Video: Anti-Trump Protester Sets Trump Supporter’s Hair on Fire

Before chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!”

Shock video footage shows an anti-Trump protester in Washington DC setting a woman’s hair on fire for no other reason than her being a Trump supporter.

The clip shows a relatively peaceful confrontation between anti-Trump demonstrators and Trump supporters before one obese woman standing behind a female Trump supporter briefly conspires with another. Moments later the Trump supporter’s hair is set on fire.

Another Trump supporter acts quickly to put out the fire as soon as he sees it.

“This happened on Inauguration Day in Washington DC just after Donald Trump swore into office,” reads the description of the video on YouTube. “Everything had been fine up until this moment, and it just comes to show that ‘Peaceful’ Protests aren’t always what they seem to be.”

Analysis of the footage clearly shows that the woman pictured below was responsible for the assault.

The two women who conspired to set the Trump supporter’s hair on fire then begin chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!”

“Both the assailants appear to be Hispanic females around 200 pounds and their victim is white, indicating race may have been a factor in the attack,” notes Chris Menahan.

The crowd had been cheering “love trumps hate” before the woman’s hair was set on fire. Yes, really.

“They go low, we go high.”

The only saving grace was that some of the other anti-Trump protesters apologized to the woman and disavowed the assault.

Other incidents of Trump derangement syndrome continue to sweep America. An anti-Trump protester who punched a female Rebel Media reporter at the Women’s March in Alberta has been identified as Dion Bews.

Meanwhile, a woman was kicked off a plane in Baltimore after a Trump supporter triggered her with his mere presence, prompting the woman to angrily abuse her fellow passenger.

Actor Shia LaBeouf was also caught on camera maniacally screaming “he will not divide us!” in a Trump supporter’s face at his latest art exhibition, thereby becoming the physical embodiment of division.

There’s also this video below, which completely defies explanation.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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  1. Agree this behavior is deranged, but these people are products of, among other things media programming, telling them what they should be invested in. Infowars and PJW support the false left/right paradigm, they’re just as part of the problem here.

  2. If that degenerate had tried that in a right to carry state, they would have rightfully been shot to death.

  3. Track that mentally deficient liberal down and beat them so severely they will curse the day they were born.

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