Black Man Murders 14yo White Boy in Philly, National Media Doesn’t Care

A 19-year-old black man murdered an innocent 14-year-old white boy in Philadelphia, but the national media doesn’t care.

From 6ABC:

MAYFAIR (WPVI) — A man has been charged in the shooting death of 14-year-old Ian Wilsey.

Nineteen-year-old Samir Price is charged with murder, robbery and gun charges.

Price turned himself in at the Homicide Unit on Tuesday.

A second suspect remains on the loose.

Wilsey was gunned down shortly before 9 p.m. on Nov. 28 on the 6200 block of Brous Street in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia.

Wilsey lived on Cottman Avenue and was a ninth grader at Northeast High School.

According to police, Wilsey and his friend were walking to a nearby store when two men approached them.

The friend tells Action News, “We saw two men walk up from my left and they had guns, and we just turned around and started running.”

“They just started shooting,” the friend said. “They didn’t say anything. They didn’t stop to talk to us. They just started shooting.”

Wilsey was shot three times, and one of the bullets went through his heart.

“He didn’t make it in time to run,” the friend said.

Neighbor Chrissy Calel heard the gunfire.

“You don’t expect to hear the gunshots. You always think it’s fireworks or something. I realized after the first shot, I was like ‘get away from the window,'” Calel said.

Wilsey was able to run a few feet before collapsing.

“After I heard the gunshots, I heard him screaming,” the friend said.

The friend was uninjured and ran for help. He returned minutes later with an adult to a grisly scene.

“Me and him went outside to go check on him, and we seen him get picked up by the cops for a scoop and run,” the friend said, referring to the Philadelphia police policy of immediately transporting shooting victims to the hospital rather than waiting for medics.

Wilsey was taken to Aria Health Torresdale, where he died.

“I thought he was going to make it. I was praying the whole time,” the friend said. “I just want him back. I just want him back. I miss him so much.”

A Google news search shows only a few local stations have covered the story.

CNN, NBC News, The Washington Post and many others ignored the story entirely.

Why doesn’t Ian Wilsey’s life matter to our lying media?

You can donate to Wilsey’s family to help cover funeral costs at their GoFundMe page.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  1. I have 2 comments about this matter,..

    (1) Just look at the picture of the face face of the shooter,.
    .Surely, no right thinking [White] person could believe that this,.. creature,.. is fully human.

    (2) As to the media’s ignoring of this matter,..
    The ,..’media’,.. is a Zio/Jew monopoly & it is a policy of the International Zio/Jew Machine to cover,..’racial’,.. matters in such a way as to provoke the,…’sub human’ elements in society to mindless violence, such as in this matter, while at the same time, they work to instill a sense of,..’guilt’,.. into White people, so as to cause many Whites to feel as though the White Race were responsible for the ongoing dis-function of the Black,.. ‘species’.
    The ultimate aim of Zio/Jew machine being to use Blacks, & Muslims & Mexicans to destroy White, Western Civilization from within, so as to genocide the White furtherance of the , age old, Jewish plan of world domination, as is laid out in, both, the Torah & The Talmud.

  2. We’ve had the blacks living with us for so long and they still will not fit in. This first example of MultiCulturism has been an abject failure. Why do all Western Leaders fight so hard for this mixing of all races in White Nations. Are all these Elite Globalists and Zionists trying to construct a second tower of Babel. They seek to weaken our nations by massive immigration with races that will never assimilate so they can bring their One World Government thus fulfilling the sexually perverted and pedophile Kabbala’s Occult desire for a future Zionist Messiah, instead of Jesus Christ. They will fail but at what cost to our people and their immortal souls????????????????

    • As a former History/Political Science teacher in our public schools, I came to
      hate two words in the English Dictionary: “MULTICULTURISM AND DIVERSITY.”
      What these worthless politicians have always failed to grasp, is the fact that
      each foreign group that enters any country, they expect the host nation to cater
      to them and their “DEMANDS,” using the worthless Muslims whom have invaded
      England. In addition, each foreign group maintains the audascity to become
      numer one in the host country, in which the host country always pays the price
      in resources, to include lost lives. These worthless Muslim truds, are not the
      best examples of human refuge, therefore, they automatically resort to their
      criminal methods in order to survive. Until these turds are vetted at their origin,
      these worthless mutts will continue to harrass the host nation and its citizens.
      The President of Hungary maintained the best sane ideology, but denying ALL
      refugees from entering his country, but the worthless Black turd of a POS of a
      token Tar-Baby and Angela Merkel, welcomed these turds, with open arm. To-
      day, Angela Merkel is running for Chancellor, next year, but the horse has al-
      ready departed the barn, and it is doubtful she be successful. Currently, there
      are too many Muslim felonies committed by these desert rats. It is a great
      pity that the Middle Ages Crusaders, failed to eliminate the Muslim, for if they
      had been successful, these desert turds would know their place and as I was
      growing up, it was seldom that anyone mentioned the Middle East. The
      Middle East for most Americans, resembled 99% of the American Blacks,
      but then, liberalism got its foot in the door in politics and Pandora was freed
      from her box, if you follow. Now that Donald Trump will be our 45th POTUS,
      the voice of freedom will be finally be heard, when he re-institutes the status
      of our military with an appropriate warrior, Marine Lt. General, “Mad Dog”
      Mattis, whom is not reluctant to use his years of combat, to wage war on any
      of our adversaries. Remember, our current worthless Black mutt of a POS
      of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, was only capable to fight our wars,
      from behind, using Libya and Egypt as perfect examples, under the direction
      of our worthless Secretary of State, Hillary Rotten Clinton. Thank God, she
      received the shitty end of the stick, finally. Both her and this worthless
      Muslim turd of a POTUS, are Communists. As a former member of two
      services, I cannot wait for POTUS Trump to maintain the reins of the our
      military and kick the asses of our adversaries, and “NOT” take their names.

  3. His mammy on TV tellin the reporter “he beed a goods boy, he dindo nuffins. He bein frameded by da raciss po leece”

    • Is that a direct quote? These people have not been denied education and what nobody seems to want to get is that FIRST on the list of education is ENGLISH! English is now the world standard and I don’t expect that will change. So whatever other language you speak, get with it and LEARN ENGLISH. That is the key to progress everywhere.

  4. I can only speculate that this Black turd was an “A” student, as long as he remained

    in school. Not!! What is it about the Black and Arab races, that they refuse to join the

    21st Century. The answer to this question, is the fact that at last 99% of Blacks and

    Muslims, are born, one taco short of a full-platter. This is one of the reasons for the

    invention of “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION,” of which the worthless, Black turd of a POS of a

    token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, is an effn graduate. For Affirmative Action to be-

    come effective, the bar had to be dropped for ALL minorities, so that they could feel

    better about themselves. Once turned loose into our American society, turds such as

    the current POTUS, financed by other turds such as George “NAZI” Soros, is there

    to perpetuate their policies for global conquest, under the premise of the “NEW

    WORLD ORDER,” and “THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD,” of which the MBH and this

    effn Black turd are seeking a global Caliphate with himself as its first Caliph. Hope-

    fully, once our 45th POTUS eliminates the cobwebs left by this worthless Black turd

    of a Muslim POTUS, he will initiate a medical survey to determine what make Blacks

    so aggressive and the fact that they do not assimilate readily to the Mores of the

    countries that they invade. The Blacks and the Arabs are the only two ethnic groups

    whom fail to join the 21st Century, and if not nipped in the bud, then these Black and

    Muslims turds, will continue to become a thorn in Trump’s administration. In addition,

    I have been following the so-called plight of the Black and the Muslim controversy,

    for too long, therefore, there has to be a sit-down controvery between Blacks and

    Whites, to iron-out what they believe that Whitey is responisble for their woes. If I

    was sitting at the table, I would inform the leaders of the Black Community, that it is

    not Whitey that is responible for their woes, but themselves. That they are too lazy,

    similar to the worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS. What has this Black, lazy

    turd of a POTUS, accomplished for the Black Community? Absolutely nothing. He

    hates the Blacks because he is quite aware that the Blacks bring nothing positive to

    any table, but he uses the Blacks, only for their vote, but in this last election, the

    Blacks and the Hispanics and our American women have taken Trump at his word,

    “WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE,” especially after 8 years of this Black turd’s

    dictatorship. This Black turd whom is posing as POTUS, is one of Satan’s disciples.

    He is not one of us, but one of them. Mark my words, this worthless Black politial

    turd, will not utter one word against this Black teenage murder. I do not view Al,

    Jesse, nor Louis, chiming in about this tragedy or even commencing a petition to

    pay for this White teen’s burial. What say thee, America? It is high time to get rid

    of this Black traitor whom poses as your POTUS. Let the games commence. The

    Bible has imparted that this Black turd of a POTUS, will not finish his second term.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

      • Thanks pal. Now, permit we Americans to support our 45th POTUS, as he gets rid of the effn Commie and Muslim grifters, and destroy ALL sanctuary cities. It is apparent that our 45th POTUS, permits his
        Attorney General, to prosecute Hillary Rotten Clinton, George “NAZI”
        Soros and this worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a
        Muslim POTUS and his worthless Administration.

    • Totally agree with you! If this had been a black child killed it would have been plastered all over the news–nation wide.

      • Thank you for the positive reply. What our 45th POTUS needs to
        accomplish, is to place sanctions on the MSM, for the poor news
        coverage that they have presented to the American people. That in
        itself should be deemed a felonie, and felonies are against the law.
        Our country has been under the dictorial thumb of a worthless Black
        turd whom came to us without a Resume of accomplishments, funded by
        George “NAZI” Soros, the scourge of Hungary during WW2, where this
        turd joined a group of NAZI thugs to evict JEWS from their homes, and
        confiscated their property for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. The Bible
        has imparted that this worthless Black turd will never finish his 2nd term.
        Keep your fingers crossed, and your powder dry.

  5. fake news is so f cking disgusting they don’t care it was a white kid now if it was black kid shot by a person with a Trump hat they would be all over it

  6. STOP calling these criminals ‘black’ when you really mean, niggers!
    This gives blacks a BAD RAP!!
    he’s another ugly nigger son of ugly nigger ovomit!

    • It is not up to the Whites to call a spade a spade, it must come from the Black

      Community, if youp follow.

      • Many blacks, male and female, have posted videos about ‘little nigger basturds’ after some of their riots, earlier this year! I’ve been calling ’em niggers for the past 75 yrs and NEVER fell into the pc bullshit trap!
        As said, so often, ALL trouble makers are niggers, color is irrelevant!

        • Would you call Dr. Ben Carson a Nigger? He was a celebrated
          children’s surgeon. Most of the Black Community are worthless,
          therefore, only 1% of them are worth being delineated as
          members of the Human Race along with the worthless Arabs
          (Muslims, of which the current Black POTUS is a member).

          • Aw, Dennis, I’d never suggest such a thing, you know better!
            Dr Carson, Allen West, Tom Sowell, etc, are NOT niggers; I specifically said, ‘trouble makers,’
            meaning law breakers or criminals or thugs, etc! Please don’t go there!!

  7. This Black turd is going to fry, and hopefully, this will send a message to the rest of
    the Black Community, especially with our 45 POTUS at the helm, his color will not
    protect him, similar to how this worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS maneuvered
    his color to protect himself and his partners in crime. The days of the Blacks and the
    Muslims basking in the sun, are over, and that might mean that more prisons will have to be constructed, if you follow. If only 99% of the Blacks and Muslims were not currently residing within the continental United States, peace could once again observed. But the Blacks and Muslims are 99% uneducated and therefore, they find it difficult to seek profitable employment, and to do so, they might be considered too White. Becoming too Black, has always been a tragedy, primarily because Blacks and Muslims still maintain a poor reputation, in which other ethnic groups view them so negatively. If the Black Community is to finally succeed, then they must monitor the rise in status of Dr. Ben Carson, but the key to Dr. Carson’s success, has been his education and his williness to join the White Man’s world. If it were not for the White Community, 99% of Blacks would still be residing in darkest Africa, for example. The Blacks might hate the White Community, but if they would face reality, planet Earth is a White Man’s world, not a Black Man’s sense of refuge. For a Black or Muslim to think differently, our Federal Prisons await your presence.

  8. Not only is the worthless media at fault for their mediocre outcry, but where is the
    concern of the worthless group delineated as “BLACK LIFE MATTERS”? When one
    views this ugly, Black turds countenance, in the photo above, it is obvious that he is one of the hood. Now that this strory has been half-assed exposed, I do not view the White Community, storming the residences of current Blacks and killing, burning, nor destroying private property, as we have witnessed in the cities of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland, and subsequent American cities, where some of their precious Black criminals were eliminated. What a difference in mentality, between Blacks and Whites? Is it any wonder that Blacks and Muslims are viewed as negatively as they are, and rightfully so. Although the current worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, “NEVER” addressed the plight of the Black Community, all he accomplished, was, as most Blacks maintain the reputation, of just blabbering how worse the Black Communities have been treated at the hands of Whites and other ethnic communities. It has always been the plot of this worthless Black White House turd, to continue to stir the pot of racial prejudice so that he and George “NAZI” Soros can institute the policies of Islam and the New World Order, respectively, and worse, this Black worthless presidential turd invited Al Shapton to the White House to further discuss the best methods to perpetuate racial prejudice.
    If this Black turd is so concerned about his legacy, it has already been written, and
    History will treat him similar to how it has treated Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot,
    and other dictatorial scoundrels, and rightfully so. I foresee the future will not be
    profitable for this Black turd from Kenya, as soon as the Media commences to un-
    ravel the truth to his Communistic, Anarchistic, Marxistic, Socialitstic, Criminalistic,
    and Islamic background. He and Al, Jesse and Louis, will be viewed as the pariah of
    the Black Community, and rightfully so, and perhaps Dr. Ben Carson, will not only be
    a positive influence at HUD, but a positive influence of what Blacks can accomplish if
    the maintain a worthful education. Education is normally the key in seeking anyone’s
    comfortable or profitable future. In any event, the Bible has been quoted to impart
    that this worthless Black turd of a Communist POTUS, will not finish his second term.
    Keep your fingers crossed.

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