(Pic: Scott Lopez, who is awesome)

So Brian Williams just got in front of a camera and decided to spout off his concerns about… gosh, it’s hard even to type this without giggling… fake news.

Brian. Williams.

How he managed it with a straight face must come from the same magic that allows some unicorns to fly.

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Does this man even realize that the sheer amount of irony he’s putting out here is the mainstream media equivalent to smacking everyone who watches this clip in the face with a bag of rabid weasels?

DISCLAIMER: The Daily Sheeple cannot be held responsible if watching the following clip of Brian Williams lecture his viewers about fake news causes you to feel as though you’ve been hit in the face with a bag of rabid weasels. We also apologize if this clip causes gas, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, psychological discomfort, or that dull, tingly ache that starts behind your eyes and spreads out until it encompasses your entire head making you think it might explode like in the movie Scanners.

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