.

    Further, the reason Obama and NATO are building forces on Russia’s Ukrainian border is to block Russia’s natural gas pipelines to Europe. So see? NeoCons don’t HAVE a real party, since Obama and Hillary are also NeoCons. NeoCons are driven by the Military-Industrial Complex at the bidding of their Corporatist NWO partners. “It’s just business,” is the operative phrase. Right. Nasty, greedy, inhuman business that has NO resemblance to true Capitalism. In the most naked view of it, NeoCon Corporatism is exactly what Mussolini dubbed it: Fascism.

    • Whoa….something to mull over here. Never heard of NeoCon, but NWO elites socialism, fascism, etc. who are depopulating the planet and have their own underground city, seeds from around the world and are satanists.

      • What underground city? I know they have bug-out warrens all over the world, especially deep in the Rocky Mountains, but I’m not sure I’ve heard about an entire underground city.

        The more I learn, the sicker I get. The people who are ruling the world are desperately wicked, evil in the truest sense. By the way, NeoCon is short for “Neo” (new) “Conservative”, and is usually applied to those who were once Democrats who have said they’ve moved over to the Conservative side. That’s a lie, they’re Progressive war-mongers in Conservative clothing who are driven by greed, a lust for power and a callous disregard and complete disdain for the rest of the human race.

        • Appreciate the definition of NeoCon. The underground cities was one of the DC Clothesline articles. I’ll see if I can find that, been awhile back, but stuck in my head. The elites are truly prepared for anarchy by the peons, blacks/Muslims, who they have divided into enemies like BLM. However, I do believe most of our problems is Obama bringing in the “refugees” which most are jihadis to begin with. Never saw so many young fighting age men allowed into America without any type of vetting. Elites also have stocked up on every kind of seed in the world for their future food, etc.

          • The ones behind all the rising anarchy may be dubbed “New World Order” but they’re employing very old, tried and true concepts perfected by the Romans: Divide and Conquer. If your enemy target is busy fighting with his brothers, they won’t have time or resources to fight you and, since they’re so busy warring with the manufactured non-enemies you’ve carefully cultivated, they probably won’t even see you coming or recognize you as their real enemy, should they see you. Best case scenario for NWO: Our manufactured enemies have been so widely accepted as true enemies that, when the true enemies of us all enter the scene, they, the NWO elites, are hailed as saviors, not the ultimate enemy conquerors they actually are.

            The seed vaults are to preserve uncontaminated natural seeds cultivated before the introduction of GMOs. Most people, other than farmers, don’t know that GMO food crops contaminate non-GMO food crops through airborne cross-pollination. On top of that, GMO food crops are modified in such a way that they don’t produce viable seeds (the altered seeds won’t grow when planted), so they’re not self-replenishing. Farmers must buy expensive new seeds every year from Monsanto (who has them patented) for classic seed-bearing crops such as wheat, oats and corn. This results is an eventual elimination/extinction of non-GMO food crops, forcing all of us to eat GMO foods, even should we make a concerted effort to eat only food plants that are “naturally grown”. Bill Gates, a big investor in GMO foods “for the masses”, won’t allow any GMO foods in his company cafeterias. That should give one pause when considered.

            The NWO isn’t just coming for our kids, they’re coming for all of us, and have been for quite a while now. Their machinations are society-wide pernicious attacks on our entire global human population through food, water, air, vaccines and educational and media-driven indoctrination. They are in the process of stripping us of our last assets, both monetary and real, in preparation for eliminating us “useless eaters” from the face of what they consider to be THEIR planet.

            Either God steps in, or they win. It’s gone that far.

  5. Will never believe he died of a heart attack nor did Scalia . When Andrew was at the Conservative convention a few day before his death he said that he had some information that he was going to reveal in a few days. We all thought it had to do with Obama’s birth certificate. These people have to learn to keep an extra set of documentation in a safe place to be released upon their death.

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