This Parody Website Allows The Left to Live in a World Where Hillary Won the Election

hillary yikes

Ever wonder what the left envisions America would be like if Hillary were president right now?

Well look no further!

For all those Americans who are sad Hillary didn’t win, at least they can go visit, where all their dreams can come true under the banner “President Hillary Rodham Clinton: News from the Real America, Where the Majority Rules”.

Not only is Hillary the new president on this alternate reality site, but apparently in this time line Hillary’s “oppressively intelligent press conferences” are deemed “boring and too sane” by the NYT, and she’s already been crowned one of the top five best presidents of all time, while a disgraced, mentally ill Donald Trump has to explain away his psychopathy by admitting he’s “on tons of cocaine”.

Being that it’s a parody site, some of the stories can’t help but draw a chuckle, such as, “Barbara Bush forbids grandchildren from blighting network television” and “Ted Cruz confesses he only became Zodiac Killer to please his father, the killer of JFK.”

But as for the rest of it, the overly idealized version of what a world where Hillary is president would look like — a world where Barack and Michelle Obama both become Supreme Court justices and Hillary’s approval rating is a whopping 89 percent — is beyond wishful thinking to a psychopathy all of its own (and without tons of cocaine as an excuse).

Sites like this prove there are still people out there who believe presidents are actually the ones holding the power and running things in this world; that might be the biggest fantasy of all.

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