“Lining Up Like Sheep”: Obamacare, States Forcing Vaccines on ALL Healthcare Workers Statewide or They’re Fired — Watch This


Listen to this healthcare worker in Georgia discuss how the federal government, through Obamacare, is threatening to withhold Medicare and Medicaid payments to health institutions unless they mandate flu vaccines specifically for at least 97% of their healthcare workers statewide… In turn, the healthcare institutions are threatening to fire everyone who refuses to take these vaccines because its bottom lines for them.

She’s objecting to the vaccine… and she has a really good question: “Why the flu?” of all things. Why specifically that worthless vaccine of all vaccines?

And she rightly points out that it won’t stop at just the flu vaccine either.

But the scariest part is when she talked about how everyone is lining up like sheep out of fear… If people had just put their foot down in mass and walked out, the government wouldn’t be able to do this.

(H/T: Terri Lynn)

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