Pete Souza/

Pete Souza/

Obama blames “domestic propagandists” for supposed foreign sponsored fake news

(INTELLIHUB) — President Obama has fired the latest shot in the ongoing war against the alternative media after he blasted conservative talk radio and independent news organizations as “domestic propagandists” for reporting news that he believes makes voters vulnerable to foreign disinformation.

This startling direct attack on his political enemies under the guise of the new leftist McCarthyism shows once again that the entire corporate media “fake news” operation was and is designed not to take out obvious fake news outlets but to destroy the real alternative media.

“If fake news that’s being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it’s not surprising that that foreign propaganda will have a greater effect,” Obama said.

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“It doesn’t seem that farfetched compared to some of the other stuff folks are hearing from domestic propagandists.”

The least transparent President in history went on to say, “To the extent that our political dialogue is such that everything is under suspicion, everybody’s corrupt and everybody is doing things for partisan reasons and all of our institutions are, you know full of malevolent actors and if that’s the story that is being put out there, then when a foreign government introduces that same argument, the facts are made up, voters who have been listening to that stuff for years, who have been getting that stuff every day from talk radio or other venues, they’re going to believe it.”

Perhaps the most sinister part of his speech came when Obama went on to hint that some sort of censorship is on the horizon to help save Americans from news outside the hard left leaning corporate press.

“So, if we — if we want to really reduce foreign influence on our elections, then we better think about how to make sure that our — our political process, our political dialogue is stronger than it’s been,” he warned.

Obama’s direct attack on talk radio and the alternative media comes on the heels of plans by Facebook to use the corporate media and a Soros backed group to label and bring down so-called fake news on the social media giant.

“Facebook has announced plans to partner with a list of establishment media outlets, along with the Soros backed International Face-Checking Network, (IFCN) to help them determine what is and isn’t fake news,” Intellihub reported.

“The publicly stated goal of the plan by Facebook is to use these so-called fact checking agencies to help determine if a news story is fake which would then lead it to be flagged as disputed with “a link to the corresponding article explaining why. Stories that have been disputed may also appear lower in News Feed.”

From the New York Times CEO calling for ad networks to ban anyone they deem to be “fake news” to CBS and Salon openly deciding that Infowars is straight up fake, there is a concerted ever to destroy the alternative media and these steps by Facebook seem to line up directly with that goal.”

Over the last eight years conservative talk radio and the independent media have either stopped or at least attacked plans by President Obama at every turn and now, with the election of Donald Trump, Obama appears ready to fire back in a big way.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and original founding member of what would later go on to be Intellihub. He was an integral member of the team that destroyed the media blackout of the 2012 Bilderberg meetings. You can reach him here.