Double Honor Killing: Canadian Muslim STABS His Two Sisters to DEATH

The enemedia and the elites assign mental illness to Islamic violence, sharia enforcement.

“Mental illness”sanctions Muslim men to execute women who are judged to be in violation of Islamic law. In every case of jihad and sharia violence, we are admonished and warned not to “rush to judgment,” but law enforcement and media elites immediately rush to call it insanity.

The Ottawa Police pronounced the perpetrator insane at a press conference even as they lay criminal charges of murder? Talk about undermining your own case. If the suspect is mentally ill, then he is not culpable, and criminal charges should not have been laid.

Once again, the old “mentally ill” card is played right out of the gate as a Muslim slaughters two female members of his family.

What did they do that made him “mentally ill”? Did they expose their hair? Have non-Muslim boyfriends? Dishonour the family?


The two women were remembered by friends and family on Sunday as kind and thoughtful people.


By Haley Ritchie Metro, Dec 18 2016

Ottawa Police Major Crimes unit has charged Musab A-Noor, 29, in the killing of his two sisters on Friday night.

Police were called to the 3200 block of McCarthy Road around 9 p.m. on Friday night in the city’s south end.

Inside the town home police found 32-year-old Asma A-Noor and 29-year-old Nasiba A-Noor dead from stab wounds.

A-Noor has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Asma and second degree murder in the death of Nasiba. Police have not yet determined a motive.

Nasiba taught at the Tarbiyah Learning Centre on 572 Moodie Drive in Nepean. Her biography at the school notes that she was teaching girls in Grade 5 to 8 about the Quran and Islamic Studies.

“I am in shock and disbelief,” wrote Ghazala Choudhary, principal of the school, in a public Facebook message.


“She was a calm, patient and kind individual. I will cherish seeing her sweet smile and exchanging salaams with her every morning. Watching her teach was always so peaceful and I will never forget her compassion towards her students,” she said.

“Her legacy should continue through those that she taught, and everyone who knew her and what she did for many,” wrote Suzanne Ragheb in response.

Nasiba was also a talented photographer. Her instagram account is filled with curated photos of nature, coffee shops and books.

In describing herself she wrote, “photography. coffee. books. spirituality. flowers. positive vibes. hiking. naturebound.”

On the last photo she posted – cluttered bookshelves of Black Squirrel Books in Old Ottawa South – friends and family have shared their grief.

“I can’t believe you are gone,” wrote Fatema Alasadi. “It hurts me so much to know that I can’t see you or talk to you. I miss you so much.”

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Family and friends gathered Sunday afternoon at the Jami Omar mosque on Old Richmond Road.

The two women were highly involved in the Somali community in Ottawa and daughters of prominent author and professor Abdirahman Ahmed Noor.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller

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  1. Dear readers

    It should be OBVIOUS to any logical creature with even TWO brain cells that EVERY single Muslim is the publicly declared ENEMY of every single none Muslim on Earth

    There is absolutely NOTHING secret or hidden about the agenda of every Muslim:
    That every none Muslim should either SUBMIT to Sharia or be EXTERMINATED

    Anyone who does not agree with the above should be put in a mental asylum

    All other explanations and dissertations are irrelevant

    As usual, I challenge anyone the sum of $100,000 to prove me WRONG!

    IQ al Rassoolo
    Kafir & Proud!

    • You keep making this bet but then dodge me when I try to pin you down? Are your words hollow or are you serious?

      • TheGuy

        Are you SERIOUS?

        IQ al Rassooli is dodging YOU?

        PIN me down? on WHAT?

        Why don’t you prove me WRONG first and then find out how you get paid!

        Let me tell you that not you, nor any human being on planet Earth can refute any of my statements!

        Put Up or Shut Up!

        IQ al Rassooli
        Kafir & Proud!

        • How will you pay out when I prove you wrong? How do I know you’re not some loud mouth who is going to bail on his promises?

          And to be precise, all I have to prove wrong is the statement “a Muslim can not be a loyal American” correct? What is your definition of a loyal American?

          Terms of the deal first, then I will prove you wrong.

          Quit dodging me and answer the questions.

  2. We need a wall around canada also there letting in millions of these satan worshiper an teaching the satanic verse’s to there children how despicable .

  3. This should have been on the front pages of every newspaper but no — IF it was even reported, it was buried in the back pages only to be announced w excuses for the killer. Canada is in for a lot more of this, not less, as the tens of thousands of refugees are unable to assimilate into our society and leave their lifelong Islamist training in violence behind them.

  4. Wish you people would stop calling these murders “honor killings”. There is NO honor in murder. These men are out-of-control psychopaths and need to be exterminated.

    • Conservatie, It’s their term, not ours. Muslims call this atrocious act ‘honor killings’.

      You are 1,000% correct that there is no ‘honor’ in these murders, but they made up the deceptive term, not us.

      This kind of stuff is WAY under reported in the USA. And another reason to do as Japan regarding Islam & Muslims.

      I have been saying that the biggest threat to any country is the ‘peaceful’ Muslims. They move in & breed like rabbits so they can vote their way into power. Evidence? Look up Muslim Demographics if you have not done so before. Also find articles where foreign immigrants have voted out two Dems. Kinda like a pay back for the lib prog Dems wanting open borders & lots of ‘refugees’ to be allowed into the USA. Europe is on the verge of being taken over & down by their ‘peaceful’ Muslim hoards.

      I agree with Dennis Paul, Muslims who do Islam should not be allowed in. I hope Trump’s administration works to shut their stealth Jihad down, as that is what the ‘peaceful’ Muslims represent. Islam is not a true religion, it’s a basically a violent ideology posing as a religion.

      The link goes to a DuckDuckGo search I did using the term ‘Some Countries are banning Muslims’.

      Even 0blameUS’ own agencies have said there is almost no way to vet refugees & Muslims. Here is another list of articles.


  5. As PE Donald Trump has imparted over a year ago, no more effn Muslims are to be
    admitted into the United States until Congress devises a full-proof method of vetting these worthless Muslim turds. Islam must not be contained. Islam must be eliminated. It is either them or us. The only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim, and that is pushing the

  6. “Her biography at the school notes that she was teaching girls in Grade 5 to 8 about the Quran and Islamic Studies.” My question is “Is this a mandatory class or elective?” Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Here in Canada every gov’t program is driven by political correctness and multiculturalism. Our education curricula is dominated by indoctrinating “social justice” into the minds of kids and has almost systematically abandoned even any attempt at fact, truth and objectivity. Forget academia. Extremist sex education dominates school programs where the LGBTQ agenda prevails and kids’ are taught about fellatio in grade 1!

      • I know what you guys need. A Donald Trump. but you cannot have ours. 🙂 Start a Tea Party and vote your current socialists out.

        • Canada’s electoral system is controlled by Ontario & Quebec socialists so it is impossible for us to remove our left liberal federal gov’t. They are the most populace provinces with “have not” economies that depend on fiscal equalization that comes from Alberta and Saskatchewan – both more conservative provinces. Of course they are never going to vote away their ability to steal the resources of the west. The only option for these two Prairie provinces is to try to gain independence from the ROC. This is a very daunting challenge but would be a very desirable political result if we were able to pull it off.

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