More concerned about “right-wingers” being proven right than Islamic bloodshed


CNN responded to the Islamic terror attack in Berlin carried out by a Pakistani refugee by worrying about how conservatives who have criticized Angela Merkel’s open border migrant policy might be proven right.

An article appeared on the news network’s front page underneath the words “The fallout of fear,” and was subtitled “Attacks fuel far right’s assault on democracy”.

Quite how rightly pointing out that importing over 1.5 million Muslim migrants, a significant portion of whom ascribe to a jihadist ideology, is a terrible policy, represents an “assault on democracy” is not explained.

According to writer David A. Andelman, the right-wing’s ability to capitalize on the attack is “potentially more pernicious” than the attack itself, which killed at least 12 people and injured dozens more.

In other words, the seemingly endless sight of mangled, bleeding bodies on the streets of major European cities isn’t the main problem, but right-wingers being proven correct is.

Worrying that the fallout from the attack will have the impact of “upsetting…. the ruling elite” (God forbid), Andelman is concerned that the slaughter could undermine Europe’s commitment to mass immigration and harm Merkel’s chances of achieving a fourth term as chancellor.

“Across Europe, right-wing candidates are positioning themselves against immigration and Islam, defending an ever-tougher stance with every new terrorist assault,” says Andelman, arguing that such a scenario represents a threat to “traditional democratic values,” despite those candidates being part of democracies in every instance and despite their popularity being achieved through democratic means.

“In fact, the only proof Andelman offers that electing right-wing parties will destroy democracy is that many of those parties want to withdraw from the European Union, even though such a withdrawal, by itself, does nothing to make a country less of a democracy,” writes Blake Neff.

The article also laments that such attacks cause a clamor amongst the population to “return full control over their nation’s security to their own security forces,” as if this was a bad thing.

Given that CNN is still blaming the truck itself for the terrorist attack and not the ideology – Islam – that motivated the killer – it’s unsurprising that the network is so eager to provide a platform for someone like Andelman so he can run defense for the “religion of peace” while smearing ordinary Germans as racist bigots for wanting to put a stop to the carnage.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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