Immigration Group Shielding Known Gang Members And Blocking Trump From “Deportation Database”

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It seems that politics is blocking common sense, and the enforcement of immigration law yet again.

With President-elect Trump’s promise to deport criminal illegal immigrants with records involving gang activity and violence, many pro-immigrant groups are concerned that he will cast too wide of a net. So, they are attempting to block Trump from being able to gain access to the CalGang database, California’s extensive records on known gang members, many of whom are undocumented immigrants.

It seems that this group would prefer these criminals to run rampant, rather than allow Trump to curb immigration and attempt to address the blowback from unlimited migration, and in influx of crime that has followed sketchy border policy over the past several decades.

via Breitbart:

Immigration advocacy groups are asking California Attorney General Kamala Harris to “block federal access” to the database containing names of gang members in the state.

The goal is to block access before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, thereby preventing his administration from seeing the names of individuals who could find themselves on a the deportation short list

VOC put it this way: “In some cases law enforcement agencies put individuals in the database without adequate evidence, failed to purge CalGang records that had not been updated within five years, and poorly implemented a state law requiring that juveniles and their parents are notified before the minor is placed in the database.”

Advocacy groups fear that Trump would sift through the names on the database in a search for immigrants who have amassed a criminal record in the US, only “to deport…[illegal] immigrants who’ve been erroneously labeled as gang members.”

In a post-election 60 Minutes appearance, Trump “vowed to immediately deport as many as three million undocumented immigrants, specifically those with criminal records such as gang members and drug dealers.”

Basically, if successful, the group would have the state to aid and abet the influx of illegal immigration, while blocking due process to remove known criminal elements from the country at the federal level and enforce the law. It is bizarre and telling of the mindset that they hold.

Trump’s appointment of Sen. Jeff Sessions has been interpreted as  a signal that his administration will follow through and indeed be tough on illegal immigrants. Keep one of his key campaign promises would give a boost in his approval ratings from the base that elected him.

Meanwhile, opponents of this policy are ready for a full-scale fight over immigration. And while California is keeping its database of criminal gang members secret, the state of Texas has already estimated that more than 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members  exist in the state, and have contributed to a wave of crimes that could be reduced by sending these individuals back.

As Michael Snyder reported:

Texas state Senator Dan Patrick said there are at least 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members in the state.

On Monday’s The Laura Ingraham Show, Patrick, who is also the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said from 2008 to 2012, 143,000 illegal immigrant criminals were arrested and jailed in Texas. He said these were “hardened criminals, gang members, and other criminals that we identified as being in Texas illegally.”

We charged them with 447,000 crimes, a half-million crimes in four years, just in Texas, including over 5,000 rapes and 2,000 murders,” Patrick said. “We estimate we have 100,000 gang members here illegally.”

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The people of the United States have overwhelmingly sounded off in favor of reduced immigration and tighter controls over how to handle undocumented aliens. But, it is as if the system won’t let that happen.

Clearly, the problem won’t be fixed over night.

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  1. If we cannot accomplish it the easy way, then there is always the hard method, but
    the worthless illegals need to be gotten rid of and transported back to their origin,
    regardless if they maintain a crime record or not. They are all illegals, the minute they
    crossed our borders, and hopefully, Trump holds their feet to the fire. It is either them
    or us. These illegals are similar to the Muslims, they are not in the United States to
    benefit our country. A Muslim is a Muslim; an illegal, is an illegal. It should be as simple
    as that for the law to react. I am certain that Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and the
    rest of the rogue nations, would maintain remedies how to treat their illegals.

    • Hopefully, our 45th POTUS, will eliminate the FED, similar to how JFK maintained
      the same elimination before his death.

    • I sure HOPE you are RIGHT!.. I pray that Trump is the “real deal” that we put our trust in…these ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS and their SPAWN MUST, and I mean MUST get the fuck out of our country!!.. hate speech? you bet your ass… I HATE when the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADER breaks the LAW and gets away with it.. If a Real Amerikan citizen breaks the law he goes to jail.. These ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS get AMNESTY and WELFARE…Now.. this is HATE SPEECH!! I HATE LAWBREAKERS

  2. if the I-R-S-can and will harass a obscure amerikkan citizen for a few dollars in
    some backwoods part of this formerly great republic… than we can
    DEPORT all and I mean ALL 20milliom+ of the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN
    INVADERS and their Spawn back to that Cockroach infested turd world
    CESSPOOL! if
    the *I-*R-*S*-can and will find and Harass an obscure amerikkan citizen
    for a few dollars in some
    backwoods part of this formerly great republic… than we can find and
    DEPORT all and I mean ALL 20milliom+ of the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN
    INVADERS and their Spawn back to that Cockroach infested turd world


    • Wait until Trump gets through with the IRS!! Ha!!
      I do not believe that Trump has selected anyone for the IRS. Ha!!

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