We know a lot of the chaos we’re seeing on the US stage is being orchestrated from the bottom up and the top down.

Now video has emerged showing what appears to be an agent provocateur troop infiltrating the Berkeley protest to deliberately turn it into a full on riot.

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Check these guys dressed in black with black hoodies and face masks out as they move through the crowd together in a row:

For what was supposed to be a peaceful protest, these guys obviously came prepared and seem to be on a mission.

Video taken later on during the protest shows people dressed in this same garb as the main group smashing windows and starting fires… inciting the violence and destruction.

Check this out. You’ll see these guys again at a couple minutes in.

ABC News would later report on the riot that:

…officials said it was a smaller group of protesters dressed in black and in hooded sweatshirts that showed up as night fell to break windows with metal barricades, throw smoke bombs and flares and start a large bonfire outside the building with a diesel generator.

“This was a group of agitators who were masked up, throwing rocks, commercial grade fireworks and Molotov cocktails at officers,” said UC Berkeley Police Chief Margo Bennet.

Right Wing News further reported:

“They come in in a single-file line with backpacks on. They have shields,” Milo’s security coordinator Tej Gill, a former Navy SEAL, told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview.

“These are professional protesters from out of town. They’re the same guys that were at Seattle,” Gill said, describing agitators with “full face masks on, black hoodies, black jeans, black gloves.”

Meanwhile, allegations are also flying that police at Berkeley were given a stand down order.

Via Zero Hedge:

As fires raged and Trump supporters were assaulted with shovels and pepper spray by masked anarchists, the mayor of Berkeley, CA, Jesse Arreguin, allegedly ordered SWAT and campus police to stand down.

Here’s a picture from a redditor claiming to be 100 officers hanging out in the student union building while the violence was occurring (post):


A comment in the thread:


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“Cop here, I’m in training this week and this topic is all over the classes. 100% these guys were told to stand down and to not even be in the area. They didn’t even want them in view and a guy in my class said he knew a campus police officer there that said they were being assured that the protest was now peaceful and that nobody was getting hurt, even though at the time several were hurt. He also said that they had no idea it was to the degree that it was because there were being lied to by the college staff. There were several assisting agencies that didn’t fall under the control of the “Mayor” but they were there in a supportive role and were going off the information that the UC Berkeley staff was giving them. They were extremely pissed when they found out the aftermath. He also added that he hoped that the students that got injured and their families would sue the absolute hell out of the college.”

Some people are working on just that.

The mayor claims it wasn’t him.


But obviously with this many riot police just hanging out on stand by, the property damage and violence was allowed to go on unabated.

Just how orchestrated is everything we’re seeing? The system is certainly acting like it wants a second civil war.

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