Mutiny to prevent Trump reaching 270 electoral votes?

A top Democratic operative has confirmed that there is a plan amongst some members of the electoral college to defy the people in their states and not vote for Donald Trump on December 19th.

According to TV host David Pakman, who yesterday broke news of a plot by 15 electors to not vote for Trump and lobby others to do the same in an effort to prevent him from getting the 270 electoral votes he needs to become president, the claim has been corroborated by a second source.

Described as a “longtime successful Democratic operative,” the source told Pakman that based on “direct contact” with electors, there is an organized group “that is indeed planning to not vote for Donald Trump” but have not decided to make their decision public at this stage.

Pakman also talked with two other sources who confirmed that some electors in states Trump won, outside of the coalition mentioned previously, are also planning to refuse to vote for Trump.

Pakman speculates that the two groups of electors planning to not vote for Trump could be separate, meaning the total number could be higher than 15.

37 electors would need to not cast their vote for Trump in order to strip the president elect of his electoral vote requirement to take the presidency. The fallout from such a move would be unprecedented and would likely spark a constitutional crisis, not to mention mass protests or even civil unrest.

If no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, the decision goes to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

In an article for The Hill on Thursday, Washington state elector Levi Guerra wrote about how she was “encouraging Electors from both red and blue states” to vote for an alternative candidate to Donald Trump, confirming the fact that such an effort is underway amongst some electors.

As we discussed in a previous video, although such an effort to roadblock Trump’s confirmation as president represents a long shot, it would feed into the narrative that his administration is illegitimate, a narrative bolstered by constant reminders that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

It would also hinder Trump’s efforts to implement significant policy changes within his first 100 days in office.

However, election experts like Bill Mitchell have poured cold water on the story, arguing that it has echoes of previous speculation that the RNC itself was planning to pull a similar move to sabotage Trump at the Republican convention, something that never happened.



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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison