What is it with Marxists and Hell?

Saul Alinsky, Obama’s mentor in community organizing agitprop, so admired Lucifer, who became Satan, that he dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.

Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer

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Alinsky so admired Lucifer/Satan, he wanted to join the demon in Hell. (See “Obama’s Mentor, Saul Alinsky, was a Luciferian”)

In a 1972 Playboy magazine interview, Alinsky professed agnosticism about the existence of God, but said that “whenever anyone asks me my religion, I always say—and always will say— Jewish.” The Playboy interviewer then asked Alinsky if he believed in “any kind of afterlife,” to which Alinsky said:

” . . . if there is an afterlife . . . I will unreservedly choose to go to hell . . . . Hell would be heaven for me. All my life I’ve been with the have-nots. Over here, if you’re a have-not, you’re short of dough. If you’re a have-not in hell, you’re short of virtue. Once I get into hell, I’ll start organizing the have-nots over there. They’re my kind of people.

Clearly, Alinsky knew Hell is, well, hellish, full of bad wicked people who are “short of virtue” — wicked being the antonym or opposite of virtuous. Despite that, he chose Hell because bad wicked people were his “kind of people”.


Another Marxist also prefers Hell — Fidel Castro, Cuba’s longtime dictator who finally died on November 25, 2016 at the ripe old age of 90.

In an interview with Paris Match‘s Jean-Luc Mano in Havana on October 27, 1994, Castro said he was going to Hell. From an FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Service) translation of the interview published on lanic:

It is two in the morning. A final word of farewell. [Fidel Castro said] “You know, I’ll go to hell, and I know the heat will be unbearable, but it will be less painful than having expected so much from heaven, which never kept its promises… And also, when I arrive, I will meet Marx, Engels, Lenin… And I will meet you too, as capitalists also go to hell, you know. Especially when they like to enjoy life!”

Like Alinsky, Castro too recognized that Hell would be hellish — “I know the heat will be unbearable”. And yet, like Alinsky, Castro preferred Hell to Heaven. To top it off, Castro blamed Heaven for his going to Hell because “heaven . . . never kept its promises” (whatever that means).

The Paris Match interview also revealed the ridiculous mental contortions Castro took in refusing to be criticized and to be found wanting in any way. Interviewer Mano asked Castro about the Cuban government’s economic failures. Castro answered:

“Cuba cannot be judged in this way. The Revolution includes some tremendous achievements.”

Mano then pushed further and asked about political prisoners. Castro airily replied:

“There are none in Cuba. It is a matter of philosophy. A counterrevolutionary in prison is not a political prisoner.”

In other words, there are no political prisoners in Cuba because of a linguistic trick — Fidel Castro simply refused to call people imprisoned for their political dissent “political prisoners”. What a neat trick! Henceforth, we should tell the world there’s no crime in America because we don’t call crimes “crimes”!

Back to Saul Alinsky, Fidel Castro, and Hell . . . .

Are you as nonplussed as I am that Alinsky and Castro actually preferred Hell, well knowing it would be hellish?

The late Fr. Malachi Martin, in his 1976 book on exorcism, Hostage To The Devil, noted that we instinctively react to evil and evil people with revulsion, and that our repugnance serves a protective function because, feeling repelled by evil people, we naturally seek to avoid them.

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By the same reasoning, the opposite must also be true — evil people must also find goodness and good people repugnant.

And so, a simple explanation for why Alinsky and Castro preferred Hell to Heaven is that they are thoroughly evil and prefer to be with Satan and other evil people in Hell. Finding goodness repellent, Alinsky and Castro do not want to be with God, the angels and saints in Heaven. For them, Heaven would be hell.

H/t John Horvat II

See also “Pope Francis ‘grieves’ over death of Fidel Castro who persecuted Catholics & lived in luxury while Cubans starved“.

By the way, the story that Trump talked Obama out of attending Castro’s funeral is a hoax. Shame on sites like The Last Line of Defense (TLLoD) for reporting it as truth. The embedded link to TLLoD‘s supposed AP source doesn’t work. I searched the AP and found AP made no such report. Conveniently, TLLoD has closed that post to comments, so I can’t even write this as a comment there.

It’s sites like The Last Line of Defense that lends fuel to MSM’s — especially the despicable Washington Post — malicious characterization of Alternative Media as “fake news”.


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds