Mobile booking stations set up across city


Police in Washington DC are preparing for mass arrests of protesters during the inauguration of Donald Trump by setting up mobile booking stations across the city.

“Cops working Donald Trump’s inauguration are prepped to handle mass arrests and avoid chaos in the jails … and their secret weapon is the mobile booking station,” reports TMZ.

However, despite the expectation of large numbers of arrests, the mobile booking stations are merely a way to keep the city’s jails from overcrowding.

Police are planning to “release demonstrators they arrest” after they have issued citations, according to the report.

Local cops are also being told to not move in too quickly on protesters, suggesting that authorities may turn a blind eye to some unrest in an attempt to prevent tension from building.

Far-left agitators have vowed to stage violent unrest in an effort to communicate the message that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate.

Yesterday we reported on how journalists are being warned to be prepared for physical attacks by anti-Trump protesters during the event, with guidelines mirroring those sent out to reporters during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison