(INTELLIHUB) — Fresh off of attacking President Trump and his supporters at a globalist security conference in Germany, John McCain is at it again, this time revealing what amounts to a declaration of war against both Trump and his tens of millions of supporters in a wide-ranging interview with the liberal New York Magazine.

The interview laughably starts with transparent nonsense by claiming that the infamous neocon “agonizes” over taking on a president who literally stands directly against everything McCain has worked for his entire political career.

McCain goes on to attack Trump and his supporters in a variety of different ways including the admittedly botched roll-out of the travel ban(thanks Priebus), his speech to the CIA, and supposed views on torture. (Keep in mind Trump has put people in power who have publicly stated that they are against the use of torture)

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Shockingly, McCain actually claims that the admitted deep state disinformation concerning the election and Russia is actually more serious than terror attacks that killed dozens of Americans.

“The severity of this issue, the gravity of it, is so consequential because if you succeed in corrupting an election, then you’ve destroyed the foundation of democracy,” McCain told the openly anti-Trump New Yorker.

“So I view it with the utmost seriousness. I view it more seriously than a physical attack. I view it more seriously than Orlando, or San Bernardino. As tragic as that was, the far-reaching consequences of an election hack are certainly far in excess of a single terrorist attack.”

The piece goes on to explain that McCain is spearheading a call for an investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia that could result in a special prosecutor being called in by the Justice Department which, regardless of the actual facts behind Trump and the Russians, would be a major issue to the new president.

“While he is meeting with resistance from party leaders so far, McCain plans to use his role as chair of the Armed Services Committee and ex officio member of the Intelligence Committee to push for answers. The Trump administration’s viability rests on the support of a Republican Congress, and what John McCain is doing, carefully but with growing fervor, could shake its foundations,” the article continued.

McCain goes on to ludicrously insinuate that the 100% disinformation dossier on Trump that was pushed by both Buzzfeed and CNN was actually plausible. Remember, McCain was the operative who actually handed the dossier to the head of the FBI after being passed the disinformation by former British ambassador to Moscow Sir Andrew Wood.

“I didn’t know what to make of it,” McCain claimed, “but everyone knows the Russians do use women and sex when people go to Russia. It’s an old KGB honeypot.”

The comments by McCain to a liberal magazine are a direct part of a larger, deep state run operation against an openly anti-globalist president who has already destroyed the TPP, which less than a year ago was thought to be untouchable.

They also amount to a declaration of war against not only the president but his tens of millions of supporters due to the fact that a vast majority of the moves made by Trump so far have been things that he promised throughout the election. These are moves that the American people voted FOR and McCain is now openly working against.

As I recently noted, “There are a startling number of powerful people and organizations openly working against the new president and John McCain is certainly one of them.”


Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.

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