Video: 5 Signs We’re Probably Going to War With Iran


There are more than five, but here are five glaring neon signs that we’re probably going to war with Iran, courtesy of the Bush, Obama, and now the Trump administration.

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  1. anytime discussions such as this OMIT the name: “Israel” – I am certain there is a deliberate dodge going on. The KEY LINCHPIN of American nuclear policy – and make NO MISTAKE it’s ALL ABOUT THE NUKES, it’s ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THE NUKES – the key linchpin to the US nuclear policy is our SECRET NUCLEAR ALLIANCE with Israel.
    How do I know about this deep secret if it’s so secret? Because Yitzak Rabin’s peace plan with the Arab world revealed (less secretly) that Israel promised never to implement this agreement against any Arab country, if they would sign the Peace agreement…. The essence of the NUCLEAR TREATY between US-Israel is 1)of course, to guarantee the security of Israel; and 2) for Israel to use it’s nukes to support the US in case of a nuclear war; and 3) to create a huge geographical “nuclear security zone” around Israel that melds together with NATO’s nuclear security zone to guarantee US-Israeli-European military dominance in the developed world. (too bad they left out India and Pakistan!) It is by reference to this secret nuclear alliance that Israel was able to coerce the USA into invading Iraq the second time. “They’ve got WMD’s!” cried Israel – when we knew Iraq didn’t, but Israel insisted. Now, the perimeter of nuclear security around Israel has been cleared all the way out to IRAN. after Iran is cleared…Pakistan is next I suppose. This article and video DO NOT DISCUSS Russia’s opposition to the USA(Israel) taking out IRAN. Russia cannot be left out of the discussion either…so there are TWO ELEPHANTS in the room being ignored. [Typical schzoid Brookings intel oversight…] Personally, I have a high degree of interest in the alleged US-Russia rapprochement…if the question of IRAN can be worked out amicably enough a really functioning New World Order could be formed that is not based on oil addicted politics.

  2. It is about time that an administration put Iran in their place, similar to how the United
    States, since its inception in the early 1800’s, put another deranged Muslim entity in
    their place: The Barbarby Pirates off the coast of Northern Africa, under our 3rd POTUS, Thomas Jefferson. Iran maintains the reputation of the mother of all terrorists. Iran continually perpetuates global conquest and funds the various well-known terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, and a few others. Once Iran has been paddled, it will transmit a message to the rest of planet Earth, that our 45th POTUS, will no longer “F” around with these worthless followers of Muhammed, similar to the machinations of Thomas Jefferson. Because the 44th POTUS was, and still a Muslim in disguise, he has been catering to the Muslims for the past 8 years, using the agreement with the Iranians in connection with the nuclear transgression, awarding Iran everything, while at the same time, the United States received nothing concrete, with the exception of their worthless promises not to violate this agreement, whch has recently indicated that Iran has violated this
    agreement with their launch of a military missile, but as I have always imparted, Muslims are not to be trusted. There is no such thing as a moderate
    Muslim. They have been schooled from birth, to hate the “BIG SATAN,” and therefore, change is not evident in the Middle East for the past 1400 years under the influence of Muhammed, whom was nothing more than a killer, a pervert, a pedophile, a criminal, and an abuser of women of women and children. So much for Muhammed
    to be considered a Prophet and the perfect man. There has only been one perfect man on this planet, and he was a Christian, Jesus Christ. These worthless Iranian
    turds need to be put in their place, and our 45th POTUS will do planet Earth a great
    favor by bringing Iran and their worthless Mullahs and Ayatollah, to their knees.
    Notice too, the Iranians are similar to the Blacks, whom are reluctant to join the 21st
    century, primarily because 99% of both races are uneducated and therefore, main-
    tain a tribal tradition of conquest, rather than mutual collaboration. Everywhere that
    Blacks and Muslims congregate, trouble will surely follow.

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