C.I.A. planning to overturn Trump’s win as talking heads claim ‘National Emergency’

They are trying to make a National Emergency out of this’

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) Alex Jones, radio talk show host and head of the popular alt-news agency Infowars, released a video transmission late Monday night which details how the C.I.A., along with the democrats, are moving forward to steal the election from President-elect Donald J. Trump.

In the transmission Jones said that the situation is likely the “gravest” threat presented “in the history of our country,” in which I tend to agree.

“The C.I.A.’s job is to overthrow countries and install dictators. It is a criminal organization established in 1947. There official job is to lie. It’s undoubtedly the most corrupt agency in our government.”

“[…] now we see Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, herself, organizing ten electors. A democrat electing the electors. […] A democrat going out and recruiting supposed Republican electors that have pledged themselves for the people that voted for Trump — and they’re saying that they quote ‘want a C.I.A. briefing’ about the supposed hacking so that they can give their votes to Hillary Clinton or forfeit them.”

“[…] it’s so painful for me to see this happen to our country,” said Jones. “[…] this is what happens in third-world nations.”

This is all happening “domestically” and is based on falsified “debunked reports.”

“The C.I.A. now represents the foreign multinationals that hijacked this country.”

“This is all happening,” Jones said, calling out what he calls a “global corporate tyranny.”

Jones went on to point out how “half” of Hillary Clinton’s campaign money “came from foreign questionable sources,” but it’s being overlooked by the legacy media who are involved in the diabolical scandal.

“[…] now it’s Trump versus the C.I.A..”

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Nancy Pelosi’s daughter doesn’t have to get very many more electors on board with her scheme for their plan to work, “she’s already got ten,” said Jones. A few more and the election will be “forfeit.”

‘They are trying to make a National Emergency out of this.’

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  1. Man… ruefully, I could see this coming from day one. These evil, filthy bastards are going to save their skins because they can; they have shown us for years now that they don’t care WHAT we think. If violence breaks out, they will cut the internet in affected areas and start mowing whites down. The media will obediently NOT report a thing. No story here. The only way out that I can see possibly happening is a Trump-led military revolt and takeover. The alternate media hosts are trying to put some hope into the mix by telling us that we should look at this whole CF as “living in interesting times”. I’m trying to cultivate that attitude, but it’s a huge pill to choke down.

  2. There are 22 million veterans living in this country. All are trained on how to make war. I wonder how they would react if the legitimate, legally elected president suffered an attack. They all took an oath to defend the Constitution and that oath was forever. If the Secret Service walks out when the current president’s term expires, can the White
    House’s kitchen staff stand off 22 million highly trained and armed protesters?

    • Two govt guys with a machine gun; one to fire; the other to keep feeding another nine yards into it… They have unlimited ammo. If we fight, the govt cuts the internet and tells the obedient media to ignore them while they start mowing down all the white people.

  3. The ,..’scarry’,.. part of this move to get some of Trump’s electors to switch their votes is that electors switching their votes is, perfectly legal, in that the ,..’electors’,.. are NOT bound by law to vote according to the wishes of the people in their district. Indeed, the purpose of the Electoral College is to put a ,..’buffer’,.. between the common people & the electoral process, so that the Electoral College can,..’correct;,.. any,..’mistake’ that the common people might make

    The ,..’Founding Fathers’, all being super rich, were not in favor of giving the,..’masses’,.. to much power

    And then when the various states adopted the UN-CONSTITUAL ,..’winner take all’, policy, that is now in effect, the system was further corrupted. Which brings us up to the present time, with a political system that is rotten to it’s core, being dominated by the Jew owned media, & Jew money. with 3 Jews on the Supreme,..& Jew dominated Wall Street,.& our money supply & interest rates being controlled by the Jewish Federal Reserve which prints our money & then loans it to us,..AT INTEREST,.
    And, not to mention the fact that the most powerful lobby, in Washington is AIPAC, the “America, Israeli Public Affairs Committee”, which is an agent of a foreign power., & of the 30 members of the U.S. Senate, who are Jews, a number of them are ,..duel citizens of Israel.

    So, all of that being the case, it is no wonder that America is falling apart, & this move to defeat trump, is just 1 of the many problems confronting, Zio/Jew dominated America, today

  4. The only national emergency, is the fact that the Democrat are permitted to operate
    against the welfare of the American people, and therefore, as I have imparted in the
    past, under the umbrella of national security, it is imperative that this Black turd of a
    worthless POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS and his girl friend, George
    “NAZI” Soros, be removed from the political scene, through declaring a national emer-
    gency permitted by useless American whom voted for this Black turd in 2008 and 2012.
    The only emergency is getting rid of these two Communists, mentioned above. There
    is another emergency in progress, the fate of Aleppo in Syria, where this worthless
    Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, is reluctant to become more involved, primarily, because
    if he employ American troops to bring this civil to an end, he is more concerned about
    his precious Muslims will meet Allah, sooner than anticipated, and that would not be
    appreciated by the leading turds of “THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD,” where he is
    seeking a global Caliphate and with himself as its first Caliph. The 1789 French peas-
    ants got rid of their immediate conundrum, by storming the Paris Bastille (prison), and
    arresting their King and Queen. Our King and Queen, currently reside in the White

  5. Russians hacking our election? Still waiting for more than speculation. Where is the solid PROOF???

    It’s not like the US govt hasn’t been spying on & looking into every other nation’s electronic correspondence over the years. It’s age old Spy V Spy. We spy on them, they spy on US, nothing has changed. Except that that the US govt & Benedict Iscariot media forgets to mention that we also spy around the globe.

    One good thing about Trump getting elected. Now anyone with more than 3 brain cells knows that indeed, there is a ‘conspiracy’ to create a one world govt. Heck, even Heidi Cruz was in on it. This site exposed her time at the CFR where she helped write a newer draft for the North American Union. From the NAU the next step would be to submit the NAU of Canada, USA & Mexico as a vassal state to satan’s one world government.

    That alone is one HUGE reason to have great concern for the future of our country & families.

    We also know who many of the real NWO players are, from those in our own government & media to many of the international pawns. Selling out to the NWO has been going on for decades. One of the biggest moves against the USA was when the Dems gave US the Bank of England’s ‘Federal’ Reserve. Later the Ron Paul campaign was crushed in large part because of his take on the ‘Fed’.

    Here is an example of one of the NWO mouth pieces & other backers from years ago.


  6. RESPONSE TO: President Secretary Josh Earnest

    After listening to your ‘scripted comments’ with reference to Russia winning and interfering with the election for our President Elect, Donald J Trump, I can only say you are far from what your name depicts as ‘Earnest’, but rather it should be DECEIPT and DECEPTION!

    Do you actually believe that over 60 plus million Americans would not understand that this is most certainly a “coup” on the President Elect? Get ready, I believe your career is about to start a decend into the BOWELS OF THE EARTH’!
    This isn’t the 1960’s and we as a voting power, are well aware of your game plan! A DESPERATE MOVE TO DESTROY OR END THE LIFE OF ANOTHER GREAT AMERICAN LEADER….UNDERSTAND THIS CLEARLY……NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN! You have just unleashed the wrath of the American people and this is exactly why our President Elect was LANDSLIDING POPULAR AND MAJORITY VOTES!

    I know you wish you had that much admiration but sadly this is a WAKE UP CALL for this PRESENT ADMINISTRATION MOTTO….’NOT FOR THE PEOPLE! How many demonstrations against our rights have we so endured over this eight year nightmare?

    We are ready and will protect the future of our children and the generations to come! You have taken this RIGHT FOR FREEDOM TO THE FOREFRONT OF THIS NATION! American’s will respond to defend our GREAT COUNTRY! YES, AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!


  7. The current crop of Filthy Criminals occupying Washington have all but destroyed the Country. These evil Lying Homosexuals must be Flushed down the toilet, Trump is going to do this peacefully or the public will do it forcibly. Which do you prefer?

  8. Trump WILL be the next POTUS….end of. It is NOT up for discussion…
    and I’m willing to bet my 5 year’s NRA membership fees on that…I’m sure MILLIONS of Americans would do also.

    • I totally agree. If the libs wants an all out shooting revolution in the US, THIS would do it ! In time this may well happen anyway, some actually WANT it to happen.

      • The worthless Black turd of a Muslim POTUS and his girlfriend, George
        “NAZI” Soros desire that the U.S. participate in another Civil War, as
        the thrive on maintaining the United States in a divided state of shock,
        and as they, as they perceive, when the dust settles, Soros and this
        illegitmate Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, will demand that the policies
        of the New World Order, ramrodded by Soros, will be followed, and at the same time, this Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, will be promoting Shaaria
        law as a tribut to the old stone idol, ALLAH. There lies the emergency.
        Get rid of these two Communists and then observe planet Earth rotating
        once more, normally on its axis. Soros and this worthless Black turd,
        are the modern plague that Europe suffered during the Middle Ages.

  9. Short of having a revolution in this country, we all need to view Donald Trump as our next President. No more cry baby tactics, or safe spaces to draw pictures. We need to act like grown ups and keep the fabric of our Republic together.

  10. Why are these cruds even allowed to talk to the electors? The laws are clear as to what they are to do. If they think they are going to install that phony Hildabeast in his place they will see what Citizens anger really is.

  11. As in any judicial case, if it reaches this height, the CIA is not attacking a normal citizen, but one of stature whom maintains a background how to play the game as dirty as the CIA, and Trump is not in the habit of losing, as has been the case for the CIA, too often. These CIA turds had better maintain their sources, beyond a shadow of a doubt. There are at least 17 intelligence agencies, one dumber than their partner in crimes, and to read and hear that all intelligence agencies have declared that the Russians have interferred with our election process, is more than ludicrous, and as usual, the Democrats are grasping at their last hope of maintaining sway over our government and the Amercan citizenry, as they have been planning this government since the days of Woodrow Wilson, another worthless Democrat whom has been listed as one of the worst Presidents in American history. These worthless Democrats believed that Hillary Rotten Clinton was going to be a shoe-in to become our 45th President, but Donald Trump promised the American people a change, that the worthless Black turd of a POS of a tokenTar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS could not and would not, fulfill. Instead, this worthless Black POS of a Muslim feces, commenced to cater to his affilitation to the New World Order and his connection to George “NAZI” Soros, the NAZI collaborator during WW2 in his native Hungary. For
    the past 8 years, the American people have had to endure the ramifications of this
    Black turd’s dictatorship, ramrodded by George “NAZI” Soros, as the Shadow
    Government. Soros owns the Democratic Party; that is why this Black turd of a
    Muslim mutt was never vetted in 2008 and 2012. Soros greased the hands of 99%
    of the worthless, cowardless Congressionals and the Supreme Court, to look the
    other way, and not vet this Black turd. Money talks, and as we are all aware, in
    politics, follow the money.

  12. The Electors must be blind not to see the good Trump has already done. That is what they should base their decision on & the law of course.

    • All of the Electors, more than likely, have been intimated to vote against
      Trump, on December 19, 2016, primarily, because the White House maintains
      negative files on everyone in the govermental domain, and therefore, if they
      desire to retain their comfy positions, the will adhere to this Black turd’s desire
      to vote against Trump. I can only hope that the electors, have finally developed
      a set and a rigid backbone, to declare to the White House, that they are re-
      maining with the decision of the Electoral College, and how Donald Trump beat the pants off of Hillary Rotten Clinton, in a rigged election.

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