Leftists Triggered Over Kellyanne Conway Putting Her Feet on a Couch

Yes, really

Fresh off their collective hissy fit over Donald Trump putting ketchup on his steak, anti-Trump leftists have now been triggered by pictures that show Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on a couch in the Oval Office.

The photos caused a liberal freak out across the board, with Keith Olbermann leading the charge, tweeting, “Get your fucking feet off the furniture, @KellyannePolls. This isn’t your home.”

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke demanded answers, tweeting, “I have so many questions about this photo, but chief among them is why nobody is telling Kellyanne Conway to get her damn feet off the couch.”

NeverTrumper Louise Mensch even insinuated the behavior was racist.

“Shoes on the couch in the Oval Office,” scorned Buzzfeed deputy news director Jon Passantino.

“Trying to imagine the reaction if any Obama admin. official sat on a couch in the Oval like that,” wondered MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin.

Well, wonder no more.

Barack Obama himself was pictured literally hundreds if not thousands of times putting his feet up on furniture in the Oval Office, but intellectual consistency isn’t a characteristic of liberals.

Journalists chose to make the entire story about where Conway put her feet rather than talk about Trump’s meeting with leaders of black universities and colleges.

This is yet another example of Trump derangement syndrome, where every single tiny behavior or action by Trump or any of his administration gets inflated into a giant talking point.

The outrage over Conway’s couch faux pas follows a collective leftist hissy fit over Donald Trump’s hate crime of ordering his steak well done and putting ketchup on it.

Jezebel summed up the response, sniping that Trump had behaved “like a damn child” by asking for the tomato-based condiment with his meat. OK, calm down triggly puff, it’s not the end of the world.

This so enraged many that when I made a joke about anyone ordering their steak less than medium rare being a hipster, hundreds of mainstream hacks took it seriously and bombarded me with snarky messages on Twitter. Yes, really.

Jack Posobiec summed up the contrived outrage perfectly, tweeting, “The media is more upset about Trump putting ketchup on steak than Hillary putting missiles in the hands of ISIS.”

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


  1. Deranged libs find this disrespectful? After all their insults, death threats, violence and rioting over nothing? Wow. What total jerks.

    Kellyanne is a patriot who’s stood by Trump hi and lo. She can stand on her head with her panties showing in the Oval Office and I’d still back her. She’s earned it.

  2. Since they’re waiting and watching every move the Trump people make, It was very stupid and disrespectful of Kellyanne to put her feet up on the sofa. Remember how disgruntled conservatives were when Dumbozo the Clown put his feet on the Oval Office desk? They were right. Bad behavior on one side does not justify equally bad behavior on the other. The lefties truly suck, but she should have known better .. there is no excuse for it.

  3. It is quite apparent that for the Democrats to stoop so low, as to believe that their
    spying on Kellyanne Conway, compares to how this worthless effn Black turd of a
    POS of a token Tar-Baby of an ex-Muslim POTUS, when this Blacks mutt is quite well
    known to have put his worthless feet on the historical desk in the Oval Office. It is also
    apparent that the Democrats have nothing else to write about, therefore, they have
    singled-out Kellyanne. I can only surmise that Chuckie “BOY” Schumer’s finger prints
    are all over this perposterous display of the Democrat’s hypocrasy, in everything that
    the Democrats touch, similar to everything that this worthless Black turd of a 44th
    POTUS and his girlfriend, George “NAZI” Soros touched. It is also quite apparent that
    our 45th POTUS must get rid of the 44th POTUS, Soros, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Rotten
    Clinton, and Chuckie “BOY” Schumer. Schumer is a snake, and is never to be trusted,
    similar to the worthless Muslims whom have been causing global conundrums for the
    past 1400 years.

  4. Yea, how about dialing it down, the white house is the house of the people, keep your feet off the furniture. FYI in particular the Resolute Desk Mr. Obama….

  5. Ok, I love Kellyann..BUT this picture is a bit bizarre. She could have found a better way of taking the picture and it’s not because her shoes were on the furniture. But still looks better than Moochelle getting off air force one with cut off jeans on..

  6. I’m a Trump supporter, but, I think Kelly Ann is a slut. Only a slut would position herself on a couch like that in front of all those men.

  7. Their jealousy knows no bounds. She is one terrific character and woman. Bless her. And THIS from an old ‘limey’. GBA say I !!!!!!

  8. God, Leftists are petulant little toddlers. It took weeks to get the afro sheen off the furniture when the Chitown Hillbillys left office. Plus the left over adhesive from the mooche’s dik tape. Relax children!!

  9. Wow. Not long ago, when I saw Obama with his shod feet on the desk, I thought, “Shoes are really hard on the wood.” And then I let it go. And yet, I read this morning this crap. For example, that one who commented on how she wasn’t looking at the leaders in the room. Well, next photo shows her taking a photo of them. This person sends some crap out there without thinking or evaluating. Leftist are nuts. I’m really scared that they are now buying guns. These folks go off half-cocked over anything and everything. Very dangerous folks. Mental patients.

  10. Show these lunatics photos of Kenyan born Barry Soetoro putting his worthless feet all over the Resolute Desk, one of the most valuable antiques in the world. I fully expect cell phones photos to come out of his ridiculous taxpayer funded parties at the White House where black trash were the bulk of the attendees. Most cocaine addicts just like Obama since his days in Hawaii. Don’t anyone tell me no, because many of his friends in the 70’s have come forward to say the only name they knew him by was Barry Soetoro, the coke addict who traded gay sex for drugs.

  11. This is why we hate the MEDIA. They think we are stupid and never saw the scumbag with his feet all over desks and coffee tables.

  12. You gotta be shittin’ me. All the times Oshitbag had his feet all over every piece of furniture in the WH and the press goes after Conway?

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