Video: Riot Police Applauded For Arresting Antifa Traffic Blockers

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“Thank you for doing your job!”


Video out of Portland shows people cheering and applauding riot police after they arrested a group of Antifa leftists who were blocking traffic.

The protesters were blocking traffic at the intersection of Southwest Yamhill and 6th Avenue. Motorists and one bus driver appear irate as the anarchists scream and lean on vehicles.

In another clip, an angry citizen yells at the anarchists, “get out of the f***ing way!”

“Do not engage, do not respond,” says one of the protesters.

“You don’t have a f***ing job, does any one of you guys have a job?” responds the man.

However, the interruption is short lived as a squad of riot police with batons quickly make their way to the scene and tackle the leftists.

Residents are heard praising the arrests as they cheer and applaud the riot police.

“They’re blocking the f***ing way,” said one.

“They gotta get out of the way, people gotta get home,” added another.

“Thank you for doing your jobs guys, I appreciate it!” shouted another man.

Another woman enthusiastically gives two thumbs up.

According to Fox 12, fourteen individuals were arrested, including six people during this incident.

This video footage illustrates how Antifa anarchists are less likable than riot police, who aren’t normally noted for their popularity.

Given their behavior during the inauguration, when Antifa rioters smashed up businesses and violently attacked Trump supporters – it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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  1. Well done Police-people. Once a protest hurts or gets in the way of innocent people, then it cannot be called a “peaceful protest” These Anti-fascists seem to be more fascist than what they’re supposed to be opposing.
    You’re right re the so-called higher education these days, it amounts to indoctrination. If any of these ‘protesters’ are students, their actions on the street probably gains them extra grade points when they get back to their colleges.

  2. Like I’ve always said, ‘education is no guarantee of intelligence’!!
    Today, It’s no longer education, but indoctrination and that equates to ‘dumbed down’!!

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