Flashback: Andrew Breitbart directly implicated Podesta in child sex ring cover-up

Archived Tweet taking on more importance amid PizzaGate allegations

(INTELLIHUB) — Pizzagate is everywhere. From the corporate media claiming the conspiracy is “patently false” to independent researchers like David Seaman calling it real, one cannot spend much time on the internet without hearing about it one way or another.

What many may not know is that allegations against John Podesta go back close to five years and were actually made by the late Andrew Breitbart, founder of the now widely read news outlet breitbart.com.

The now infamous Tweet directly implicated Podesta in a child sex ring cover-up long before Pizzagate became a massive conspiracy theory.

Remember, Breitbart died under what some believe were suspicious circumstances and had made other claims about exposing a pedophile ring in the year before his untimely death.

For their part, the corporate media has gone all out in their attacks against anyone who even remotely entertained the idea that Pizzagate could be real. The sheer level of the attacks makes one wonder why they are spending so much time attacking a conspiracy that they claim is patently false. (Despite admissions that they haven’t even looked into the research)

What do you think? Was Andrew Breitbart onto a major pedophile ring in which he had gathered solid enough evidence to reveal to the world what he had found?

Courtesy of Intellihub

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  1. Pence is a Christian man with convictions. With Trump as his leader they will drain the swamp. I’m guessing a lot of folks will commit suicide where they will instantly be met with the demons that will torture them for eternity.

    This is their just reward for hurting little children.

  2. I think this is the reason he was murdered. A few days before he died he made a statement that he was going to expose a scandal with far reaching implications. Guess we will never know since the coroner who did his autopsy was murdered also.

    • Never is a long time and TRUMP IS IN DA HOUSE.

      Justice Scalia was also MURDERED. Let’s see how this plays out.

  3. Remember too, Podesta’s brother wrote most of the infamous Obamacare, guaranteed
    to become another ploy of the government to control the American populace.

  4. Has anybody noticed that Podesta, the worthless Black turd of Muslim POTUS and
    Rahm Emanuel, all wear the same face?

  5. Given what we have come to learn about Podesta, I can find it plausable that Breitbart was not only on to something, he got dusted for that knowledge.

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