Donald Trump directly targets CIA Chief as intelligence community continues coup attempt

CIA head disinformation artist directly called out by President-elect

(INTELLIHUB) — Just hours after outgoing CIA Chief John Brennan lashed out at Donald Trump for not “fully understanding” the Russian threat, Trump hit back by exposing the terrible record of Brennan before asking if he was the leaker of the documented disinformation dossier recently released by fake news purveyor BuzzFeed.

Trump called out Brennan for his horrible handling of events in Syria, Crimea, Ukraine and the build up of Russia nukes.

In other words, the head of the CIA just got destroyed by the President-elect who is clearly not backing down in the midst of an unprecedented coup attempt led by the very agency Brennan controls.

For the first time in decades, we actually have a president who is willing to stand up to the intelligence community and the sort of shadow government they control.

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At this point we can only hope and pray that nothing happens to Trump and, if something does, we will KNOW that the CIA was involved.

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  1. There is NO place in the Intelligence community for partisan hacks. Because partisan hacks can’t possibly do their jobs objectively.

  2. Take Brennan, the Muslime traitor, and Clapper, the devious lying traitor and hang them in the Public Square along with Obama, the Clintons and all the slime that has been behind the corruption of our Goverments, Federal and State !!1

  3. Brennan, the muzslime and Crapper, the liar both need to be thoroughly investigated once their reigns of terror are over.

  4. brilliant the show has just begun ! appointing Pomeo hardline the CIA have to prepare for a serious leader west point number one and harvard lawyer as well ! time to wake up Trump has a serious brains trust! heavy backers do not under estimate ! this is why no assassination is viable dont know who they are aiming at ! there are very serious people who want to repair the issues of previous era of usa ! fox had the sense to wake up to change! cnn are gone or humiliated until they wake up! msm will need to totally reconstruct ! this is a new time like no other ! Trump knows how to deal with Israel China Russia and Saudi and USA will be better for it! and dont have to spend a trillion dollars on bombs to do it ! anyone who thinks they can aim at bringing Trump down have no idea ! Trump is a front page with an whole book to read

  5. Brennan is a lousy Muslim, similar to the worthless Black turd of a POS of a token Tar-
    Baby of a Muslim POTUS. Both of these turds, are highly suspect and have been since
    their reign of terror in the past 8 years of this Black turds dictatorship.

  6. Brennan is gone and can go now and drown in his Irish Mist. Crapper is next, and you know where he can go.

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