Men In Black: Provocateurs Caught On Tape Turning Berkeley Protests Into Riots As Allegations Swirl Police Were Told to Stand Down


We know a lot of the chaos we’re seeing on the US stage is being orchestrated from the bottom up and the top down.

Now video has emerged showing what appears to be an agent provocateur troop infiltrating the Berkeley protest to deliberately turn it into a full on riot.

Check these guys dressed in black with black hoodies and face masks out as they move through the crowd together in a row:

For what was supposed to be a peaceful protest, these guys obviously came prepared and seem to be on a mission.

Video taken later on during the protest shows people dressed in this same garb as the main group smashing windows and starting fires… inciting the violence and destruction.

Check this out. You’ll see these guys again at a couple minutes in.

ABC News would later report on the riot that:

…officials said it was a smaller group of protesters dressed in black and in hooded sweatshirts that showed up as night fell to break windows with metal barricades, throw smoke bombs and flares and start a large bonfire outside the building with a diesel generator.

“This was a group of agitators who were masked up, throwing rocks, commercial grade fireworks and Molotov cocktails at officers,” said UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo Bennet.

Right Wing News further reported:

“They come in in a single-file line with backpacks on. They have shields,” Milo’s security coordinator Tej Gill, a former Navy SEAL, told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview.

“These are professional protesters from out of town. They’re the same guys that were at Seattle,” Gill said, describing agitators with “full face masks on, black hoodies, black jeans, black gloves.”

Meanwhile, allegations are also flying that police at Berkeley were given a stand down order.

Via Zero Hedge:

As fires raged and Trump supporters were assaulted with shovels and pepper spray by masked anarchists, the mayor of Berkeley, CA, Jesse Arreguin, allegedly ordered SWAT and campus police to stand down.

Here’s a picture from a redditor claiming to be 100 officers hanging out in the student union building while the violence was occurring (post):


A comment in the thread:


“Cop here, I’m in training this week and this topic is all over the classes. 100% these guys were told to stand down and to not even be in the area. They didn’t even want them in view and a guy in my class said he knew a campus police officer there that said they were being assured that the protest was now peaceful and that nobody was getting hurt, even though at the time several were hurt. He also said that they had no idea it was to the degree that it was because there were being lied to by the college staff. There were several assisting agencies that didn’t fall under the control of the “Mayor” but they were there in a supportive role and were going off the information that the UC Berkeley staff was giving them. They were extremely pissed when they found out the aftermath. He also added that he hoped that the students that got injured and their families would sue the absolute hell out of the college.”

Some people are working on just that.

The mayor claims it wasn’t him.


But obviously with this many riot police just hanging out on stand by, the property damage and violence was allowed to go on unabated.

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Just how orchestrated is everything we’re seeing? The system is certainly acting like it wants a second civil war.

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Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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  1. Same thing happened at G20 protests and other where so-called “black block” agent-provocateurs start stirring up trouble to give the police an excuse to crack down hard on
    protesters. One of the best examples is the G8 top in Genua 2001 , watch the documentary
    Gipfelstürmer die blutigen tage von genua , it’s in German but the video clips speak for themselves.
    Interesting that during the Berkeley riots the police didn’t violently and massively took on the protesters.
    Shows they are a tool by the ones who rule behind the scenes to further their agenda ,paid thugs and (expendable) useful idiots.

  2. Their schoolboy ninja costumes should be quite easy to target in any “protest.” Simple law that dosen’t interfere with the first amendment…no wearing of masks in groups of a dozen or more people.

  3. SHUT DOWN the school AND ARREST ALL protestors!!!!
    Police should NEVER stand down AGAINST ugly lefturd liberal idiot trouble makers!!

  4. I hope they do sue the pants off of them and they get no more Federal funds. Anyone donating to that school with any morals should also withdraw that funding. Bankrupt them. They are not learning anything there anyway.

  5. What should have been checked out, is not so much their masked faces, but the color of their hands, which would surely indicate memembers of the “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” gang, and to this I maintain, Black Lives Matter, so long as these Black turds behave themselves. As a former High School teacher, my Black students were my worst, both academically and behaviorally, therefore susceptible to turds such as George “NAZI” Soros to recruit them. Normally, when individuals are uneducated, the are easy recruits to wage violence on indigenous citizens, but as soon as Jeff Sessions is confirmed as Attorney General, I vision that the “LEFT” will have met their match. Notice too, under the worthless 44th Black turd of a Muslim POTUS, he selected Eric Holder, another Black racial prejudiced, worthless turd, as his Attorney General, and what did this Black turd accomplish? Absolutely nothing positive. He defied a Congressional order to come clean in the gun-running episode, “FAST & FURIOIUS,” to Mexico, but he never had to pay the consequences that an average American would be held responsible, and his other choice of Attorney General, a Black woman, proved just as defiant and stupid, when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of some airport in Arizona. What did they really discuss, is another chapter in the worthless history of the Democratic Party History. Berkeley reaks of Racial
    Prejudice, as I recall, many years ago, that some radical, Black, female professor
    at Berkeley, stood before Congress and was determined for Congress to make a
    law that the Black language used at home, would be taught to our students in our
    public schools. Of course, she was laughed from her podium. With every instance
    that Blacks are normally involved, the low-level Blacks are easily recruited to accom-
    mplished the dirty work of these worthless turds, funded and supported by none
    other than George “NAZI” Soros, therefore, this NAZI turd needs to be arrested,
    indicted and sentence and his key thrown away. This worthless NAZI turd has
    learned his lessons well from the NAZI’s during WW2 in his native Hungary. Soros,
    somilar to the 44th POTUS, is not a natural born citizen, therefore, both of these
    turds maintain no patriotic allegiance to the United States.

    • I pray you’re right. There are also several other cases that need immediate attention. Going to be a very busy department. Right now
      I’m in a hide and watch mode. Watch to see if this admin does like the previous and not go after and file charges and really prosecute
      anyone. IMO this is the main point to tell if it is the law for all or a double standard to note go after any of the elite. The list of names and
      charges are long and many. I pray that gnawing feeling of doubt I’ve been having is very wrong. My faith in any govt enforcement of laws
      for all these elite is nearly non existent. How bad I’m hoping it’s wrong. GO GET THEM ALL A G SESSIONS!!!!!

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