They are trying to make a National Emergency out of this’

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) Alex Jones, radio talk show host and head of the popular alt-news agency Infowars, released a video transmission late Monday night which details how the C.I.A., along with the democrats, are moving forward to steal the election from President-elect Donald J. Trump.

In the transmission Jones said that the situation is likely the “gravest” threat presented “in the history of our country,” in which I tend to agree.

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“The C.I.A.’s job is to overthrow countries and install dictators. It is a criminal organization established in 1947. There official job is to lie. It’s undoubtedly the most corrupt agency in our government.”

“[…] now we see Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, herself, organizing ten electors. A democrat electing the electors. […] A democrat going out and recruiting supposed Republican electors that have pledged themselves for the people that voted for Trump — and they’re saying that they quote ‘want a C.I.A. briefing’ about the supposed hacking so that they can give their votes to Hillary Clinton or forfeit them.”

“[…] it’s so painful for me to see this happen to our country,” said Jones. “[…] this is what happens in third-world nations.”

This is all happening “domestically” and is based on falsified “debunked reports.”

“The C.I.A. now represents the foreign multinationals that hijacked this country.”

“This is all happening,” Jones said, calling out what he calls a “global corporate tyranny.”

Jones went on to point out how “half” of Hillary Clinton’s campaign money “came from foreign questionable sources,” but it’s being overlooked by the legacy media who are involved in the diabolical scandal.

“[…] now it’s Trump versus the C.I.A..”

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter doesn’t have to get very many more electors on board with her scheme for their plan to work, “she’s already got ten,” said Jones. A few more and the election will be “forfeit.”

‘They are trying to make a National Emergency out of this.’

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