Open Warfare Declared in DC as Deep State ‘Goes Nuclear’ — Trump ‘Will Die in Jail’

Washington, D.C. – The United States is entering an extreme and unprecedented political crisis in the form of a soft coup by the deep state. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have publicly called out these elements of the “intelligence-industrial complex” that are actively working to undermine, discredit and forcibly remove President Trump.

Giving a clear admission of a soft coup in progress, John Schindler, a former professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, who spent nearly a decade with the super-secret National Security Agency as an intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer — and who still maintains deep connections to the intelligence community — readily admitted that senior elements of the intelligence community (IC) are engaging in treason against Trump.

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Speaking to this soft coup and smashing the left/right paradigm, on Tuesday, former Cleveland Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich boldly stated that, “There’s something wrong going on here in the intelligence community,” in calling out the real reason behind the forced resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Kucinich urged Trump to take control, and locate where the leakers are so he and the American people will know the truth. Kucinich said members of the intelligence community want to reignite a Cold War between the United States and Russia so the military, industrial and intelligence “axis” can “cash in.”

While on the opposite side of the aisle, California Congressman Devin Nunes (R), chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence, proclaimed that the nine intelligence officials who leaked the contents of Flynn’s phone call should be locked up for leaking classified intelligence.

“That’s nine leakers that all belong in jail,” he said. “Those nine people broke the law, clearly, by leaking classified information to anybody.”

This all comes in the wake of the nation’s top security official, National Security Advisor Flynn, being forced to resign after leaks from the IC revealed that he gave “incomplete information” to Vice President Mike Pence and others about the conversations he had with the Russian ambassador prior to Trump taking office.

Flynn has since publicly stated that he “crossed no lines” during an interview with The Daily Caller. Obviously, an experienced intelligence official like Flynn was completely aware of the signals intelligence on Russian diplomats, thus making it extremely unlikely that he would say anything that could be construed as violating the law.

Just remember, it’s not what Flynn said, it’s who he talked to – the Russians – as it is standard operating procedure for incoming officials to talk to diplomats from other countries. The neoliberal and neocon forces are determined to push a new Cold War with Russia, and will not allow for Trump’s intended rapprochement.

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When intelligence officials are using their position to leak details to the press in an effort to control the public narrative in hopes of delegitimizing a sitting president, make no mistake that the politicians are no longer in control of the United States – the intelligence apparatus is in control.

Think about the implications of what is taking place; any person running for public office can essentially be manipulated by the intelligence that the NSA has collected on them. The information can then be anonymously leaked to destroy anyone the intel apparatus chooses, thus giving them total control.

The depth of this political crisis cannot be overstated, as the deep state war on Trump could spiral out of control with grave consequences, including the risk of an actual Civil War.

As noted by respected geopolitical analyst The Saker:

At the risk of sounding over the top, I will say that what is happening now is putting the very existence of the United States in danger almost regardless of what Trump will personally do. Whatever we may think of Trump as a person and about his potential as a President, what is certain is that millions of American patriots have voted for him to “clear the swamp”, give the boot to the Washington-based plutocracy and restore what they see as fundamental American values.

If the Neocons now manage to stage a coup d’etat against Trump, I predict that these millions of American will turn to violence to protect what they see as their way of life, their values and their country. In spite of the image which Hollywood likes to give of them, most Americans are peaceful and non-violent people, but if they are pushed too far they will not hesitate and grab their guns to defend themselves, especially if they lose all hopes in their democracy. And I am not talking only about gun-toting hillbillies here, I am talking about the local, state and county authorities, who often care much more about what their local constituents think and say than what they are up to in DC. If a coup is staged against Trump and some wannabe President à la Hillary or McCain gives the order to the National Guard or even the US Army to put down a local insurrection, we could see what we saw in Russia in 1991: a categorical refusal of the security services to shoot at their own people.

This is a very prescient warning given the volatile political atmosphere in the United States. It should be noted that the confluence of deep state forces in this soft coup against Trump includes Clinton political operatives of the Brock/Podesta/Soros ilk, neocons represented by McCain/Graham, and intelligence operatives in the security apparatus.

Essentially, the losers of the election refuse to submit and have determined that they will wage total war on Trump in an effort to force regime change – elections be damned.

In fact, the dynamics at play are much larger in scope and volume than what most people understand, as they are part of a full spectrum war, utilizing tactics from various global Color Revolutions, to force regime change in the United States. The neocons and neoliberals have virtual control of the Congress, the media, courts, and parts of the intelligence apparatus.

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From the time of Bill Clinton until now, these elements have deeply penetrated the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, and the three letter agencies. Even the Fed is largely aligned with these globalist forces.

So, how can President Trump survive this soft coup?

Trump has only one chance for his political survival.

He must undertake a ruthless, but legal, anti-corruption campaign against the deep state forces aligned against his presidency ala Putin’s anti-corruption campaign in Russia. Make no mistake that Trump, and those that have declared war upon him, are engaged in a fight to the death.

When Putin came to power he inherited a similar situation in the Kremlin, which was every bit as corrupt and traitor-infested as the White House in which Trump now finds himself.

The manner in which this operation would be conducted would be a methodical FBI crackdown on the forces fomenting the soft coup by investigating the plotters on charges of corruption, abuse of power, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and all the other types of behavior which have gone on forever in Congress, the intelligence community and the media.

Trump could start by instructing FBI Director James Comey to tenaciousiosly investigate criminal activity of those elements involved in the plot. Essentially, he would deal with the coup plotters in the same manner as Putin handled the oligarchs in Russia or how the U.S. took down Al Capone – tax evasion charges, etc.

With the removal of Flynn, Trump is now surrounded by forces that are largely hostile to his stated goal of peace with Russia. The major difference between what Putin faced and what Trump now faces is that the forces aligned against Putin never saw him coming.

Trump’s only choices for political survival are to strike immediately and strike hard, or to cave to the neolibcon line on Russia. Judging by his tweet regarding Crimea this morning, it seems that Trump may be capitulating to the forces intent on his destruction in an effort to save his presidency from total ruin.

To survive the soft coup attempt, without bending to the neolibcon will, Trump must use the FBI to clean house and deliver a steady stream of indictments for corruption, conspiracy to [fill the blank], abuse of authority, obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty, etc. Since such crimes are widespread in the current circles of power, they are also easy to prove and cracking down on corruption would get Trump a standing ovation from the American people.

This is the only way Trump will survive the ongoing coup attempt by the various deep state operatives, working in concert with Clintonian media proxies, is to undertake a widespread anti-corruption campaign aimed at those attempting to overthrow the current U.S. government.

While one may not support Trump’s politics or agenda, make no mistake that those involved in this soft coup are doing nothing less than engaging in treason against the United States.

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project


  1. The Lord is on Trump’s side. He will not permit his feet to be moved. Pray for Trump and his family and their protection. Also, pray for the success of all Trump aides and assistants and appointees and their protection as well. God’s will will triumph in this situation. Corrupt people will be exposed. The swamp must be drained. It is stinking.

  2. Yup, between the secret society’s “intelligence agencies” (you did know that the CIA was created by Skull and Bones, right?) and the Jewish controlled mainstream media, along with the other interlocking organizations of the “powers that be”, President Trump is literally in the fight of his life, not to mention the final fight for the survival of the American nation. It isn’t a fucking “soft coup” if it works, it’s a fucking coup, plain and simple. Let’s stop with all the memes, shall we? Anyone remember the last time we had a Coup de tat in America? When Kennedy was taken out by the intelligence community in 1963 the government changed hands and was given to the likes of LBJ, Bush, Cheney, Nixon, Rumsfeld, and many others who still rule over us today. We’ve been living in a post-Kennedy America and that is why we’ve never stopped going to war since he was assassinated. If Trump is jailed, murdered, whatever, we’re all looking at a full scale, balls-out, civil war in America. It will be unavoidable, at least if we or our children’s children want to enjoy liberty ever again that is. The global, Marxist-Fascists (true fascism was actually a good thing the way it was described too me) that have taken over the western world will never let us be free again. They have already imported their own army of muslims into Europe and they have done the same thing here in America, only they aren’t muslims, there is a 10 million strong Latino army already within our borders that hate the white people of America (look up “The Plan of San Diego). All they need are arms and some direction from the powers that be. And who do you think most black men will fight for? The younger blacks will fight with the communists, thinking that the white man is their enemy, never realizing who their (and our) true enemy is.

    If Trump is taken out of power, regardless of the method used, we have to fight. If we refuse to fight then everything is lost, all hope is gone. The New World Order will have thrown their first punch in the final salvo that changes the face of America and the world forever. We will be living in a hell of our own making because we refused to see the writing on the wall. Europe is most likely already defeated. They cannot hope to survive without the help of America and mother Russia.

  3. why would john schindler be so stupid as to tweet something as stupid as that?
    he wouldn’t. this is a bogus inflammatory story.

  4. The only turds whom are going to die in jail, are the worthless Black turd of a an ex-
    Muslim, 44th POTUS, George Soros, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and Valeried Jarrett, and
    perhaps many members of the Press Corps, whom yesterday, at a CNN national
    press conference, our 45th POTUS, tore them a new one, by also indicating to them,
    that nobody listens to them anymore, and rightfully so, especially tearing Jim Acosta,
    a new one, in his efforts to perpetuate the ideology of the worthless Establishment. The

  5. All involved act as though they will never be prosecuted, all must be prosecuted for treason or whatever it falls under. This is insane!

  6. The only thing that will save Trump is if he sends Navy/AirForce jets to bomb NSACIA to bits–then veer over and knock out the FederalReserve as well. This will never happen of course, but it would do the world so much good as these entities have caused the deaths of millions and created much suffering to untold numbers. It would be much better if God would simply open a giant sinkhole and take them down into the pit but unfortunately He doesn’t operate that way.

    • We call that being brainwashed. No substance just something you keep hearing from your boob tube and then you repeat it like a good little beatch.

      • yes the trumpzombies, the deplorables are so brainless, so low IQ that tought that a world known sex predator was going to be their messiah

        Now the white trash is crying everywhere because they have realizeD the orange gorilla, their master , their idol has betrayed them =)


  7. The treasonous bastards have got to live somewhere. When the SHTF let’s see how many of them end up as tree decorations.

  8. All George Bush had to do was kill a few thousand people on 9-11 and his people had their war. I’m getting the feeling that Trump doesn’t want to go that route.

  9. Trump is like that hot pack on the infected wound that is drawing out all of the poison and it’s painful. He’s keeping his nose to the grindstone, has denied repeatedly that he has any dealings with Russia, and the fact is that they NEED this story. They have nothing else. New territory for them. They are exactly why people voted for Trump and so let the SHTF. His supporters voted for him because this cesspool is out of hand and needs a good cleaning. What also needs a good cleaning is his staff and intelligence. He is literally now in a pit of vipers. I’m wagering Bannon is a perfect man to have on hand at this time. And that’s why they so vehemently hate him. He’s got the street smarts in this scenario that they wish would elude Trump. Trump was brilliant to pick Bannon. On his own, however, don’t be fooled. Trump is no idiot. Quite the contrary. If he is using basic words and basic language, it’s because he knows that the forgotten guys who never made it to Harvard voted for him. And, rather than looking down on them like the liberal elitist scum is doing, he’s extending a hand and is promising not to forget them as American citizens. My vote for Trump is reaffirmed everyday, especially as the politicized pus and posses show exactly how crazed and possessed they are.

  10. Putin did exactly that he towed the line and played the game until he totally secured the Kremlin and took out the 5th column. Make no mistake we are dealing with an infestation. Then the powers that be were so outraged by his so called betrayal they won’t stop until they’ve totally destroyed not just Putin but Russia. The neocons have only made one very fatal mistake. The ignored Putin for the most part when they were having the gluttony fest on Wall St looting the rest of the US and the world. Putin rebuilt the Russian Federation slowly but surely where he now commands a state of the art military more than capable of taking on the US/NATO/Israhell forces alone let alone with assistance from China and Iran.

    Trump must take every precaution. The major worry here is Ivanka’s marriage to Kushner who has direct access to the Oval Office. Very dangerous. Watch the next few weeks. Watch the malice start dripping from those who oppose him it has already. The only way he can stay on top of them is to not sink to their level. Mark my words, you will see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears – the people who mean to take out Trump are demonic. We are dealing with fully fledged psychopaths, make no mistake. No risk, no lie, no human sub standard behavior is beneath these people. Also watch out for the childish behavior. As these people have not emotionally matured past the age of about an 8 year old expect that type of behavior. Believe me when I say you can have a high IQ

    • but that means nothing if people have a low EQ. All that means is you are dealing with an intelligent snake. People are made this way when their emotional needs are not met generally by the nurturing figure. As the parent/s one or both have also been denied this fundamental aspect of the human experience they deny it to their children hence their own children have nothing to mirror back. This is how they become emotionally stunted as adults they simply stop maturing past about the age of 8. Unfortunately this not only applies to US NeoCons it is also applicable to many people in society today. I’ve seen many of them. I have also had to misfortune of having to deal with them. Make no mistake, they destroy relationships and ruin lives. They are to be avoided at all costs.

      • You are so precisely on target. The biggest challenge to humanity and life on earth is- it’s a global infestation of human consciousness.

        • I believe we are seeing a big shift occurring here Truthhawk. I’m watching it both on interpersonal levels and geopolitical levels. There is something going on that is huge and what I consider to be without precedence. The attack on consciousness has been gaining momentum at an exponential rate but what I see happening now is it is backfiring. People who are under the influence of the parasite (for want of a better word) will attack anybody with any spark of consciousness. It’s because they envy us. Trump is being attacked like there is no tomorrow. I believe it will all backfire on them and we are starting to see signs of this. Myself and others close to me have experienced the exact same thing. Betrayals and attacks launched on us by friends and members of our own families wanting to totally destroy us – why because they hate us. Why? Because we dared to step out of the matrix – we dared to tell the truth. We woke up and felt alive for the first time. We allowed ourselves to become the natural, warm and authentic beings we are with the capacity to love and be loved. So we come under attack, the emotional pain and turmoil we have all had to endure has been horrific. Things are turning around now though for all of us. The tactics used by these dark souls are becoming obvious as people start to actually see what is happening and the predators are bringing attention to themselves as they are no longer able to contain their raw malice and as they have no impulse control they are ruthless and relentless, in short – in their hast to destroy they make mistakes. The snakes reveal themselves hence bringing about the exact opposite of what they tried to achieve and if they did achieve it or came close to achieving it – it is now unraveling. As the darkness does not understand the light it must seek ways to destroy it and so it goes…………………….the straight and narrow gate is fraught with danger.

          First the ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win – Ghandi.

      • Narcissistic sociopaths. Highly dangerous with strong drives to positions of power and authority. They are expert at appearing normal. Often entertaining and charming, cunning and persuasive. But the bible warns, “By their works you shall know them.”

    • But what you said hinges on the premise that Trump is not their patsy. He doesn’t seem intelligent enough to defeat them, whereas Putin is very intelligent and had a lot of experience while a KGB agent,

      • Trump does have the intelligence. Putin was an analyst not an operative but he’s not only intelligent he’s totally incorruptible he’s on a mission and I am petty sure Trump is too. Putin didn’t nearly have the same level of infestation DC does. So it would have been much easier for him to clear them out. Trump is new to the WH that’s where they’ll be able to get to him. However, he would not have gone into this without eyes fully open and I’ll bet anything Putin will be backing him.

        • If so then he has horrible impulse control. I also don’t believe he is incorruptible but to each his or her own. I have to ask, how do you know whether or not Trump has the intelligence? And how do you personally know these things? Or are you making an educated guess?

          • Horrible impulse control could mean any number of things if you would care to give an example of what you consider “horrible impulse control” I would be able to answer your question. I will demonstrate poor impulse control below watch both clips:

            Both of the above demonstrate Hillary’s poor impulse control. You can find many more demonstrations of this behavior if you spend the time to do so. I have been observing her for years. She is an extremely dangerous woman. We are fortunate she is not in power.

            Trump has a higher IQ than most Presidents to date scoring 156 – genius status. You don’t build a business empire of Trump’s magnitude if you lack intelligence. Nixon and JFK came in less at 143. Oboma’s is estimated to be 102 Bil and Hillary are 137 & 140 respectively. What is consistent with both JFK and Trump is they have emotional intelligence something Hillary and previous Presidents (bar few) have not and therein lies a big difference. Hillary Clinton is a fully fledged psychopath so is Bill and both Bushes and Obama.

            I make no educated guesses on anything – that borders stupidity, why would one lie to oneself ? Only a fool would do that. I study the human condition. It’s a life time commitment. We have two very different species of humans on this planet. Exactly the same biological species bar a few anomalies. I am not talking about race or religion or aliens for that matter. I am talking about the capacity to acquire emotional intelligence. When we compare Trump and Hillary we are dealing with a different species of human. I’ll go with Trump there is no contest here.

  11. total fu*king BS…trump will win…watch…he will get these traitors and arrest them…some of these traitors are obama, clinton, the demo-cracte party and soros…put these as*holes in jail, then hang them from a lamp post…..period

  12. “If the Neocons now manage to stage a coup d’etat against Trump, ….

    The Deep State needs to keep this in mind:

    “To say many would be displeased is an understatement of rather epic proportions. Let us frame it in a different light. The people you just told to go pound sand on average purchase enough firearms in three months to outfit the Russian and Chinese frontline troops. Every. Three. Months. Those guys who were entrusted to go become experts at fighting insurgents and came home to better quality small arms in the private sector than they were issued, carved an entire market out of teaching what they learned from Uncle Sam to people with the coin and and the desire. You just told all of those guys to go pound sand.”

    • If these fools who are playing this game don’t think it can happen they had better think again! I’m well into my adulthood and a Vietnam vet. I have watched with much disgust the antics of our worthless politicians and federal enforcement officials and am more than willing to take up arms against those who would subvert my beloved home (sedition!). Beware you idiots in D.C., if things go bad, we’re coming after you because you are the main cause of it ALL! You politicians who have been in power WAY too long…YOU are the reason we are where we are.

      • Don’t forget the banksters and Emperors of Oil (and Pharma, etc.) that own and control the politicians. It’s a WAY bigger chessboard than just D.C.

  13. Hillary needs to be indicted first and foremost along with Soros. Take the top two instigators out and the dominoes will fall.

    • You think they are the ‘top two’? You need to see the way bigger picture- “who killed the Kennedy’s” and John Lennon and MLK? and all the rest who have dared to stand on moral high ground.

      “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson

      • “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” – Felix Frankfurter, US Supreme Court Justice

        “The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans.” — British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

        “There is something behind the Throne greater than the King himself.”
        – Sir William Pitt (1708-78)

      • If only an extraterrestrial group would intervene and help humanity by eradicating these groups….if only….my God….the world would have a party that would last at least a month

    • If you think those two are the “top two instigators” then you are truly clueless. A more powerful cast of characters are pulling their strings.

    • That’s a nice fiction that I wish was true. I hope you’re right and we’ll both be here so you can rub it in my face, though I doubt that will happen.

  14. Trump is Hated by Establishment Politicians because He cannot be Bought nor Blackmailed, They cannot Control this Honest Man.

    • Undermining the US government by it’s own employees is the highest form of TREASON ! This must be stopped NOW !

          • Since he can’t trust the U.S. intelligence community, Trump should ask Netanyahu to use his Mossad to treat the leakers with extreme prejudice.

          • More than likely Israel is behind the treason. And he can’t trust the U.S. intelligence agencies. Plus Trump is a Zionist….so checkmate! The U.S. public is screwed!

            I have no real hope anything will EVER get better….people continue to become less intelligent and less informed. Tptb continue to improve their game…social sciences….and other means of control….

            It’s like what Bill Paxton’s character said in the movie Aliens…”game over people!”

          • Dude, enough with the movies. The game is far from over. If you believe that bullshit then you’ve already been co-opted by the powers that be. While the heart still beats, the flame still burns.

          • Netanyahu and the Mossad are part of the deep state and are a clear and present danger to the national security of the united states of america. They and many others have to go! Preferably before a firing squad and then into a very big lime pit or active volcanic vent.

          • They have also co-opted most of our intelligence agencies. The CIA is wholely owned by the Zionists. It truly is a sad state of affairs

          • Your logic is seriously flawed

            Not all Jews are Zionists just as not all Japanese are Yakusa. Not all Germans are/were Nazis. Not all Italians are Mafioso.

            If you hate Nazis, it doesn’t mean you hate all Italians. If you hate the Yakusa it doesn’t mean you hate all Japanese. If you hate the Mob, it doesn’t mean you hate all Italians.

            Hell, if you hate the Republicans it doesn’ mean you hate all Americans.

            If a person hates Zionists it does not mean they hate all Jews, just their mafia. Because I know damn well NOT ALL JEWS ARE ZIONISTS!

            You need to go back and retake logic 101, because you obviously failed miserably.

          • Brad according to the Jews all Christians and white people are under all circumstances Nazis that want to kill 6 million Jews. It is impossible to convince them otherwise. Read John 8:31 -44. Jews are racist Antichrist devils who hate all Christians and white people. They are in our nations to rob, kill and corrupt us all both morally, financially , physically and genetically through miscegenation. They have the blood of more than 100 million people on their hands due to the revolutions, terrorist attacks, assassinations and wars they instigated from at least the french revolution onward to this date. Giving quarter to those devils is not justified.

          • Anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism
            Both are good and quite proper.
            Zionism and Semitism = Satanism which is totally evil and must be expunged.

          • I agree Brad and it is not just your country that is wicked with Jews, Freemasons, Zionists and their fellow travellers.
            We are dealing with multiple enemy organizations and groups that are enemies of our peoples, Christianity, freedom and everything we are and have and they have been lording over us for far too long and they got to go! Either on their feet or feet first. (Either expelled or in a body bag)

          • I wouldn’t include Jews on that list. There are a lot of Jewish people standing against this Zionist mafia. Just as there were many Germans standing against the Nazis.

            We have a mix of dofferent mafias engaged in subjugation of the people. It’s just that the Zionists have the most power.

          • There is only one problem with that Steven. When the US national security is ever mentioned specially by politicians they are not referring to US citizens. They are referring to the US elite.

          • They didn’t have to co-opt them as they invented them from the very beginning. The intelligence agencies were created by the secret societies, and all secret societies stem from Babylon, i.e., the Synagogue of Satan, a.k.a., the false Jews of the modern state of Israel.

          • No! Offspring of Judah! Read John 8:31–44.
            Jews are evil killers of the son of god and very few ever repented and became christian. Most remained jewish devils and have plagued mankind to this very day. Read the story of the trial of Jesus. In the name of themselves and their descendants forever the Jews claimed responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ and broke their relationship and covenant with God. Pilate acting on Gods behalf gave them every chance to back down and the Jews would not.
            Compromising, tolerance , worshipping idols including Jews and Israel and practicing immorality is Nicholaitanism which Jesus hates with a passion as revelled in the book of Revelations.

          • Are you fucking serious? The Mossad killed over 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001. They were the ones who started us down this destructive path in the first place. Man, wake the fuck up!

          • W54 pitt nukes from artillery shells(mini nukes) were used by the mossad. They also set up radik jamming equipment…based on the heat at ground zero months later. It had to be nukes. Isotopic measurements by third party showed that atomic devices were used…i am very aware of what transpired that day

      • first he has to find them….and he will….watch….i am still waiting for pizzagate to come out…get these liberals haters like clinton, shummer, pelosa..and 27 others…this will come i know it….and then you will see fireworks in DC…..

      • If Trump wants to stay in charge he is going to have to hunt down and legally kill all the deep state, NWO and anyone associated with it. It is like in the game of thrones. You either win or you die! There is no middle ground. Enemies and traitors must die fast and hard.

    • True ….just about every other politician is comprimised, bought off or both.

      This probably really gets in their craw to have, what tptb see as a loose cannon, in the highest office in the land.

        • I can understand your frustration, all the white trash believed Trump was their messiah, their savior, sorry but maybe that the price you must to pay for all your racism and hatred

          • so sad all that white trash that believed monster Trump was their messiah and savior =) hahaahahahah

            oooooooh I am so afraid a kkk member is looking for me

            OMG a white trash is behind me =)

          • Sorry, JFK was a gentleman, a politician, a leader, a sir, a statesman, HAHA =) Trump is a sad clown, almost an animal, your comparation its like compare God with trash

        • it´s so sad =( ,the deplorable, lazy, angry, ignorant, poorly educated, mad white trash is crying because the orange gorilla can not save you from your miserable life

          you are trash and you will always be trash because you are low IQ and your messiah Trump can not save you because he is trash too, and he is selfish trash, he used your hatred, racism & ignorance to become president but now that he does not need you, you are trash that goes to the trash =)

          • bye bye go with your hatred, racism and worshipment for the orange gorilla to other place where everybody adore your savior

          • I do understand you, and I do have a sympathy for you..
            You worry very much anticipating cut in your welfare check.
            But please realize that I do not have anything to do with that.
            From your attitude I would conclude that if TRUMP would offer you a job,(and they are coming a lot), you would consider it as an offense. It would not harmonize with your lifestyle.
            In any case; Good Luck to you.

          • Fortunately I am not like most of Trumpzombies I do not need wellfare help or I am a hungry red neck


            hahahahaha what a mess, what a chaos, his goverment is like a circus

            his stall are a little bit more than an animal

      • You are most likely correct, though people said the same thing about Kennedy, though I doubt Trump has the courage Jack Kennedy had. But there is always hope. If Trump is owned by the powers that be then we have to ask ourselves why he would put himself in this position? They tend to use the Hegelian dialectic, controlled opposition, divide and conquer, etc. From what I have seen so far, Trump is either way out of his element or he is playing the role of the controlled opposition, specifically chosen to hasten the collapse of the United States. If it is the latter then he will be impeached, sidelined, and allowed to live out the rest of his life in shame and seclusion. But why would anyone agree to such a thing? There’s no glory in such an end game, which leads me to believe they are going to sacrifice him. Trump is a patsy.

        • sorry if I hurt your feelings, I know how much the deplorables worship Trump, but the true is he is a ignorant, he all the time is sexually assaulting women and using the presidency to benefit his bussines and Ivanka´s

          I know a lot of white trash hoped Trump will solve their personal mediocrity and personal failures. you had all your hope with the orange gorilla

          So I am really sorry

          • glad you have not put your hopes in the orange gorilla. But all that people like Honey boo bobo´s family, all that ignroant, incompetent, inept, corrupt people like Conway, Flynn, Bannon, all the lazy white trash that hate the real competence, all those that hate Mexicans because they work harder, cheaper and better, all those tought that with Trump they could be lazy and earn a lof of money, will get the oppposite

            Trump is a puppet, works for the system so at the end of the day, he will force so far the law of pendulum, he is so unfit to everything, he is doing it so bad, and will do it even worse, that all the world will beg to get back to the globalization, a unified wolrd and unified humanity

            Sorry for all those that tought that a isolated, christian only white America was possible

            Their messiah is goint to accelerate all what you hate =)

      • Infiltrated, contaminated. But not all who work in law enforcment, intel or govt are ‘the enemy’. The problem is, how to seperate the wheatgerm from the chaff…

      • Not all of them but the higher ups, for sure. Look at what Comey did during the election. And Trump, being foolish and naive (or worse) didn’t follow through on his promises concerning Hillary Clinton. He should have had here arrested, along with all the new world order trash in our government. It may be too late now. But I’m speaking as if Trump wasn’t a puppet. It sure looks like he’s playing a bit part in a much larger story to me.

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