Obama Says It’s ‘Inevitable’ U.S. Will Become ‘Browner’

President Obama said “it’s inevitable” that the US is going to be “browner” during an interview with NPR on Monday.

“With respect to how we deal with each other, the demographics of the country are going to change,” he said. “It’s inevitable.”

“The Latino community in America is going to grow,” Obama said. “If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country.”

While the Democrats have been flooding the country with immigrants from Mexico and Central America, whites becoming a minority is not inevitable if there is a “Trump bump” where white people start having babies again.

Currently, Pew Research reports just over 50.2% of births are to non-whites.

If the election was held just a few years from now with just mildly changed demographics working against whites, Donald Trump would have lost and no Republican could have ever won again.

While the left has been importing voters for the last 30 years to rig our elections, there’s no reason the Republicans can’t export potential voters to correct the situation.

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Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  1. DON’T bet on it, ugly alien sob pos muslime terrorist nigger!! WE the people and President Trump WILL CORRECT ALL your mistakes!!

  2. Brown races are not known for high intelligence, White races have always been known for high intelligence and great accomplishments. A Brown society is easily controlled and manipulated by government, The best slaves are Brown Slaves. Interbreeding is a tool used by Government to destroy the White Race. Today’s White Women interbreeding with Blacks and Brown’s produce Defective Brown Children with lower IQ than White Parented Children. The New World Order slaves are being Dumbed Down in the Globalist Schools and being taught Compliance in their Masters NWO society, Prepared for life in Prison if they step out of Line.

  3. Duh…..Obama is stating the obvious….If Obama is letting Mexicans and South Americans into the USA illegally, and on purpose, guess what…..it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know the overall skin color will eventually get browner !!!!

    Obama, and many others, needs to be hung for treason !!!!

    The founder, Thomas Jefferson, said “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

    What he meant was there is a “liberal” type of humans with mental disorders, that are always causing problems and trying to impose their way on regular people. These “liberals” eventually impose tyrannical and totalitarianism on peaceful law abiding people.

    We are at this point in the USA and world. It is past time to do what Jefferson suggested!

  4. the browner america gets, the more like a “brown” country it will become.

    Look at Honduras or Zimbabwe

  5. Obama is probably correct thanks to his dumping hundreds of thousands of immigrants, both legal and illegal on the US for taxpayers to support ! Obama may still end up destroying America long after he is out of office. We are fast losing our language, culture and American way of life. Whether Trump can turn this around is anyone’s guess, it could go either way as many American’s actually want an endless supply of slave labor.

  6. Why is Obama so obsessed with browns/blacks vs whites…we’re ALL AMERICANS….who’s the racist now?????????????????

  7. White people are more responsible than other races. That’s why the white race is diminishing. The fix is to STOP all Government welfare, then the browns, and blacks will have to become just as responsible as the whites.

    • Paulus you in the UK have a BIG brown problem in the form of Muslim invaders, hell one even runs London.

      • You of course are right. I wish, naturally, that it was otherwise. Your ‘experiment’ with your trash has patently failed – my only hope is that the Muslim in OUR midst will be well and truly ejected next time. But at least the world is waking up to the threat of these brainwashed, semi-educated pieces of detritus – I am happy to say that they ‘jumped the gun’ by about five years. The infiltration was not QUITE deep enough. Their ‘fifth-column’ cuckoos are showing themselves. Like him or not, and of course he has his faults, Trump backed by loyal Americans will at least try and redress the balance. At last we are waking up and the time has come for a fight-back, with a vengeance. I am begging our folk here in the UK, whoever I can ‘collar’, to vote only for one of the candidates from a Christian (I am not a practicing Christian!) or at least non-Muslim background. To me the greatest threat is if we have ANY Muslim in ANY position of power in any Official capacity, local or national. I have been an observer of these retarded people for something like sixty years and I know that they take kindness for weakness, and as soon as they can speak they are taught to destroy anyone, anything which does not comply with their unholy collection of nonsense they call the Koran. The tide IS turning; we must be strong and vocal; we MUST do everything initially by the book – BUT, should that fail – we have to remember that the only mediation they understand is – FORCE!

      • Well now, when your Muslims have taken over the whole of the States, rather than just the White House, who will your allies be? The French? The EU? Of course, as in the case of Syria, it took you some considerabke time to understand what was happening in the world in 1939; and as I recall, most of the finance for Nazi German Armaments came from American financiers who are still bellying you all dry currently. So, there is little or no need for you to preach to me about who baled who out – and incidentally, while you were “baling us out’ you were also charging top-rate for all that you supplied us with. Or does your memory not extend to some home truths. By the way, I hope you are not relying on your ‘fabulous’ CIA and FBI these days – I think they must have been taking lessons from the KGB, Stasi and the Mafia. What a lovely reliable lot they are Lloyd! Smashing!

        • The Nazi bankers are still dealing world wide and civil war looms here, We have so many problems here in the U.S. We will not have time to help you. You better buy a gun today.

          • I always keep my powder (and chowder) dry and my flintlock at the ready – so long as I can find my false teeth I reckon I will be ready – then again, I could always borrow those teeth from my missus! If you can’t offer a new Marshall Plan, I guess like the Clintons, I will just have to ‘help myself’ !

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