Common Core Failure: U.S. Kids Rank 31st of 35 Developed Nations in Math

No matter how much money we use to grease the wheels of the U.S. system of education, (at least $8.3 billion for Common Core to date) we’ve failed our children. A new U.S. Department of Education study reveals that U.S. children rank 31st out of 35 developed nations in math. They didn’t fare much better in science, or reading literacy either.

Common core is to to blame, but it is part of a wider network of disenfranchisement in order to keep your children stupid and shallow. Instead of yearning for knowledge, their interests are kept trivial. They can text three words, but not read an entire book, or do simple math.

If you assume that most people in our modern society have about 16 waking hours to use every day, with approximately 8 (or more) of them already spent on work or schooling, several hours commuting, making dinner, getting necessary household chores done, showering, getting ready for the next day etc., you are left with a precious few moments to learn the truth.

The powers which are now being exposed don’t want questioning, awake children. They want ignorant, mindless robots that are easily controlled. They want consumers who don’t question the 8 hours (plus) we already spend working hard so that almost half of our incomes can be taxed, and the other half swindled from us with fractional reserve banking, usury through inflated interest rates, quantitative easing, etc.

They don’t want us to question a lifestyle which allows us no time to spend with our families, spiritual pursuits, and real-life skills or artistry that can greatly enhance our quality of life.

When we send our kids to school, we have assumed they are  ‘getting an education,’ but what’s really happening is they are being indoctrinated into a ‘re-education camp,’ not dissimilar to a concentration camp.

Proof of this seemingly ridiculous claim can be found in a leaked U.S. Army document revealing ‘re-education’ mind control camps for political activists – in others words dissenters of the “American” way.

In these brainwashing tanks, those who might be smart enough to oppose the elite establishment are taken aside, and either ridiculed or groomed to join the ruler-class. The rest of the children are trained to become debt slaves. If this is hard to believe, if you added up all the mortgage debt, all credit card debt and all student loan debt, the average American household is carrying a grand total of 203,163 dollars of debt.  The average American income isn’t even close to half of that.

That’s what Common Core is about. Will you rise above this mind control, and teach your children differently? Because the ‘system’ openly shuns a child’s real education.

Here’s more proof. One Arkansas mother demolishes this educational ‘programming’ in about four minutes. After watching this you’ll better understand why U.S. children are ranked 31st out of 35 countries:

Christina Sarich is a freelance writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian. Her insights appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, Nexus, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She is also a staff writer for Waking Times.

Courtesy of Waking Times

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  1. As a former teacher in our public schools, not only are American students the worst
    in Math, but they are the worst in most of their other subjects. All they are interested in, is being seen with the latest fashion or the latest electronic device. In addition, what is reguired in our schools, is a stronger sense of discipline, where there is a sense of fear/respect maintained. All though Common Core Curriculum receives the bad rap that it should, I do not maintain too much faith in Home Schooling. I used to work in the University dining hall while I was attending there to receive my Master’s Degree, and two of our female sisters that worked there too, were home-schooled. I therefore commenced to ask them to name the first four Presidents of the United States in order, and they failed. Of course schools maintain a sense of discipline that really does not exist, because they are fearful of a complaint from parents. Without a certain sense of discipline in our schools and in our government dealing with international and domestic challenges, the United States is no longer viewed as the nation on this planet, especially after being groomed by a worthless Black mutt of a POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS. CCC is a device to dumb-down our American student enrollments so that when these same students reach an adult age, they are more easily accustomed to dancing to the tune of a worthless government that currently exists today. But, with the approach of our 45th President, he is against anything the CCC stands for, and that is a good thing. With a stroke of his pen and telephone, hopefully, he can return to the good old days of yester-year that I grew up under. As I have imparted above, without a strong sense of discipline, a country becomes too vulnerable. A country that maintains any sense of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,” is eventually finished, as is the ploy of this worthless Black mutt
    of a Muslim POTUS, and his girlfriend, George “NAZI” Soros.

  2. Why does everyone appear to be surprised at all of this? Kids are fed on a diet of crap food, brainless tv programmes, dim-witted tv presenters who appear like automatons, inarticulate ‘celebrities’; homosexual and transgender buffoons parading and prowling the streets schools and colleges for converts. Where is the big surprise? Standards have sunk so low it would not surprise me if homosexuality became law and the only candidates standing for election would be members of the LGBT ‘community’. No wonder Islam is about to take over the country – perhaps you all deserve what you are about to get? Spineless cloned politicians wallowing in public money – your financial system is totally corrupt, your country is virtually bankrupt, welfare is as prevelant as the hilariously named ‘recreational drugs’ and nobody in any authority has the balls to call a spade a spade – cowards all. I am sorry to say that the American Empire is on its knees, just as Rome succumbed to the same deterioration in its morals and standards. But, they will not be the final Empire to emerge – we will have China next and there will then be a play-off between them and Islam. The only factor to bring down the whole house of cards will be if, which seems more than possible, LGBT have their way and Obama resurfaces to lead that merry band. Boy! I can hardly wait to shuffle off this mortal coil. Roll on!

  3. The first step in the ,..’dumbing down’,.of the American educational system began with the integration of the schools, back in the middle of the last century.

    There were those, at that time. who warned that, allowing blacks into the, at that time, all white schools would bring those, high achieving white schools down to the level of the blacks, and that is ,exactly what has happened.

    You cannot, reasonably, expect to have positive results when you have whites, with their average IQs of 100 sharing a classroom with blacks who’s average IQ is 80.

    When you add to the wide gap, between the IQs of whites & blacks, the propensity of blacks towards mindless violence & crime you get the failing educational system that we have today, where the educational process is impossible, with disruptive blacks even attacking teachers, as well as attacking other, non-black students, while our black president is in denial, is using the black led justice department to prevent the expelling or of violent & disruptive blacks.

    It is simply, un-fair to white students to force those white students to attend schools that are contaminated by he presents of less intelligent, un-motivated, violence prone blacks.

    Ya think,.?

    • I would posit that someone who ends a post with “Ya think..?” might refrain from blathering on about ‘dumbing down’.

      • Thank you for your comment re my comment above

        .Perhaps you would care to give us a more , in depth, critique of my position, which was, that it is the presents of blacks, in the various school systems, today, that has brought the US education system down, from it’s, previously high place, that it , once, occupied, when I was fortunate enough to attend an all white school, back in the first half of the last century, to the abject failure that it is today.

        I believe that the case can be made, that the more blacks & the more illegal aliens in a , given, school, the lower the test scores will be, & the higher the rate violence & drop outs will be

        In my tenure ,of K thru 12, in an all white school district, never once did the police need to be called to a school, never did I see a fight, & never was a teacher attacked, & all with out the need for metal detectors, or school security officers.

        When I went to school, most boys carried pocket knives, & at recess we played a game called “Mumbly Peg’, where we drew a circle on the ground, & everybody put some marbles in the circle, & then we took turns throwing our knives into the circle, so as to stick it into the ground, & then pick up some marbles, out of the circle, depending on where the knife stuck.

        It never would have occurred to anyone to ban knives,at school,..BECAUSE,.. it never occurred to anyone, that we [WHITE]
        boys might ,..attack,..each other with our pocket knives. as opposed to today, where knives are banned in all schools, as a result of ,..the de-segregation of the schools, & thus interjecting, Blacks, with their propensity for violence, into the mix..

        When I graduated in 1952, every student that I began school with in kindergarten graduated, & we were ALL proficient in math ,..English &, civics,..And none of us had any run-is with the law,
        But then, back then, that was the norm, so what would you expect,..I mean, after all,..we were all White,..

        • As a former school board member (as well as a student from similar era) I have to agree, even though I feel everyone (that qualifies) should have the opportunity to a good education, HOWEVER, my parents couldn’t afford Harvard so I went to a Juco and state school. If you an’t afford it —TOO BAD. So blacks and hispanics, particularly ILLEGALS shouldn’t get to attend a top rated expensive school for low to zero cost, that’s BULLSHIT!!! Most of us have to “STAY WITHIN OUR MEANS” !!

      • Don’t see how that finishing comment says one thiing about the relative intelligence of the writer of the comment. Get off your judgemental ass, and “posit” something that shows you have any intelligence. The comment does in fact state things that have had an impact on the education system as a whole, and while it may sound politically incorrect or racial to say these things, it doesnt make them any less valid or true.

        • My comment has nothing to do with political correctness, that is just asinine and tedious. The OP can hardly string a sentence together yet makes clear that he, or she, went to school in a racially pure environment, ” my tenure ,of K thru 12, in an all white school district”, so it would seem logical to anyone of any imagination that the school itself was second rate.
          The inability of the OP to write proper English needs to be highlighted if the subject is education and the reasons for it are lumped on one particular group; racial or not.

      • Don’t see how using common “current vernaculat” is any indication of a persons inability to discuss the current state of education (or lack thereof). Hardly blathering.

    • As a former teacher, I wholeheartedly agree. My Black students were my
      worst, both academically and behaviorally. What really used to piss me off,
      was the policy of “INCLUSION,” where students with mental deficiencies, were
      included in some of the classes that I taught, and therefore, between the
      Blacks and these Inclusions, it was difficult to teach anything worthwhile, in a 42 minute period.

    • Don’t know if I would go that far. BUT affirmative action is DEFINITELY a major cause, as is a large number of athletic scholarships to sub intelligent ghetto morons (not all but SO many) Also free tuition for foreign students, These all contribute to fewer “openings” for smarter kids, black and white and have been a factor in the rising tuitions. Someone has to pay for the Freebies. Additionally most if not all colleges have been promoting that all kids NEED to have a degree, even though many are simply not college material and would be better off attending a vocational school or serving an apprenticeship. That alone would free up MANY “openings and would no longer have a shortage of skilled mechanics, carpenters, plumbers etc (have you checked out the W-2s of these trades workers???. Far above the “average” college graduate (that can’t find a decent paying “white collar” job without having a 100 to 200 thousand $ college loan debt). The “no child left behind” program simply won’t/can’t “fail” even the dumbest. Add to that 97 +% of the professors/instructors at colleges and universities are SOCIALISTS, (Teach, don’t indoctrinate your political views)— it all adds up to a poor educational system that statistics PROVE. !!!!! Studies show that since affirmative action, grades and graduation levels have fallen for the minorities as it seems to have forced schools to take even those minorities that don’t achieve the same test scores as the non minorities. Have a friend on a major city Fire Dept and test requirements for blacks are LOWER than whites. ALSO physical requirements for females are lower than for males (100 lbs vs 200 lbs carry). Don’t know about you but I would prefer to have a well qualified and physically able fireMAN ro carry me out of a burning building. This is political correctness at it’s WORST !!

      • And to think that our current worthless Black turd of a mutt of a POS,
        of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS, is a graduate of “AFFIRMATIVE
        ACTION.” How did that get over-looked either by our Government or the
        American public at large? Had the american public accomplsihed their
        homework by personally completing the desired research into the back-
        ground of this worthless Black mutt, perhaps this mutt would have never
        been elected. For one thing, I did not vote for this illegal turd, primarily
        because as a former military member, I was quite use to our Black
        members and their overall attitude to anything. Most were liars, similar
        to the current POTUS; most were lazy, similar to the current POTUS;
        most were illiterate, similar to the current POTUS, and above all, most
        were incorrigible, similar to the current POTUS, and not to forget, most
        were not reliable, similar to the current POTUS.

  4. America has produced, Thanks to Federal Government interference The Dumbest couple of generations of students on the planet. Most cannot answer what year the war of 1812 was fought.

      • Home schooling usually has better results than the dumbass socialist learning(???) institutions. Can
        t blame home schooling for this socialist attempted takeover of our educational system

        • Home schooling has left me with a bad impression as far as knowledge gained.

          When two sisters cannot identify the first 4 American presidents in order, then

          something is missing in the home-school curriculum, me thinks, though, not to

          infer that the American school system is anything better. I have yet to read that

          the Federal Bureau of Education has ventured to those countries countries whom have

          proven that their methods are superior, primarily, because it is a ploy of the

          “NEW WORLD ORDER,” to keep American students dumbed-down to toe the

          party line, eventually, as good little robots, as expressed by Lenin, if you recall.

  5. That math protocol she describes is abusive. Mind Abuse. The child trying to think and work in that ludicrous, anti-intelligent way would actually suffer mental harm from the implicit demand that he/she override innate common sense which is the basis of good math understanding. My God America…snap out of it, find the roots of this iniquitous campaign and all the rest of the disgusting betrayals of the public trust that are coming to the surface now, and prosecute the hell out of them!!!

  6. Could this Common Core curriculum just be another aspect of their conspiracy to continue “dumbing” down Americans. They are decimating every aspect of America into a third world country, resulting in easier manipulation and control as per “the plan”.
    Serfdom and enslavement has always been, by design, the active agenda of the 1%ers.
    America has been asleep while we’re being destroyed.

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