Hard left “journalist” declares 60 million Americans racist deplorables

(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last two months liberals in the mainstream media have attempted to figure out why their candidate lost the election despite almost universal anti-Trump sentiment throughout the press.

Some have pointed to anti-elitist populism while others have written about so-called “white economical anxiety” as the reason tens of millions of Americans ignored the media and voted for Donald Trump.

Sadly, other “journalists” in the liberal media have decided to ignore reality on every level and instead just outright claim that the over 60 million Americans who voted for Trump are racist deplorables that should be attacked on a regular basis.

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Hard left Salon propagandist Chauncey DeVega, in a new piece attacking the very idea of white working-class “economic anxiety”, has gone off the deep end with shocking claims that literally tens of millions of Americans are racist, which is the reason, he claims, they didn’t vote for documented criminal Hillary Clinton.

The piece starts out by outlandishly claiming that the over 60 million Americans who voted for Trump are an actual threat to democracy as if voting itself is now a threat to the liberal establishment.

After then going on a sort of long rant about how white economic anxiety just can’t be real, including quoting two more hard left sources, DeVega gets to the crux of his argument. (which is one that many in the corporate media also believe) The over 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump did so because they are racists deplorables who voted the way they did out of a sense of white identity politics.

It is increasingly clear that it was neither white economic anxiety operating in isolation nor the white working class as a monolithic group that won Trump the White House. Rather, it was the fact that Trump’s campaign, in an extension of at least five decades of Republican strategy, was able to use overt white racism and white racial resentment to exacerbate and manipulate misplaced anxieties about relative group power and privilege in American society.

Historically, to be white was to be the quintessential American. In the United States, whiteness also proceeds from an assumption that white people are always and forever to be dominant and consequently the most powerful of all racial groups. This is white identity politics as both a practice and ideology. It is also the not-so-subtle meaning of Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again!”

With the election of Trump, the United States has fully entered its twilight years. In this tumultuous time, the American news media should be providing citizens with light and clarity. Instead, the media has largely chosen to normalize Trump’s election by peddling the fiction that it was primarily white working-class economic insecurity, rather than white racism and white identity politics, that propelled him to victory.

Keep in mind, this direct hatred for tens of millions of Americans is a view largely shared by most in the corporate media and not just the openly left leaning outlets like Salon (which has multiple former Media Matters writers on staff) but also some of the most mainstream newspapers and cable stations in the country.

The fact that this terrible piece was published in Salon should come as no surprise considering their long history of attacking and slandering anyone that doesn’t line up with their cultural Marxist world view.

In fact, just last week we reported on another piece on the website that defended a communist professor who called for white genocide on Christmas by labeling anyone who spoke out against him as the actual racists.

“The left has delved even further into insanity by actually claiming that the news outlets who reported on Ciccariello’s call for genocide are the actual racists for simply reporting the communist professors own words. That’s right, according to this line of thought, if you speak out against calls to kill people based on their skin color and that skin color happens to be white then you are the real racist.”

“In the sick world that is modern American liberalism, exposing a professor for attacking whites amounts to “mainstreaming” white supremacist beliefs. And don’t forget it was all just a joke!”

The election of Donald Trump has seemingly pushed the hard left into the abyss to the point where they are now outright calling literally everyone that disagrees with them racists.

Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.